What are Half Lashes?

What are Half Lashes?

Half lashes, also known as half strip lashes, are a type of false eyelash that covers only the outer half of your lash line.

Because the strip if only the strip lashes, only 10-16mm long, so that we called them Half Lashes or Strip Lashes.

They are designed to add volume and length to the outer corners of your eyes, creating a more lifted and elongated look.

The material of Half Lashes

Most of the Lashes belongs to the luxury lashes, made of the real mink fur, but if you want to order faux mink strip lashes, we can also do that for you. Such as fiber, silk, or plastic ones.

We can do any style , any material for you, all the luxury lashes are design and produce by our own R&D team.

How much do half lashes cost?

Usually the price is as same as the natural one, but the materials will save a lot than the natural lashes or long dramatic lashes.

So the price will be a little lower than the natural one or long dramatic one.

Real mink lashes are known for their softness, natural appearance, and lightweight feel. They offer a luxurious and fluttery effect but come with a higher price tag.

If you want to get a exact wholesale price, please add our WhatsApp, we will send our strip lashes catalog to you, and will give you an exact wholesale price.

As we are the manufacturer of the lashes, who can give you a competitive wholesale price. Besides, the more the cheaper.

Where to buy Half Eyelash ?

If you want to buy Wholesale Lashes at a good price and high-quality, you should choose Lash Vendors come from China.

Only China Lashes Factory can do high-quality lashes, which is the birthplace of the lashes. Own rich production experience.

They supply over 70% of the world’s market production, most of the famous lashes brand all purchase luxury lashes from China.

As the leader of the lashes factory, Onlycanas Lashes supply high-quality lashes to you at a competitive wholesale price, all the lashes are in stock, no Minimum of quantity limit, you can order according to your budget.

Have have helped more than 100,000,000 customers started their lashes business, and more and more lash bars and shops would love to order lashes from Onlycanas Lashes to promote the lashes business.

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