How Can I Make Full Strip Eyelashes Stick All Day?

tips of wearing full strip eyelashes firmly all day

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Many people have a wonder how to make the full strip eyelashes sticked firmly for long time?

I am a lover of strip eyelashes and wear eyelashes every day.

Here we will talk wearing full strip eyelashes tips and tricks to apply strip eyelashes firmly all day.

1:Using the eyelash glue pen draw a liner on the eyelids,

I found in this way it can prevent the skin from oiling and make the glue lose its stickiness

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Here shows some good magnetic eyelash liner to Increase stickiness and prevent oily skin

2:Put the eyelash glue on the eyelash band, after 5-6 seconds, you can wear the strip eyelashes very firmly.

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I wear strip eyelashes every day in this way,

it can keep sticking all day, so never fall off until you sleep in the night.

Best quality eyelash glue to wear full strip eyelashes tips

The advantage of strip falsies

1: You can wear any type of full strip lashes you like , Unlike eyelash extensions, The shape of your inborn eyelashes will limite the styles of grafting eyelashes.

2: You can remove the Full strip eyelashes at night, and let our eyes have a rest.

3:Strip false eyelashes are applied on the upside of our eyelid,

It can prevent the glue from penetrating into the eyes and can protect our eyes well.

4: The shape of False strip eyelashes can not be changed with our own eyelashes falling off.

5: strip falsies are waterproof,

even it is in water, the shape can keep the same after dring.

6: false strip eyelashes can be reusable at least 25 times. surely good quality.

7: Strip false eyelashes are cheap, and MOQ is only 30pcs.from 0.50-usd5.00

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