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HERMES Lashes is Mink Eyelash Vendors From Qingdao , who are professional False Eyelashes Vendor pioneer, Mink Lashes VendorReal Mink Eyelashes Suppliers , Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale. We selling 13- 14mm Mink Lashes, Natural Mink Eyelashes, 3D 16 mm mink lashes, 18-20mm 3D Mink lashes, 3D 25mm Big Eyelashes, 25mm 5D double layered mink lashes, extra length 28mm mink eyelashes, etc.

Hermes Lashes 3D Natural 13- 14mm Mink Lashes

13- 14mm mink eyelashes are the more natural false eyelash styles recently introduced by Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Vendor than 15-16mm 3D Mink Lashes. Very suitable for everyday makeup.

Best 3D 13- 14mm Mink Eyelash Raw Material

Best Mink eyelashes require strict procedures, and good 3D 14mm Mink Eyelashes should be made with the best materials first.

In order to ensure the naturalness of the 3D Mink Eyelash, we study that each hair of the human own eyelashes is thin. Only the tail mink hair within two years old meets the requirements. We found that the human lashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. Among the younger mink’s naturally shed hair, pick the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one as the raw material.

However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct Pure Mink Eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula for the characteristics of mink hair to cut, disinfect, dye, remove scales and other processes for these selected high-quality mink hairs, in preparation for the subsequent 3d Lashes shaping.

Some tips before order:

1. What is your MOQ?

No moq

2. What are the materials used for your lashes?


3. What is the price range for each pair of eyelash?

Please contact us for specific lashes price based on specific style and the quantity.

4.what kind of packing?

Our own packaging,we cacept 3D Mink Lashes With Custom Packaging And Privat Logo

5. Do you take customized eye-lashes orders based on designs?

Yes, we can produce your unique eyelashes based on designs by our skilled workers.

6.What time is the delivery?

Within 24 Hours after payment.

7.What kind of payment?

PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Alibaba

How To Order


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