DIY Lashes

What are Pre-cut Lashes?

Pre-cut eyelashes are precision cut into 4 or 5 segments instead of one whole strips before leaving factory, which is also called Segment Lash. It provide greater control over lash application for beginners and simplify the wearing process.

You can choose to wear several segment lashes for an glamorous look for different occasions. For example, you can use all 5 segment lashes for a full lash look. Or if you only want to amp up a specific section in your lash line, they’re also a great option, use fewer segments to highlight the outer corners of eyes for a cat-eye look. Or double it up on strip lashes for a much dramatic look.

Finally, stage performers often apply them along the lower lash line for a doll-eye look.

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As a world famous Eyelash Factory to meet your different needs, Cannes Lashes can now provide Pre-cut Lashes styles!

Do you want to design your own eyelashes yourself?

DIY Lashes makeup look for yourself

Customise it your way: apply all four segments for a full strip lash look, or use one or two segments to accent the outer corners of the eye.  Giving you complete control of the volume you want!

Looking for high quality Half Lashes?

Knot free eyelashes, Make your eyes more comfortable, If you like, you can diy eyelashes anytime, anywhere.

Why choose buy Segment Lash ?

Here are some advantages of Cannes Lashes Segment Lashes in the following:

  1. Segmented lashes or half-hair lashes are more flexible in application. It offers the flexibility to create almost any look you want and delivers the perfect lash volume for a natural sexy and flattering look. You can wear all 4 or 5 lashes for the full striped look. You can also wear some of these lashes to accentuate the outer corners of your eyes for an alluring cat-eye look. They come in a wide range of sizes, so it’s possible to use them both for natural and dramatic styles.
  2. Suitable for all eye types. The segmented eyelashes are flexible to match with a variety of makeup styles, suitable for all eye shapes, and are the perfect gift for friends, family and any makeup lover, these false eyelashes are stylish and convenient!
  3. The beauty of Segment Mink Lashes does not stop there! Our lashes are soft and wispy like natural lashes. The 100% cotton band is weightless, which means once you wear it, it will incredibly look natual yet comfortable!
  4. As we all know, the cost of going to the beauty salon for eyelash extensions is usually between $150-300 dollars. But if you choose Segment lashes, you can DIY Segment Lash at home for only a few dollars.

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If you are the newbie to the lashes business, Be sure to to choose a reliable Mink Lashes Factory , good quality lashes and trending 3d mink lashes styles can help you open the market quickly and firmly.

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