How to choose the real eyelash supplier from the Instagram?

How to choose the Real Mink Eyelash vendors on the Instagram?

This is a real thing that happened a few days ago. By chance, when I was browsing the Instagram page, I found that there is another mink eyelash supplier‘s homepage posted my own eyelash packaging picture with her contact info without notifying me or with my permission. Then I contacted and communicated her. I hope she can delete this photo, because it is not a Real Mink Eyelash Vendors , completely deceiving consumers, pretending that this is her own product.

However, as a result, she not only deleted the picture, but even deleted my comment and pulled me on her blacklist. What’s more, then she uploaded another image that I originally shot.

A lot of photos were carefully prepared by me, and I took the results of an afternoon or even a whole day. Now they’re so easy to be stolen by others.

There are so many similar things on social networks today. In fact, there is nothing for a video or a photo. But the behavior is irritating. It is totally unbearable to steal the results of other people’s labor to deceive consumers.

Honey, Don’t be deceived by those person! Be sure to carefully choose your eyelash supplier.

Here are some tips on how to judge if she is a Real Mink Eyelash Vendors:

1. Check the INS main page if there is a company website or a personal website.

According to our understanding of the market, the website is an important factor to reflect the strength of a supplier. Many Mink Eyelash vendors and hawkers use only a few social media accounts to steal other people’s pictures to pretend their company products. In fact, she does not have her own factory or even the office, only use one computer to defraud the consumer’s trust and Money.

2. Check if her INS homepage content is messy.

Everyone’s shooting style has its own characteristics. But if they steal someone else’s picture or video everywhere, it will make their INS homepage messy.

3. If the supplier’s INS home page only displays the product and does not have a scenario for your office or company, the supplier is not trusted. It is very likely that a product picture of someone else has been stolen.

The above points hope to give you a choice of eyelash suppliers. Finally, I hope that everyone who loves eyelashes will find a satisfactory eyelash supplier.

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