What Are Cluster Lashes? | Manga lash cluster

Cluster lashes, also known as flare lashes, are a type of false eyelash extension that come in small groups or clusters of three to five individual lash fibers. Unlike individual lash extensions, which are applied one by one to each natural lash, cluster lashes are applied to the lash line in small groups. This makes the application process quicker and can create a fuller, more dramatic look. | manga lash cluster

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Here are some key points about cluster lashes:

  1. Application: Cluster lashes are applied using adhesive, either to the skin of the eyelid near the lash line or directly onto the natural lashes. They can be applied professionally at a salon or at home with a DIY kit.
  2. Appearance: Cluster lashes provide a more voluminous and dramatic appearance compared to individual lash extensions. They are often used for special occasions or for those who prefer a bolder look.
  3. Duration: The wear time for cluster lashes can vary. They are not as long-lasting as individual lash extensions, usually lasting from a few days to about a week, depending on the adhesive used and how well they are cared for.
  4. Comfort: Some users find cluster lashes to be less comfortable than individual lash extensions because they are heavier and cover a larger area of the eyelid. However, they are generally lighter and more comfortable than strip lashes.
  5. Removal: Removing cluster lashes should be done carefully to avoid damaging the natural lashes. Using an oil-based makeup remover or a specially formulated lash adhesive remover can help in safely taking them off.
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Cluster lashes are a popular choice for those looking for a quick and relatively easy way to achieve a fuller lash look without the commitment and time investment required for individual lash extensions.

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