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Qingdao Cannes Cosmetic company are the creator of 3d mink lashes. we are specializing in high quality Classic 3d Mink Lash Vendor wholesale in China,

Our ODM brand ONLYCANAS,are delicated to make our lashes unique and different from others ,(the following we will call ONLYCANAS lashes for short)Our lashes are well known abroad as its velvet like appearance, soft band, light weight and long lasting curve which have brought good business opportunities to wholesaler clients who cooperate with us!

What are 3d mink lashes?

3D Mink Eyelashes are made from the best 100% Siberian mink hair, As the final effect of mink eyelashes looks more fluffy than traditional lashes, and each hair has different curve degree, show different layers.

Looking from diffent angles,Real Mink Lashes show different appearance, just as 3D is defined, “3D means three-dimensional” ,not represent volume.

The raw material of mink is spiritual and vitality, The more curly, the original design is not so obvious but show more and more fluffy.

so the effect and feeling with different curves is different. We classify mink eyelashes into several categories based on the results and customer feedback.

B Curl 30° Original Curl, B curl can keep the shape of original design of mink eyelashes.

C Curl 45° Classic Curl ,60% people like this curl..

D Cur 60° Fluffy Curl. this kind of curl looks more fluffy, more velvet, but the style can not so obvious. you can check the following pictures to get the feeling.

if you want physical feeling, it is better to get the samples to check it.

Cannes Curl Inlustration Eyelash Wholesale Real 5D 3D Faux False Mink Eyelashes
Different curl

Classic C Curl 3D Mink Eyelashes Catalog

C curl 3D Mink eyelashes is the most popular lash styles, it can show velvet and original design.

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Fluffy D Curl 3D Mink Lashes Catalog

D curl 3d mink eyelashes looks like fluttery. so the original design is not so obvious, but more fluffy!

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15-16mm 3D Mink Lashes is the most popular for day using,It is natural and versatile. no matter your eyes is deep or flat, 15-16mm 3D Mink lashes are all suitable for it. Most of lilly lashes are 15-16mm.

Thin volume, medium volume, thick volume, each serious have large consumer groups.

How to get the raw material of 3d mink lashes?Cruelty free!

The Raw Material Is Taken From Siberian Mink With 1-2 Years old. and the workers collect the mink hairs by combing gently during the time of Animal hair metabolism.

and then the workers sort out the natural mink hairs with pointed top one by one carefully,

Why we ask workers to get the mink hairs with young minks? Because The young mink hairs feel soft and thinner, like baby eyelashes,

Why we take pains to select the mink hairs with pointed top? That is because The propety of mink hairs with pointed top is same as our inborn lashes, the final eyelash products looks natural and beautiful.

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What is the special feature of ONLYCANAS 3d mink lashes?

Now, There are so many 3d mink lashes in the market,Why ONLYCANAS 3d mink lashes are more welcomed and famous brand lashes distributors Love ONLYCANAS 3D Mink Lashes?

1:The best raw material used for ONLYCANAS 3D Mink Lashes,

Good eyelash products are inseparable from good raw materials.

The mink we raise are nutritious, we pay much for their food, Their hair is naturally healthy, spiritual and elastic, so final eyelash products produced by ONLYCANAS factory looks luxury, elegant, inspired, Vigorous fluffy.

Unlike the unhealthy animal mink , their hair have lost the propety, which caused the final eyelash products looks rigid, even fluffy , but lost dynamic.

8D Fur Wholesale Individual Layered Fluffy 3D Mink Lashes Vendor
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2:Waterproof and Long lasting curve.

The curve never be unshaped, it is waterproof, If you accidentally crush it, or get soaked in water, don’t worry, the curve can keep the same after washing, our eyelash products can return the original fluffy looking after drying.

There are two way to make it dry, blow the 3D mink lashes by air dryer or expose it in the sun

1: The top of Each Mink hair is pointed,  Such can Assure The Eyelashes Look Complete And Natural!

When we produce 3D Mink eyelashes, Besides ultimate comfort, we also pursue the ultimate beauty.For those women who pursue perfection, we control the quality from the source to ensure that each mink hair is natural and healthy,

unlike other eyelashes, use raw materials with different quality to reduce cost. So their 3D Mink Lashes is hard to show dynamic.

2:Every hair of ONLYCANAS 3D Mink eyelashes is energetic and can sense temperature. If you want the hair to be looser, you can bask it in the sun or blow it with a hairdryer. The higher the temperature, the more fluffy it looks,

on the contrary if you like the original look, you can naturally dry it or blow it dry. This is a feature that no other eyelashes have.

3:100% cotton band to absorb Skin Oil ,Keep Long Time Stick,Cotton band with Good breathability. Perfectly Attach To The Skin.

4:Special Technology To Assure The Lash Band Flexible and blend perfectly with your own eyelashes,Clean And No Shedding! Onlycanas mink lashes can be used till you don’t like it, never unshaped.

Why our 3D Mink Lashes Are Safe?

Many customers want to get safe mink lashes, but they don’t know to choose it.

Onlycanas 3D Mink Lashes are absolutely safe. never worry about it.

1:The raw materials of ONLYCANAS lashes is the best,

The raw material are got from healthy minks when motablisim by combing, and after collecting, all mink hairs are sterilized by high temperature steam.

2:The process of shaping mink lashes

We use physical heating to make the curl of all eyelashes instead of the chemical liquid. So our 3d mink lashes are safe, no smelling and keep the natural mink lashes the original propety .

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we have our own technology and own skilled workers. We never purchase semi-products from other eyelash supplier, but all eyelashes procedures are finished in our factory.

Informations of ONLYCANAS Lashes Wholesale Factory

  • Onlycanas eyelashes factory is located in Pingdu, Qingdao, China. Which is the birthplace of the eyelash in Qing Dynasty used in Beijing Opera.
  • You may find tens of thousands eyelash factories here in the world. But if you want to purchase best mink lashes ,you should come to China physically. Before the epidemic, a lot of eyelash wholesalers abroad come to visite our factory every day.
  • So many kinds of eyelash styles here, you will find the right lashes you want.
  • Our skills worker are all local folk artist ,so each of our mink eyelash is a work of art.
  • If you want to Create Your Own eyelash brand, you should be responsible for the health and beauty of your customers, Only in this way, our customers become more and more. That is the basic thing we should do .
Siberian Eyelash Handcrafted Eyelashes Cluster 3D Mink Lashes Vendor
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Who Designed the 3D Mink Lashes ?

  • We have our own designed team leaded by Mr Oscar Gao, Who have been in the eyelash line for over 15years, He good at thinking and discovering beauty, Understand the culture of different countries, so they understand the beauty well.
  • ONLYCANAS 3d mink eyelashes can truly show the charming and taste of women from different countries. That is why women like ONLYCANAS luxury 3d mink lashes. That is why so many eyelash wholesale got success in eyelash line business abroad.
  • ONLYCANAS eyelashes can show a woman’s personality and passion. We know women much better than the other Eyelash Vendors.
  • No any other Lashes Factories in the world can design and produce such luxury mink lashes . We are the best Mink Lash Vendor in the market who provide competitive 3d mink lashes wholesale prices with the best quality.
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The insparation Source of 3D Lashes

Before 3d mink eyelashes, There are only human hair lashes and synthetic lash in the market. This kind of false eyelashes have an obvious shortcomings that it’s only one curve,
In oder to make the false eyelashes looks more natural, Many customers use mascara to brush the false eyelashes or put eyelash conor on the top of the synthetic lashes to make the lashes with different layers.
“Why synthetic eyelashes can not be as natural and inspired as our own?”
This confusion was solved by Mr Oscar Gao who are world famous eyelash designer after observing the mysteries of nature.

Why 3D Mink lashes looks so beautiful?

In nature, each petal has its own curvature , each curvature is different that makes the flower so beautiful. Likewise, each leaf has a different curl direction. It is this difference that makes people feel the vitality of the creature itself,
Back to eyelashes, the inspiration of nature prompted us to custom eyelashes with each hair of different curvatures, which must be the most beautiful eyelashes, Now it is 3D Lashes.

We tested countless raw materials, but none of them worked, until we found mink hair,when finished curlve, Mink Hair will maintain its curly shape and layered well.
The Natural hairs giving the lashes a more voluminous, feathery look, make you stand out.

Custom 3D Mink Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale

We also provide Custom Eyelash Boxes private label service, We have our own packing designers who are always available to help you. Just tell us your idea. We can do the prototype of private label boxes for you to confirm.

The following showing part of eyelashes packaging with different shapes , different craft, different material.

if you want to more about the lash packaging. >>>>>《How to custom eye lash packaging?》

Mink 25Mm Fluffy Eyelash Vendor Wholesale Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Bulk
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Wholesale Lashes 25Mm Strip Vendor Eye Lashesh Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Bulk
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Good feedback from our customers

We really receive many good feedback from our eyelash wholesale abroad and how they appreciated when they got ONLYCANAS 3d mink lashes. If you want to start your eyelash line , never miss to choose ONLYCANAS Eyelashes.

Eyelashes Own Brand Luxurious Eyelash Lashed 3D Mink Lashes Vendor
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1:Can I have sample order for 3d mink lashes?

Yes , of course, You can choose the styles you like , mixed styles are ok.

2:Do you have MOQ for orders?

30PCS. according to our experience, 30pcs is below 0.5kgs, you just pay the innitial shipping cost usd25-30.00 to get the most eyelashes. that is most effective way.

3:How do you ship the goods and how long will it take to reach ourside?

Usually we use DHL. FEDEX. ARAMEX , It is fast and safe, it will take 2-3 working days to reach your door.

4:How many times can be used for your 3D full strip mink lashes ?

It will never be unshapped till you don’t like it in proper and gentle way.

How to order 3D Mink Lash samples?

Step 1. Choose your favorite 3d Mink Lashes Strips style, Like 2pairs of 3D05, 2pairs of 3D09A, 3pairs of 3D22C, 4pairs of 3D40, etc

Step 2. Contact with Kelsey ( email: kelsey@qdcannes.com , Whatsapp: +86 176 6962 5211), and leave your information so we need your feedback and ideas.

Step 3. Pay for the sample order and keep us posted after payment to avoid any delay for delivery.

Step 4. Leave the receiving address including the contact person and contact TEL No.s. Our packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out used the express company we confirmed.

We are constantly paying attention to customer feedback and new demands for 3d Real Mink Lashes, constantly creating more attractive 16mm Mink Lashes Strips styles.

Follow us and Save our website please, you will find more surprises!

DM to see more Luxury 16-18mm 3D Mink lashes catalog
WhatsApp: 0086 176 6962 5211