Eyelash Things To Know

With any doubt , 3d full strip mink eyelashes are the most beautiful eyelashes in the world. absolutely looks better than any other eyelash extensions or other false eyelashes made other material.

why eyelash extension in salon don’t use mink hairs?

mink eyelashes looks so beautiful, what is the true reaon salon don’t use mink hairs?

1: the cost for mink hairs is expensive.

2: mink hairs can not stick very firmly with our own lashes

because there is oil on animal hair,

the root of mink hairs is round, the contact area is small with our own eye lashes, that is another reason mink hairs can not stick with our own lashes very well.

finally, the mink hairs a thicker than others , so our lashes can not bear the weight.

now the most popular eyelash extensions is cashmere, it is super soft and split top to decrease the weight.

100% handmade mink eyelashes supplier

Do you know that only a few workers like to do 100% hand made mink eyelashes now?! as it will take more time to finish one pair. the cost is higher, but the 100% hand made mink eyelashes looks really beautiful. you can check it,

the 3d mink lashes hand made 100% looks really natural , the top hairs some a slightly shorter, some are slightly longer, and the crisscross look loose or wispy, the skilled workers can make them very well. the price range of this eyelash is usd3-4.00/pcs.

100% hand made best false eyelashes 3d mink wholesale

The second type is semi-handmade. Most of the false eyelashes on the market are like this. just as i mentioned at the beginning of the article, These types of eyelashes are made relatively compact. With b-curvature, the style of the eyelashes is particularly obvious, The fluffy feel is less noticeable. Eyelashes cost about $2-3.

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The third category: Many consumers feel that there is no fluffy feeling, so consumers adjust the curvature to a larger D curvature, which reflects the fluffy feeling of eyelashes, but the style of eyelashes is not obvious. 2-3 dollars.

Eyelashes Cruelty Free Bulk Natural Mink Vendor D Curled Lashes
curly fluffy best false eyelashes wholesale vendors

The fourth category, messy fluffy, adjusts the curvature to the maximum and increases the temperature, showing the feeling of fluffy messy, and some consumers like this feeling.the price is usd1-2.00/pcs

messy fluffy false eyelashes vendors

which is the best false eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes the final shape is difficult to control. so different craft the price is very diffent, you can choose your favourites according to it.

the most popular and famous brand like the pure hand made false eyelashes. as it is close to nature.

some make up artist like the second semi handmade mink eyelashes as the cost is lower, and the difference for large orders can be done the same.

another 30% customers like the messy fluffy eyelashes.

all the eyelashes have their own market, you can choose what you like according to your customer base.

which kind of mink eyelashes do you want?

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