3D Silk Eyelashes

What is 3d silk eyelashes?

3D silk eyelashes is a kind of faux mink lashes, the raw material is Korea PBT Fiber 0.07mm.

The following picture is the effect of side looking.

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what is the special feature of 3d silk eyelashes?

Color:Matte Black
Curl:BCDJ can be customized.
Length:15-16mm available, custom is ok!
Volume:Light>natural>medium>thick volume
use time:up to 25 times.
Effect:Different layers, same as eyelash extensions
band:100% cotton thin band

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The model show of 3d silk eyelashes

The effect of 3D Silk eyelashes is to imitate the effect of individual eyelash extensions.
The styles of Full strip high quality 3d silk lashes can be freely changed as what you want. You can change the volume or change the cruvature of lashes at will.

Model is showing you how beautiful it is !

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