What Is The Trend Of Lashes 2022?

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Lilly Lashes Tell you! Lightening your false lashes and making your eyes fly is our theme this year!

Half eyelashes are becoming new trend of false eyelashes in the new year!

Half lashes, 3\4 band of eyelashes can make your eyes butterfly looking!

It is lightweight, much more easy to apply!

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  • You can buy full strip eyelashes and cut into half lashes.
  • Or you ask the eyelash factory to pre cut the lashes into half band. No trim any more.

ONLYCANAS Half lashes can be used up to 25times. You can order any full strip eyelashes to make half band eye lashes.

paying one pair of eyelash will get 2pairs of trend half lash

Half lashes can decrease the weight of you eyes, Butterfl’Eyes 3D Faux Mink Half Lashes add a fluttery touch to the outer corners of your eyes. Weightless, wispy-soft layers subtly enhance your eyes and lashes with an airy dimensional effect.

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How to wear half lashes?

Half lashes are very easy to apply.

If your inborn eyelashes is long and just add volume and length on the outside of your eyes, half lashes are very good,

if you want the butterfly eyes looking mysterious,

Half eyelashes are suitable.

Wholesale Half Eyelashes Lashes 3D Vendor Bulk Eyelash Tutorial Steps

What is the price of half false eyelash?

Hand-crafted from the most luxury vegan fibers on a comfortable 100% cotton band, these speed lashes are good for all eye shapes. These 3D Faux Mink half lashes offer effortless application with no trimming and no measuring.

The cost of Two pairs of half lashes same as one pair of lash. very cheap and low cost!

we can precut the half lashes for you freely!

The customer base who likes this type of full strip eyelash is very large. Those who want to develop this kind of full strip eyelashes business should act quickly and grab the market opportunities.

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