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3d mink lashes wholesale vendors 25mm mink lashes factory

Onlycanas Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors are the best manufacturer specializing in the TOP QUALITY false eyelashes.

“Beauty is truth, Truth is beauty”

Our full strip false eyelash all show nature, personality, elegance, self-confidence, boldness and nobility.
ONLYCANAS Eyelashes is naturally curved, easy to wear,
Wholesale full strip lashes are super thin, super soft, and super durable, so there is no pressure to wear, just like the natural growth of eyelashes

Our delivery due is timely.all false lashes below 100pcs can be shipped out within 24 hours.

The bulk false eyelashes is same as samples. you no need to check lash styles any more. which will save you much cost for checking.

Mink EyeLashes Wholesale List

3d mink lashes wholesale 15-16mm perfect length

The Mink 3d Lashes from Onlycanas eyelash vendors is pure hand made,

It is not only an eyelash, but a work of art.

We have our own design team, so if you want to custom false eyelashes, Just contact us freely,

Natural volume eyelashes, medium volume eyelashes, thick volume lashes,

Wispy styles. cat eye looking styles. crisscross looking eyelashes any false eyelashes you want , our designer are always available serve for you!

15-16mm 3D Mink Lashes is perfect length, versatile. they are suitable for any kind of eyes.

3d mink lashes vendors 18-20mm deep set eyes or media people

18-20mm 3d mink lashes show confident, thick volume false eyelashes is bold looking, medium volume false eyelashes show confident! free!

the length is a little longer ,suitable for deep set eyes.

or any kind of lash eyes if they work as media or filmer.

25mm mink lashes 5D wholesale vendors black people

mink lashes 25mm wholesale are suitable for black people every day wearing, it is absolutely show bold. sexy, full body looking.

25mm mink lashes are absolutely Focused, eye-catching. If you’re walking the red carpet and attending a party, 25mm mink lashes will make you become the main attraction !

Short Natural Eyelashes wholesale for everyday wearing or glasses wearers

short natural eyelashes wholesale are suitable for every day wearing , flat eye shape.

it looks elegant, super natural!

invisible band 3d mink lashes vendors

clear invisible band eyelashes no feeling when wearing. the lash band is invisible, soft , flexible,thinner.

Super comfortable when wearing.

Wholesale bottom|lower|down full strip eyelashes vendors

Bottom eyelashes can double enlarge your eyes.

super thin band bottom eyelashes eay to appy. very very comfortable.

100% Mink Eyelash Lashes 3-6Mmmink Custom Bottom Eyelashes Wholesale
X003 Bottom Lashes
Private Label Vendor Russian Eyelash Strips Bottom Eyelashes Wholesale
Top and Bottom Lashes
Mink Lash Strip Privat Label Wave Baby Bottom Eyelashes Wholesale
X004 Bottom Lashes
3d mink lashes wholesale vendors 25mm mink lashes factory
  • ONLYCANAS full strip eyelashes products are hot selling all over the world, Because of the super quality eyelash bulk and timely delivery.
  • While improving quality, we constantly develop new technologies to reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of false eyelashes

Eyelash suppliers are very important, find an reliable eyelash vendors and your business is on the road of success!

ONLYCANAS Eyelashes factory are the best and the last reliable eyelash vendors!

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