3D Faux Mink Lashes

3D Faux Mink Lashes private label wholesale factory

3d Faux mink lashes are absolutely vegan,

They use different vegan material such as vegan hair false eyelashes made from bionic fiber, plant fibre false eyelashes made from hemp fiber, 3d cashmere lashes made from nano fibre. and 3d silk false eyelashes made from Korea PBT Fibre,

Wholesale vegan hair eyelashes

ONLYCANAS Vegan hair eyelashes are made from bionic fiber, it is cost Effective, Super Qualified Lashes

1:Superior Techniques bionic fibers resemble natural hair morphological structure,Special Appearance.

2:Obvious 3D Effect, 98% Similar with 3D Mink Lashes

3: Feather soft feeling Flexible Band

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Wholesale hemp Plant Fibre lashes vendors

The “hemp plant fibre eyelashes launched by ONLYCANAS Lashes Factory are got from hemp or bamboo fibre, it can be degradable in few years. eco-friendly to global .

Each hair of plant fibre lashes are curly filaments, The effect of hemp plant fibre lashes looks vivid. 95% similarity with real mink lashes.

It is a new type of vegan false eyelashes, eco-friendly to the earth.

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Hemp plant fibre eyelashes have soft cotton band, No smell, No chemical ingredients, No harm to eyes. Using our developed patents to produce 100% handmade eyelashes

Cruelty Free Lashes Curl Natural Looking 3D Silk False Vegan Hair Eyelashes Wholesale
3D Faux Mink With Packaging Box Plant Fiber Vegan Hair Eyelashes Wholesale
3D Faux Mink With Packaging Box 2022 New Style Silk Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes Wholesale
Faux Mink Lash Strip Super Fine Bandless Eye Lashes Vegan Hair Eyelashes Wholesale

3d cashmere eyelashes wholesale

we use the most soft hair in the market with diametre 0.025mm to produce 3d cashmere full strip lashes.

the outcome of 3d cashmere lashes looks very soft, elegant. 90% similariy as real mink lashes.

split top hairs make the cashmere eyelashes more light weight.

Cashmere false eyelashes are vegan eyelashes, it looks really soft , velvet. light weight. super natural

Vegan Best Lashes 3D Faux Eyelash Effect Cashmere False Eyelashes Wholesale

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Cheap affordable 3D silk eyelashes wholesale

3d silk eyelashes are made from Korea PBT Fibre, it looks smooth and velvet. ONLYCANAS 3d silk eyelashes are cheap with high quality. the price is from usd0.5-1.5,

Tiered pricing available, the more you order the more you save

3D silk False lashes are ready to ship. you can custom the curl as what you want.

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3D Faux mink lashes VS

Cashmere eyelashes is the most soft, light weight, split top hairs.

vegan hair eyelash the top of the hair is pointed, velvet looking on the top . 97% similar as real mink lashes.

3d silk eyelashes 0.03mm PBT Fibre, smooth looking.

Hemp plant fibre eyelash is the most similar as human hair, curly filaments.

Of Comparison Different Textures False Eyelashes Samples Faux Eyelashes

Which one is better?

Different people like different types. Cashmere lashes and 3d silk eyelashes is the most similar as salon eyelash extensions. smooth and different layers.

Vegan hair eyelash and hemp plant fibre eyelash is similar as our natural eyelashes.

hand made 3d faux mink lashes factory wholesale

In order to show the Real Natural Eyelashes, ONLYCANAS Eyelash factory always insists on 100% handmade Lashes, and the workers arrange each vegetarian hair carefully.

Each pair of Eye Lashes has been processed for 7 days and 23 work processes.

It is a real handmade false lashes, making each pair of Faux Lashes rich Soul, create beauty with your heart.

ONLYCANAS Eyelashes Factory is appealing to everyone to advocate for nature and the pursuit of green. Lead by example, while strengthening the “green” awareness of corporate employees, actively guide our Eyelashes Consumers to choose “green, vegetarian” consumption. Always launch eco-friendly vegetarian eyelashes.

How to place an order?

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