How to Custom Lash Packaging?

what kinds of eyelash packaging are popular in the market?

Choose the type of lash packaging you like.

Currently, There are several eyelash box types that are versatile and very popular in the market, such as rectangle eyelash packaging boxes

Box Private Label Custom 3D Lash Packaging Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
custom square lash cases wholesale
Custom Lash Box Vender Logo Eyelash Case Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
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Small and cute Round Eyelash Storage Boxes

Lashes Boxes For Custom Box Mink Individual Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
custom round lash boxes packing supplier
Packaging Box False Mink Lashes Wholesale Lash Cases  Eyelashes Packing Factory
private label round lash packaging
Lashes Box Private Label Luxury Mink Eye  Eyelashes Packing Wholesale
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Eyelash Luxury Packaging Box Custom Wholsale Boxes  Eyelashes Packing Factory
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Wholesale Lashes Packaging Box Private Label  Eyelashes Packing Factory
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Quality Private Label 3D Magnetic Round Lash Box Lashes Packing Factory
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Lash Package Wholesale Strip Round Box  Eyelashes Packing Factory
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Box Round Lash Packaging Eyelash False  Eyelashes Packing Factory
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Lash Custom Eye Circle Packaging Three Pairs Of Round Eyelash Boxes
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Wholesale False Eyelashes Custom Best Lashes Round Candy Box Packaging
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Lash Packaging Custom Logo Eye Lashes Round Acrylic Eyelash Box
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Special Polygon Eyelash boxes

Lash Custom Package Private Packaging Octagonal Acrylic Eyelash Box
custom polygon eyelash packaging boxes private label
Lash Packaging Private Strip Diamond-Shaped Eyelash Case
custom eyelash packaging box polygon lash case wholesale
Private Label Packaging Lashes Wholesale Eyelashes 5D Octagonal Eyelash Box
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Wholesale Custom Private Label Lashes With Packaging Mini Hexagon Eyelash Box
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All the popular eyelash packaging boxes can be made into versatile magnetic eyelash box with top cover, we also can make them into drawer lash case.

Packaging Luxury Wholesale False Lashes With Pink Drawer Eyelash Case

or Drawer lash packaging with clear cover to check the lash styles easily

Packaging Manufacture Lash Case Custom Popular Pink Pull-Out Eyelash Box
custom eyelash boxes packaging wholesale

or eyelash cases with open door in the middle.

you can change the middle magnetic part into star shape or heart shape, logo can be printed on the middle magnetic button.

Individual Vendors Private Label Popular Double Door Eyelash Box
custom eye lash packaging products wholesale

All the shapes of the lash boxes can be changed freely as what you want. here we have put all popular lash packaging boxes together , it is more convenient for you to compare it and make decision.

Lahes Packaging Wholesale Eyelashes Mink Your Logo Custom Eyelash Box
Packaging Eyelashes And Magne Lashes Vendor Custom Eyelash Box
custom popular eyelash case wholesale supplier

or you can click here to see all types of lash packaging

how to design the background of eyelash boxes ?

After finishing the shape of the eyelash box, it is necessary to choose the pattern of the box.

We can print some popular elements on the lash box to make it more impressive.

Some popular color or any fashion elements all can be printed on as background color,

For example, lavender is the popular color this year, you can add it on the eyelash packaging box.

Packaging Lashes Mink Magnetic Boxes Logo Custom Lash Packing
2022 popular color for lash packaging

you can add this element, and choose the lavender for the eyelash background pattern.

Packaging Box Eyelash Extension Best 3D Mink Eyelashes Custom Lash Packing
Custom lash packaging wholesale

There are popular colors every year, you can go to google to search for the 2022 “popular colors”. Choose your favorite. Use it on the eyelash box,

You can also custom eyelash boxes according to the eyelash theme to be launched this time, such as lilly lashes, this time we will launch half lashes,

The theme of half lashes can create butterfly-like eyes, and the background of the box is printed with butterflies. And choose warm tones to go with it.

It deepens the customer’s impression of the brand and new pushed eyelashes, and is a good way to custom eyelash packaging box.

Packaging For Eyelash Boxes Logo Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging boxes vender

You can also highlight the raw materials that you want to express according to the eyelashes launched this time, such as degradable plant fibre eyelashes.

Eyelash Mink Package Packaging Box For Plant Fibre Eyelashes
Custom eyelash boxes wholesale

How To Match The logo and eyelash box ?

3:logo design!

logo looks easy and simple.

The logo may seem simple, but a simple and impressive logo is not easy to design.
The logo represents your company culture, your understanding of the eyelash product, and your expectations for the future goals of the product.

We can help you design the first prototype of the logo,
How to match the logo and background color?

What kind of logo looks good?
Our designers have provided a lot of materials, you can refer to them.

Take the logo “ONLYCANAS EYELASH FACTORY” for example.

you can design as follows .

Packaging Boxes Logo Lashes Private Label Custom Eyelashes Box
custom lash packaging with logo design

Professional eyelash LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through words or patterns,

Are you prefer to the logo of pure text, or use the logo with text and patterns? you can refer to the following which one you like?

Packaging Private Label Logo Eyelash Case Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash boxes with your own logo
Lash Logo Extensions Eyelash Mink Wholesale Custom Eyelashes Box
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Eyelash And Customization Boxes Logo Custom Eyelashes Box
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Lash Private Label Package Packaging Custom Eyelashes Box
private label lash packaing custom logo vender

Be attention!

if you custom eyelash packaging with window, be sure to confirm the size of the remaining part if it is suitable for round logo or retangular logo.

For example: the round logo is suitable for following eyelash boxes.

Packaging Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Magnetic Boxes Custom Logo Black Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging private label with logo design

if you customise eylashes boxes with rectangular window, it is more suitable to do retangular logo like this.

Packaging Eyelash Case Vendor Lashes Black Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging boxes with your own brand

you also can choose the color and logo you like and custom the eyelash packaging directly.

adding some patterns on the background to make the eyelash boxes more empressive!

Packaging Magnetic Boxes Logo Mink Lash Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging with your own logo wholesale

How to make your eyelash boxes look luxury?

Here are a few ways to make eyelash packaging look high-end and save money,

you can use some special techniques to decorate and improve the quality of the eyelash box,

hot stamping logo eyelash storage boxes can improve the quality of eyelash cases.

Packaging Magnetic Eyelashes Boxes For Lashes 6 Pairs Of Premium Eyelash Cases
Custom eyelash boxes hot stamp logo

Uv embossing printed pattern to make the logo high lighted.

Packaging Magnetic Boxes For Lashes Custom Eyelashes Box
custom lash packaging storage box wholesale uv printing

using corner protector like the pictures , which looks more luxury,

Lashes Mink Custom Packaging With Logo Black Flannelette Eyelash Box
Custom eyelash storage box wholesale

You can also add some diamond decoration on the edge of the eyelash box, which can make the eyelash packaging look more high-end.

Box Label Eyelashes Mink Lashes Package Custom Pink Eyelash Packaging
custom eyelash cases with diamond edge wholesale

It is also a good way to make the edge of the eyelash packaging hot stamped,

If just green color, it looks normal , but add some decration, the eyelash packing look luxury at once!

Lashes With Packing Lash Packaging 25Mm Large Square Eyelash Package
custom eyelash boxes private label supplier

Cardboard Eyelash box is made of cardboard, light and strong. Consumers like cardboard boxes

Magnetic Eyelash boxes are made from wood, they are popular, the materials are natural, pollution-free, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Second, the texture is light and strong looks luxury.

Besides that cardboard eyelash boxes is easy to realize different kinds of box styles.

That is to say, it is more cost-effective if you want to change the box shape than others.

you can custom eyelash packing into any polygon eyelash boxes.

Go right to the point!——Why choose our Eyelash Box Factory?





Different eyelash packaging box and prices

If you want to custom eyelash packaging , contact us freely!

Believe that you will definitely get a good box and win in the market!


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Acrylic eyelash box

$1 – $3

Cardboard eyelash box

$1.5 – $5

Paper jam eyelash box

$0.5 – $1.5

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