The Popularity of Hermes Lashes False Eyelashes

Popular False Lashes from Hermes Lashes. | The 3d mink hair false eyelashes produced by Hermes Lashes are elegant in shape, realistic and natural, soft and durable eyeliner, and fashionable in style.

Our best lash designer Miss Jessie keeps researching aesthetics, the design concept is bold, and every new product can become an explosion!

In 2012, Mink false eyelashes were proposed by Hermes Lashes to make consumers all over the world refreshed, and began to re-recognize the beauty of faux eyelashes. This period is the budding period of Mink Eyelashes , and consumers began to recognize Mink Lashes.

The real 3d mink lashes developed by Hermes Lashes in 2013, because of the distinct layering, once again let consumers all over the world redefine the beauty of strip lashes mink. It changes the shortcomings of the original mink strip lashes with only one curvature (BCDJ curve), exaggerated, realistic and natural. 3d mink hair false eyelashes are popular all over the world!

In October 2018, our designers boldly innovated again, increasing the length of 3d mink strip lashes from the original 13-16mm 3d lashes to 20-25mm mink eyelashes. Once again, it set off a world consumer boom.

In January 2020, the Hermes Lashes designer who always advocates the concept of health, harmony between man and nature, after many studies, designed 3D vegetarian fake mink hair. Using high-tech bamboo protein fiber extracted from bamboo as raw materials. Pure plant vegetarian eyelashes. It is more natural and realistic than the synthetic eyelash on the market, which is comparable to real mink lashes.

Consumers around the world are redefining their luxury mink eyelashes because of our designers’ bold reforms and innovations. Our collaborators also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought about by each innovation!

Hermes Lashes Customers | Popular False Lashes

At the same time, many 3d mink lash vendors have begun to imitate our lashes styles, but without our technology, imitated products can only imitate the rough, and never imitate the essence of beauty. Mink eyelashes bulk Product quality is not well controlled. 

There are many 3d lashes suppliers who use our lashes pictures to advertise to customers, and the actual mink lash bundles goods provide cheap bad lashes products to customers. There are also many customers who communicate with us to buy from other mink lash vendors . Their false lashes are cheap, the quality is not good, the delivery time is slow, and they have been complained by consumers, and the money they earn is not enough to compensate. 

Later, they found our website from Google. At the beginning, they ordered 200 pairs real mink lashes strip. After one week, they ordered 3,000 pairs strip lashes bulk.  In the second week, they ordered 5,000 pairs mink eyelashes bulk . Do you say it is popular or not? Sell well not sell well? Hermes Lashes allows customers to always have the best-selling products!

Hermes Lashes, make your beauty unique!

Hermes Lashes always do High Quality Mink Eyelashes in high end lashes market.

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Why does Hermes Lashes refuse to wholesale cheap eyelash products (low quality eyelashes)?

How to choose a reliable Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Custom Drop Liquid Eyelashes Packaging

Every women get attached to things that make them look beautiful, glamorous and confident; Mink lashes are one of those things.

Beautiful eyelash packaging can increase women’s desire to buy.

HERMES LASHES Vendors service will never let you down in any way as it is our top priority to provide customers with the best service and value possible.

Regarding design, we have a professional team of designers, we can accurately locate what styles of eyelashes and custom box packaging are popular in the market.

We have been a professional manufacturer of high-quality mink eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging box for 14 years. We have a professional team of designers. We understand the changes in the market and know which products are the best-selling. We can help you get started your Eyelash business.

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Drop Liquid Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Hermes Lashes always do High Quality Mink Eyelashes in high end lashes market.

If you want to know more about good mink eyelash information , please contact us. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email: My goal is to through our efforts to help our customers Lashes brand become better and better, let my customers more and more rich.

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Are mink lashes good?

Are mink lashes good?

In the current industry of False Eyelashes, 3D Mink Lash is currently the most popular Faux Eyelash style, and it is also the most advanced False eyelash category in the Eye Lashes industry. The Mink Lashes are a little more natural, bold , silghtly glossier than the Silk Lashes or House Lashes.

What are Mink Lash?

They are made from real mink fur, which allows for a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately, more natural look, matching to a similar quality of natural Human Lashes. Due to the high quality of materials and light weight of the lashes, Mink Lashes are able to be reused over and over! Like Silk Lashes, Mink Lashes come in a varity of curls and lengths.

The features of Mink Eyelashes

Mink Lashes are really superior in the sense that they have this really fluffy, natural look. … The mink ones, because they’re made of hair, take on their own natural look. There’s basically no way for anyone to tell they’re not real. But they are permed hair, so they relax in a way that synthetic lashes don’t. Mink fur is 100% natural so it provides a beautiful natural shine and it’s super lightweight and very flexible, giving a feather-like, wispy look.

Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes wholesale factory specializing in designing and producing mink eyelashes for 13 years till now. Design and develop a variety of hot-selling eyelash styles, for your reference below:

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2:How To Make Your Mink Lashes Business Bigger and Bigger?

Know More about Mink Lashes Meaning.

6: What are 3D Mink Lashes Meaning?

There is different curves in one False Eyelash, different Lashes can be seen from every Angle. We call it 3D Mink Lashes.

The design concept of 3D Mink Lashes Meaning are inspired by the fact that there is no the same leaf or petal is the same in the world. Just because of the difference that creates the beauty of nature. 

7: What are 5D mink lashes?

5D Mink Lashes, It is double layer, thicker , radian is a few more. A little more dramatic.

8: Why are you mink lashes better? Are mink lashes better than silk lashes?

Mink Eyelashes are used mink hairs,The composition of animal hair is different from velvet. There is no the same hair for animal hairs, and they are not bright. They are handmade and look more clever and natural.

Velvet Eyelash is 0.05 chemical fiber material, have bright feeling, look more false and inflexible a few. 

9:Can you reuse mink lashes?

Our 3D Mink Eyelashes can be used 20-25 times if carefully protected.

The Mink Lash Glue we choose is a patented high quality Eyelashes Glue that is soft and durable and is not easy to break. You can use it with confidence!

10:How to remove mink eyelashes?

Use the Lash Applicator to hold the Lashes Band from the end of the Mink Lashes and gently remove the False Lashes from the outside.

Never pull the mink hair of the 3D Mink Eyelashes and pull it down.

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