3D Faux Mink Lashes

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How to wear 3d faux mink lashes Silk lashes?

1. Find one of your favorite 3d Silk lashes lashes and put them on your eyes.
With a stroke, place the end of 3d faux mink lashes at the head of your eye and you will see the extra length at the end of your eye and cut it off.
If you can’t grasp, you can not cut too much at one time, slowly pruning.

2.When on glue, want to eyelash gently bend or pull up a bit first, let eyelash fully unfold, so eyelash also can be softer, relatively easy to stick a few.
Then apply appropriate amount of glue to the root of the eyelash and begin to stick to the eye when the glue is half dry.

3.When sticking false eyelash is commonly first fixed in the middle, then to the eye head, eye tail press on both sides.
Use cotton sticks or fingers. Press until completely fixed to release.

If you are not sure if you are stable, you can wait until you open your eyes.
Generally blinking is most likely to make the false eyelashes that are completely glued off.
Note that the eyeliner should be painted before sticking false eyelashes, can draw a little thick eyeliner.
After applying false eyelashes, you will often find white glue at the root of your eyelash, and then pick up your eyeliner and draw the eyelash root on one side, covering the white glue.
After pasting false eyelashes, the next eyeliner had better draw well, then the lower eyelid had better use the dark color eye shadow faintly to dye, creates the shadow which seems to be the eyelash.
So the whole looks natural and the details are perfect.

How to clean the glue on the silk lases false eyelashes?

Step 1: Prepare a clean cotton, the use of the false eyelashes on the cotton carefully.

Step 2: take a cotton swab, stained eye makeup remover, and then painted in the roots of false eyelashes.

Step 3: when coated with a cotton swab a little effort, so that you can successfully pull down some residual glue.

Step 4: If you have more stubborn glue band can not come down, you can gently pull with your fingers pull down.

Step 5: false eyelash stems are very fragile, so be gentle. Turn it over and over again, clean it up one by one along the false eyelashes.

Step 6:  Always pull the cotton swab back and forth, until no color can be pulled down. The stem is not sticky. Then gently clean the cotton pad with a clean spot.

Step 7: Handle a good false eyelashes on a piece of cotton to dry slightly.

Step 8: Finally, a good eyelash clean well preserved.

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