Know More About Types Of Full Strip Lashes To Help You Win Market!

Are you confused that when you are going to start lash business, but don’t know what types of full strip eyelashes are suitable for you?

The customers around you determines what type of eyelashes you need to purchase, it is best to learn about all the different types that fit your customers personality and preference, before you actually spend money and time on eyelash business.

If you order the lashes suitable for your customers, you can sell eyelashes quickly and make money,

so what is your customer like? What kind of lashes do they need?

If you are not sure, please see our full strip eyelashes category, you will know what kind of full strip false eyelashes you need to promote!

Here is the right place for you to learn about the various types of full strip eyelashes. Each type of false lashes has its own unique effects on your eyes and your overall appearance. Thus,

Which one is better? As the saying goes, existence is reasonable,

ODM ONLYCANAS are a professional eyelash factory, facing false eyelash buyers all over the world, eye lashes as a kind of cosmetics, it also reflects a culture,

Our designer team have segmented the market with different culture and preference.

So Each kind of eye lashes we produce have their customer group in different regions.

For Our eyelash cooperators, Never worry about the market.

3D Mink Lashes vs 25mm mink lashes

3D Mink eyelashes is the most common among celebrities. Minks are known for best achieving natural-look, because they are made from real hair. This type of mink false eyelashes is suitable for those who are looking for natural, light yet luscious look.  In additional, 3d mink eyelashes are very thin. As a result, they tend to last longer because they will not weigh down your natural eyelashes.

Among all eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes are the most beautiful. So 3D Mink Eyelashes is a historic innovation in false eyelashes.

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25mm mink eyelashes are designed for black people, Because their skin color is darker, so longer and thicker false eyelashes can highlight the beauty of the eyes.

The length of 25mm mink eyelashes just too suitable! ONLYCANAS 25mm mink lashes is very velvety and messy. Just catering to the black people cultrue.

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Vegan hair eyelashes.

Vegan hair lashes are similar to real mink eyelashes, just that they are bionic fibers,

This type of vegan hair eyelashes is ideal for those who want to achieve natural look, similar to real mink eyelashes, but at a lower cost.

It is also suitable for those who do not want to use real hair. An advantage of this type of vegan hair is that they will not lose their curl effect even when they get wet.

This false eye lash has a fluffy feeling on the tip of the hair. Naturally, because it is a raw material synthesized from bionic fibers and contains hair ingredients, the effect is naturally the closest to 3D mink false eyelashes.

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Hemp plant fiber lashes vs cashmere lashes Vs 3d silk eyelashes

Plant fibre eyelashes, this raw material for eyelashes, each hair strand is curved, The hair looks like curly filaments. and then use these raw materials to make false eyelashes, she also looks very natural, The second is close to 3D mink eyelashes.

The raw material is degradable, so very popular in Australia .

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Cashmere lashes, this kind of false eyelashes use the softest material in eyelash extensions with diametre 0.025mm, the top part is splitted, so if the same wight, this kind of false eyelashes cashmere lashes looks more volume.

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3d silk eyelashes, the diameter of the raw material is 0.7mm, in terms of natural look and thickness of the lashes. This type is special because they tend to be thicker at the bottom and gradually become thinner towards the end, giving you a fuller appearance of the lash line. Your eyelashes will look darker, fuller, and glossier. This type of eyelash is ideal for those who do not want to use real fur.

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Different raw materials have different eyelash effects. From the hot selling degree. We rank from high to low in terms of market popularity

The best one is 3D mink lashes>vegan hair eyelashes>plant fibre eyelashes>cashmere lashes>3d silk eyelashes The price is also from high to low.

3D silk eyelashes are suitable for mass consuption, the demand quantity is large. it is suitable to supplying cosmetics chain super market.

For hot selling 3d silk eye lashes, we have launching promotion activity.

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C curl vs d curl eyelash strips

Then again, the curvature of false eyelashes.
Usually, the curvature of full strip eyelashes is made into a C-curve, which can clearly see the different styles of false eye lashes, better enlarge the eyes, and correct the eye shape.

The larger the curvature, the harder it is to see the style for eyelashes over 15mm, and the effect is not very ideal.

If you want to make a large curvature, it is recommended that the full strip eyelashes be less than 14 mm.
For full strip eyelashes under 14mm, the curvature should be D-curvature, so that the effect of enlarging the eyes is the most obvious.

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The full strip eyelashes below 10mm can be made into a j-curve, so that the upper eyelashes are attached to the upper eyelid, and it looks like an eyeliner is drawn from a distance, which greatly enlarges the effect of the eyes.

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Light volume vs classic lashes vs volume lashes

thin volume full strip eyelashes

Private Label Individual Corner Band Real Mink Eyelash Wholesale Price 3D Strip Lashes
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This kind of full strip eyelashes is super natural, and many people with yellow skin wear it every day.
Natural volume full strip lashes, suitable for yellow, white, everyday wear.
Medium volume full strip lashes, revealing confidence, generosity, and nobility.
Thick volume full strip eyelash show bold. Full body looking.

Mink Fur Strip Eye 3D Eyelash Eyelashes Natural Volume Full Sdtrip Lashes
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diy segment eyelashes any where any time

If you want to make your own eyelashes, choose DIY SEGMENT LASHES. Anywhere at home, any place, for some customers who are very skilled in wearing eyelashes, they can make their own eyelashes at will.

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Different types of full strip lashes can achieve uniquely different results for the overall look. Take time to study different types. Whether you prefer light, natural eyelashes or bold, glorious eyelashes, there will always be the perfect type of eyelashes for you!

The Universal length of full strip eyelashes is 15-16mm.

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12-13mm short full strip eyelashes, suitable for daily wear, eye wear.

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18-20mm full strip eyelashes are suitable for deep set eyes or some people for film and television , 18-20mm false eyelashes can make your eyes highlighted when on video.

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25mm mink lashes are the best length for dark skinned people.

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28mm mink lashes, are some movie models, party models, festival models.

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Every types of full strip lashes have their own market, Which kind of eyelashes are you prefer?

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