What Does The High-priced Mink Eyelashes Means?

What does the high-priced Mink Eyelashes means?

“How much is your Mink Eyelash?” “10usd” “Too expensive”—A supplier

“How much is your eyelash?” “8usd” “Too expensive”—B supplier

“How much is your eyelash?” “5usd” “Too expensive”—C supplier


Many customers use price as an important reference when purchasing Mink Eyelashes, but they are not sure what the price represents.

Is it really just a bunch of numbers used to compare ?

When we look at any problem, we must see the essence through the appearance. The price is not only the number or the value of the raw material that it sees. It also includes some invisible added value. It is unreasonable to compare the Lashes  Price with ignore the quality.


  • Original Design

With the development of human civilization, originality has been paid more and more attention and respect.

The original representative is not only a product, but also a belief, which is also the philosophy that hermeslashes has always adhered to.

Hermeslashes’ styles of each eyelash are not produced casually. Our marketing department will go to many countries to do a lot of investigations, and then our design department will test it repeatedly before we can have a perfect eyelash style. And the products of good suppliers are constantly innovating and constantly innovating.

These are all costs, also are the added value of eyelashes. And only the eyelashes with a sense of design can become a Hot Sales Lashes, bringing you attention and profit.


  • Stable delivery and quality

“Jasmine, do you know why I didn’t work with the previous suppliers? I am a middleman of eyelashes, and I also have a lot of customers who need to wholesale from me. But they have delayed delivery time after receiving my payment, I lost some customers. When I received the goods, I found that the similarity of the same eyelashes was very low, and there was a wrong condition. This is not the first time. My customers can’t accept it. Then I lost some customers again. I am really angry and no longer believe them.”

I especially understand her feelings. In the eyelash industry for more than a decade, we have seen many such suppliers.

What is the root cause of this problem? — Factory strength.

Some foreign trade companie don’t even have their own factories. There is no way to control the delivery date and the quality of the goods, especially the Handmade Mink Lashes.

Hermeslashes has long considered this, and we have thousands of professionally trained labors who are responsible for making 3D Mink Eyelashes, and are highly skilled and efficient. We promise that the similarity of the same batch of eyelashes is above 98%, the similarity of eyelashes in different batches is above 95%, and the same batch of eyelashes is completed by the same batch of workers. The delivery time and quality are fully guaranteed.


  • Service

Is the service just telling you the style and price of the eyelashes? –Of course not !

Hermeslashes is intended to help more customers grow, and we provide pre-sales and after-sales servies.

We will analyze and recommend the Best-selling Styles Eyelash based on your market and customer groups. Our design department can help you design your own lashes, logo and packaging. We will regularly introduce new products suitable for the market to help you develop the market and stabilize your customers. We can help you with any problems you encounter and give you the most reasonable advice. These are also costs.


Good quality with low price are only relative, the top products must not be cheap. But eyelashes are not a luxury, even if the price is a little higher, it will not be too high to afford. And don’t underestimate the purchasing power of your customers, they will also prefer expensive but more exquisite eyelashes, not cheap junk. If only the price is the benchmark, then all luxury stores should have been closed.

So if the price is high, not only the material is the best, but also the latest styles, the best quality, first-hand market information, stable delivery, stable supply. Save your time and help you attract more customers, which is very cost-effective

Hermeslashes, dedicated to high-end mink eyelashes for eleven years. Strength to build a brand.



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