How To Make Money By Lash Trends?

Are Fake Lashes Still Trendy?

It’s a booming trend that’s rapidly becoming the crowd favorite all around the world. According to research from Grand View Research, Inc., the individual false eyelashes market is expected to have a CAGR of 6.0% from 2019 to 2025.

The full strip eyelashes are expected improving of 10% from 2019 to 2022.

Now the market for false eyelashes is still very hot, and the eyelash market is huge at the same time it is full of competition.

There are a few points that must be paid attention to on how to make money with false eyelashes.
Always be sensitive to the market trend,

New Trend of wet eye looking -L shaped eyelashes

What are wet look eyelashes? Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

lash map L shape full strip eyelashes wholesale

New trend of L shaped full strip eyelashes like the following to make wet lash look!

Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

For full strip lashes.VM009 Vegan hair eyelashes can show the wet lash looks very well !

Every one want a mysterious eyes. this kind of eyelashes can show it well .

Silk Eyelashes Matte Black False Supplies 3D Private Label Vendor Vegan Hair Lashes
wet eye looking eyelashes wholesale

This kind of full strip eyelashes are suitable for wet eye looking!

If you want this kind of eyelashes , contact us freely for latest catalog!

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Can Cashmere Full Strip Eyelashes Make Profit?

High Quality Faux Mink Cashere Lashes Wholesale Sample Packs Plan A

The popularity of cashmere eyelashes extensions have promoted the popularity of cashmere full strip lashes.

It is easier for Full strip cashmere lashes to be designed in many different kinds of styles than eyelash extensions. Any full strip cashmere lashes styles can be done by our workers.

1:Full Strip Cashmere lashes Vs Silk Eyelashes

Cashmere lashes are thinner, softer and up to 60% lighter than silk lashes, making them the most popular and natural. They’re more flexible too, so curl retention is twice as strong, and they last longer than silk lashes

2:Cashmere full strip lashes vs mink lashes

Cashmere Eyelash full strip are the newest trend in the lash industry! They’re up to 50% lighter than classic mink lashes, longer-lasting and incredibly soft.

With top split, The cashmere full strip lashes looks volume with lighter weight.

3:cashmer full strip lashes can be customised very same as customers’ request.

The retention curl of cashmere full strip lashes can be done very same as customers’ request.

Not like real mink lashes, the hair is natural, it is difficult for real mink lashes to make the final effect very same as customers’ request

4: The cost of full strip lashes is cheaper than others.

The cost of full strip cashmere lashes is lower than others. it is only about usd1.5/pcs. the quantity is more the price will be better.

Full strip cashmere lashes is good and more sutable for mass consuption. so the potential market is very huge!

5: Hot selling cashmere sample pack

In order to make more people to check our cashmere full strip lashes, we launch some Popular lashes in bulk, Pls refer to the detailed lash styles.

Full strip cashmere lashes styles in details: Clear tray, white box packaging. just for you to test the quality.

Dubai Faux Mink Eyelash Packaging set.

The price is usd32.00 (Total 30pcs)

Total 30pcs,

The special feature of the Dubai eyelash set packing, medium volume, show confident, wispy styles. this kind of faux eyelashes are suitable for various eyes, it is versatile and for every day wearing.

Products Details of cashmere eyelash sample pack

The eyelash packing set name:Dubai
Material:Nano fiber, top split
Volume:Medium Volume
The length:14-15mm versatile
The material:faux mink cashmere lashes
How to organize:white pack. Clear tray packing.
Custom curl:Russion D, or B, C
wholesale lash sample set factory

The following is the actual pictures of cashmere lashes sample pack including, pls refer to it.

Faux Vegan Mink Lashes Wholesale Eyelashes Cashmere Lash Extensions
Vegan Lashes Cruelty Free Strip 3D 4D 5D Faux Mink Private Label Customized Eyelash Packaging Box Eyelashes Cashmere Lash
Eyelash Faux Mink Cheap High Quality Free Sample Cashmere Lash Extension Trays

The Special Feature Of Lashes 3D Faux Mink Eyelashes

1. 100% Pure Handmade Eyelash

In order to show the real natural eyelashes, Hermes Lashes manufacturer always insists on 100% handmade lashes, and the workers arrange each vegetarian hair carefully. Real handmade false strips lashes, beautiful made.

2. New technical material close to real mink lashes wearing effect.

3. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE lash approved!

Because it is purely plant-delivered, so if you are a beauty conscious female who value vegetarianism can wear it with confidence.

4. Pure Catton Lash Band , No Latex Glue

We only stick glue to the ends of the 3D bamboo lashes. In order to fix faux mink eyelash better, the higher cost and top technical level of factory are required in this production method. Finally, the beautiful eyelashes provided to customers are more soft and wearing super comfortable. Only few Eyelash Factory in the market can do it.

5. Repeatable wear

You can use our false eyelashes up to 25-30 times with proper care. If you store them back in their original tray they will hold their shape.

Those lashes styles has very full-length and you get an exact full and dramatic look when wearing our 3d faux mink eyelashes.

If you want to do your own types of cashmere lashes, Tell us lashmapping.Your ideal eyelashes will be produced by our workers.

Welcome all people who have the same ideas join us ! If you have any questions pls contact us freely.


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How To Type Best Selling Full Strip Lashes by lash Map?

The types of full strip eyelashes is very important, Good types of full strip false lashes can be loved by consumers quickly and help you open market ahead of other competitors.

Many customers want to type an special full strip eyelash for their consumers,but they don’t know to to describe it. Lash map is a good way to help you communicate with the designers,

 Lash map helps the workers to decide the length of full strip lashes to use and create a set that complements a client’s features and eye shape.

The importance of lash mapping to lash designers is much like the importance of a game plan for a winning football team

On lash map, it shows clearly what eyelash types you want?

Different Eye shape, you can type different eyelash styles.

lash map wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors

Lash mapping is a technique for planning where to use lengths, curls and thicknesses, in order to create a fabulous set of eyelash extensions with the style and the level of drama that your client desires – and that is also suited to their eye shape and natural eyelashes

For example. If You want a wispy looking. The Hollywood full strip lash styles is suitable for you . pls refer to the lash map.

TOP SELLING hollywood 3d fluffy mink lash map
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors

One cluster by another one with different lengths, some different shorter clusters in the middle, and put some crisscross hairs to decrate the full strip lashes. an hollywood lash styles make your eyes wispy looking!

if you want an cat eye looking, the following the types of the following lash map is suitable , Volume base like a black eyeliner with short length, The extenion eye length is from 11mm to 16mm. more and more longer from inner side to the outside.

you can also make the eyelash clusters with different volumes from 3d to 5d.

Trought lash map. We can clearly understand what types of full strip lashes you want.

Our designer will do prototype for your confirmation. ONLYCANAS lashes are pure hand made, the workers can make the lashes strictly according to your lash map.

wholesale eyelashes factory
3d mink lashes vendors

we will do the lash map for the popular lash styles, Pay attention to us! You will get more surprise!

Contact us to type your own full strip lashes!

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Know More About Types Of Full Strip Lashes To Help You Win Market!

Are you confused that when you are going to start lash business, but don’t know what types of full strip eyelashes are suitable for you?

The customers around you determines what type of eyelashes you need to purchase, it is best to learn about all the different types that fit your customers personality and preference, before you actually spend money and time on eyelash business.

If you order the lashes suitable for your customers, you can sell eyelashes quickly and make money,

so what is your customer like? What kind of lashes do they need?

If you are not sure, please see our full strip eyelashes category, you will know what kind of full strip false eyelashes you need to promote!

Here is the right place for you to learn about the various types of full strip eyelashes. Each type of false lashes has its own unique effects on your eyes and your overall appearance. Thus,

Which one is better? As the saying goes, existence is reasonable,

ODM ONLYCANAS are a professional eyelash factory, facing false eyelash buyers all over the world, eye lashes as a kind of cosmetics, it also reflects a culture,

Our designer team have segmented the market with different culture and preference.

So Each kind of eye lashes we produce have their customer group in different regions.

For Our eyelash cooperators, Never worry about the market.

3D Mink Lashes vs 25mm mink lashes

3D Mink eyelashes is the most common among celebrities. Minks are known for best achieving natural-look, because they are made from real hair. This type of mink false eyelashes is suitable for those who are looking for natural, light yet luscious look.  In additional, 3d mink eyelashes are very thin. As a result, they tend to last longer because they will not weigh down your natural eyelashes.

Among all eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes are the most beautiful. So 3D Mink Eyelashes is a historic innovation in false eyelashes.

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of 3D Mink Lashes catalog

25mm mink eyelashes are designed for black people, Because their skin color is darker, so longer and thicker false eyelashes can highlight the beauty of the eyes.

The length of 25mm mink eyelashes just too suitable! ONLYCANAS 25mm mink lashes is very velvety and messy. Just catering to the black people cultrue.

wholesale 25mm mink lashes factory

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of 25mm mink lashes catalog

Vegan hair eyelashes.

Vegan hair lashes are similar to real mink eyelashes, just that they are bionic fibers,

This type of vegan hair eyelashes is ideal for those who want to achieve natural look, similar to real mink eyelashes, but at a lower cost.

It is also suitable for those who do not want to use real hair. An advantage of this type of vegan hair is that they will not lose their curl effect even when they get wet.

This false eye lash has a fluffy feeling on the tip of the hair. Naturally, because it is a raw material synthesized from bionic fibers and contains hair ingredients, the effect is naturally the closest to 3D mink false eyelashes.

Vegan mink faux mink lashes wholesale
Silk Premium Volume Soft For Salon Korean Fake Vegan Hair Lashes
wholesale vegan hair eyelashes private label

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of vegan hair eyelashes catalog.

Hemp plant fiber lashes vs cashmere lashes Vs 3d silk eyelashes

Plant fibre eyelashes, this raw material for eyelashes, each hair strand is curved, The hair looks like curly filaments. and then use these raw materials to make false eyelashes, she also looks very natural, The second is close to 3D mink eyelashes.

The raw material is degradable, so very popular in Australia .

Faux Mink Eyelashes Strip Natural Wholesale Eyelash Bamboo Lash Wand Tube
wholesale vegan faux mink 3d plant fibre lashes manufacturer

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of Plant fibre eyelashes catalog .

cashmere faux mink lashes vendors

Cashmere lashes, this kind of false eyelashes use the softest material in eyelash extensions with diametre 0.025mm, the top part is splitted, so if the same wight, this kind of false eyelashes cashmere lashes looks more volume.

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of cashmere eyelashes catalog

3d silk eyelashes, the diameter of the raw material is 0.7mm, in terms of natural look and thickness of the lashes. This type is special because they tend to be thicker at the bottom and gradually become thinner towards the end, giving you a fuller appearance of the lash line. Your eyelashes will look darker, fuller, and glossier. This type of eyelash is ideal for those who do not want to use real fur.

3d silk eyelashes wholesale supplier

Click Here >>>>To learn more about hot selling styles of 3d silk eyelashes catalog

Different raw materials have different eyelash effects. From the hot selling degree. We rank from high to low in terms of market popularity

The best one is 3D mink lashes>vegan hair eyelashes>plant fibre eyelashes>cashmere lashes>3d silk eyelashes The price is also from high to low.

3D silk eyelashes are suitable for mass consuption, the demand quantity is large. it is suitable to supplying cosmetics chain super market.

For hot selling 3d silk eye lashes, we have launching promotion activity.

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you can contact us Whatsapp Miss kelsey will give you best price!

C curl vs d curl eyelash strips

Then again, the curvature of false eyelashes.
Usually, the curvature of full strip eyelashes is made into a C-curve, which can clearly see the different styles of false eye lashes, better enlarge the eyes, and correct the eye shape.

The larger the curvature, the harder it is to see the style for eyelashes over 15mm, and the effect is not very ideal.

If you want to make a large curvature, it is recommended that the full strip eyelashes be less than 14 mm.
For full strip eyelashes under 14mm, the curvature should be D-curvature, so that the effect of enlarging the eyes is the most obvious.

C curl faux eyelashes vendors
d curl eyelashes wholesale

The full strip eyelashes below 10mm can be made into a j-curve, so that the upper eyelashes are attached to the upper eyelid, and it looks like an eyeliner is drawn from a distance, which greatly enlarges the effect of the eyes.

Custom d curl eyelashes factory

Light volume vs classic lashes vs volume lashes

thin volume full strip eyelashes

Light volume eyelashes vendors

This kind of full strip eyelashes is super natural, and many people with yellow skin wear it every day.
Natural volume full strip lashes, suitable for yellow, white, everyday wear.
Medium volume full strip lashes, revealing confidence, generosity, and nobility.
Thick volume full strip eyelash show bold. Full body looking.

wholesale volume lashes factory

diy segment eyelashes any where any time

If you want to make your own eyelashes, choose DIY SEGMENT LASHES. Anywhere at home, any place, for some customers who are very skilled in wearing eyelashes, they can make their own eyelashes at will.

Click here>>>>to get the DIY Segment eyelashes

2022 Wholesale Ribbon Diy Lash Extensions Private Label C D Curl Pre Cut Cluster Diy Segmented Lash Kit Pre Cut Lash
diy segment eyelashes wholesale


Different types of full strip lashes can achieve uniquely different results for the overall look. Take time to study different types. Whether you prefer light, natural eyelashes or bold, glorious eyelashes, there will always be the perfect type of eyelashes for you!

The Universal length of full strip eyelashes is 15-16mm.

Click here >>>>to get the latest catalog of 15-16mm eyelashes
12-13mm short full strip eyelashes, suitable for daily wear, eye wear.

Click here >>>>to get the latest catalog of 12-13mm eyelashes.
18-20mm full strip eyelashes are suitable for deep set eyes or some people for film and television , 18-20mm false eyelashes can make your eyes highlighted when on video.

Click here>>>>to get the catalog of DM eyelashes
25mm mink lashes are the best length for dark skinned people.

Click here>>>>to get the 25mm mink lashes
28mm mink lashes, are some movie models, party models, festival models.

Click here>>>>to get the party themes eyelashes

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor lash vendors  
Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor lash vendors  

Every types of full strip lashes have their own market, Which kind of eyelashes are you prefer?

Send inquiry to get factory price!


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How to Custom Lash Packaging?

what kinds of eyelash packaging are popular in the market?

Choose the type of lash packaging you like.

Currently, There are several eyelash box types that are versatile and very popular in the market, such as rectangle eyelash packaging boxes

Box Private Label Custom 3D Lash Packaging Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
custom square lash cases wholesale
Custom Lash Box Vender Logo Eyelash Case Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
custom lash packaging boxes supplier

Small and cute Round Eyelash Storage Boxes

Lashes Boxes For Custom Box Mink Individual Short Glasses Eyelashes Wholesale
custom round lash boxes packing supplier
Packaging Box False Mink Lashes Wholesale Lash Cases  Eyelashes Packing Factory
private label round lash packaging
Lashes Box Private Label Luxury Mink Eye  Eyelashes Packing Wholesale
custom private label round lash storage box
Eyelash Luxury Packaging Box Custom Wholsale Boxes  Eyelashes Packing Factory
custom logo round case storage box packing
Wholesale Lashes Packaging Box Private Label  Eyelashes Packing Factory
do your own brand round lash case wholesale
Quality Private Label 3D Magnetic Round Lash Box Lashes Packing Factory
do your own brand round lash boxes supplier
Lash Package Wholesale Strip Round Box  Eyelashes Packing Factory
individualize eye lash boxes private label wholesale
Box Round Lash Packaging Eyelash False  Eyelashes Packing Factory
individual eye lash packaging boxes supplier
Lash Custom Eye Circle Packaging Three Pairs Of Round Eyelash Boxes
luxury lash box round lash case wholesale
Wholesale False Eyelashes Custom Best Lashes Round Candy Box Packaging
custom round lash case supplier
Lash Packaging Custom Logo Eye Lashes Round Acrylic Eyelash Box
custom clear round lash boxes wholesale

Special Polygon Eyelash boxes

Lash Custom Package Private Packaging Octagonal Acrylic Eyelash Box
custom polygon eyelash packaging boxes private label
Lash Packaging Private Strip Diamond-Shaped Eyelash Case
custom eyelash packaging box polygon lash case wholesale
Private Label Packaging Lashes Wholesale Eyelashes 5D Octagonal Eyelash Box
custom lash packaging polygon lash boxes supplier
Wholesale Custom Private Label Lashes With Packaging Mini Hexagon Eyelash Box
custom lash boxes private label polygon lash packing wholesale

All the popular eyelash packaging boxes can be made into versatile magnetic eyelash box with top cover, we also can make them into drawer lash case.

Packaging Luxury Wholesale False Lashes With Pink Drawer Eyelash Case

or Drawer lash packaging with clear cover to check the lash styles easily

Packaging Manufacture Lash Case Custom Popular Pink Pull-Out Eyelash Box
custom eyelash boxes packaging wholesale

or eyelash cases with open door in the middle.

you can change the middle magnetic part into star shape or heart shape, logo can be printed on the middle magnetic button.

Individual Vendors Private Label Popular Double Door Eyelash Box
custom eye lash packaging products wholesale

All the shapes of the lash boxes can be changed freely as what you want. here we have put all popular lash packaging boxes together , it is more convenient for you to compare it and make decision.

Lahes Packaging Wholesale Eyelashes Mink Your Logo Custom Eyelash Box
Packaging Eyelashes And Magne Lashes Vendor Custom Eyelash Box
custom popular eyelash case wholesale supplier

or you can click here to see all types of lash packaging

how to design the background of eyelash boxes ?

After finishing the shape of the eyelash box, it is necessary to choose the pattern of the box.

We can print some popular elements on the lash box to make it more impressive.

Some popular color or any fashion elements all can be printed on as background color,

For example, lavender is the popular color this year, you can add it on the eyelash packaging box.

Packaging Lashes Mink Magnetic Boxes Logo Custom Lash Packing
2022 popular color for lash packaging

you can add this element, and choose the lavender for the eyelash background pattern.

Packaging Box Eyelash Extension Best 3D Mink Eyelashes Custom Lash Packing
Custom lash packaging wholesale

There are popular colors every year, you can go to google to search for the 2022 “popular colors”. Choose your favorite. Use it on the eyelash box,

You can also custom eyelash boxes according to the eyelash theme to be launched this time, such as lilly lashes, this time we will launch half lashes,

The theme of half lashes can create butterfly-like eyes, and the background of the box is printed with butterflies. And choose warm tones to go with it.

It deepens the customer’s impression of the brand and new pushed eyelashes, and is a good way to custom eyelash packaging box.

Packaging For Eyelash Boxes Logo Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging boxes vender

You can also highlight the raw materials that you want to express according to the eyelashes launched this time, such as degradable plant fibre eyelashes.

Eyelash Mink Package Packaging Box For Plant Fibre Eyelashes
Custom eyelash boxes wholesale

How To Match The logo and eyelash box ?

3:logo design!

logo looks easy and simple.

The logo may seem simple, but a simple and impressive logo is not easy to design.
The logo represents your company culture, your understanding of the eyelash product, and your expectations for the future goals of the product.

We can help you design the first prototype of the logo,
How to match the logo and background color?

What kind of logo looks good?
Our designers have provided a lot of materials, you can refer to them.

Take the logo “ONLYCANAS EYELASH FACTORY” for example.

you can design as follows .

Packaging Boxes Logo Lashes Private Label Custom Eyelashes Box
custom lash packaging with logo design

Professional eyelash LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through words or patterns,

Are you prefer to the logo of pure text, or use the logo with text and patterns? you can refer to the following which one you like?

Packaging Private Label Logo Eyelash Case Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash boxes with your own logo
Lash Logo Extensions Eyelash Mink Wholesale Custom Eyelashes Box
custom logo eyelash boxes factory
Eyelash And Customization Boxes Logo Custom Eyelashes Box
do your own brand eyelash packaging supplier
Lash Private Label Package Packaging Custom Eyelashes Box
private label lash packaing custom logo vender

Be attention!

if you custom eyelash packaging with window, be sure to confirm the size of the remaining part if it is suitable for round logo or retangular logo.

For example: the round logo is suitable for following eyelash boxes.

Packaging Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Magnetic Boxes Custom Logo Black Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging private label with logo design

if you customise eylashes boxes with rectangular window, it is more suitable to do retangular logo like this.

Packaging Eyelash Case Vendor Lashes Black Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging boxes with your own brand

you also can choose the color and logo you like and custom the eyelash packaging directly.

adding some patterns on the background to make the eyelash boxes more empressive!

Packaging Magnetic Boxes Logo Mink Lash Custom Eyelashes Box
custom eyelash packaging with your own logo wholesale

How to make your eyelash boxes look luxury?

Here are a few ways to make eyelash packaging look high-end and save money,

you can use some special techniques to decorate and improve the quality of the eyelash box,

hot stamping logo eyelash storage boxes can improve the quality of eyelash cases.

Packaging Magnetic Eyelashes Boxes For Lashes 6 Pairs Of Premium Eyelash Cases
Custom eyelash boxes hot stamp logo

Uv embossing printed pattern to make the logo high lighted.

Packaging Magnetic Boxes For Lashes Custom Eyelashes Box
custom lash packaging storage box wholesale uv printing

using corner protector like the pictures , which looks more luxury,

Lashes Mink Custom Packaging With Logo Black Flannelette Eyelash Box
Custom eyelash storage box wholesale

You can also add some diamond decoration on the edge of the eyelash box, which can make the eyelash packaging look more high-end.

Box Label Eyelashes Mink Lashes Package Custom Pink Eyelash Packaging
custom eyelash cases with diamond edge wholesale

It is also a good way to make the edge of the eyelash packaging hot stamped,

If just green color, it looks normal , but add some decration, the eyelash packing look luxury at once!

Lashes With Packing Lash Packaging 25Mm Large Square Eyelash Package
custom eyelash boxes private label supplier

Cardboard Eyelash box is made of cardboard, light and strong. Consumers like cardboard boxes

Magnetic Eyelash boxes are made from wood, they are popular, the materials are natural, pollution-free, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Second, the texture is light and strong looks luxury.

Besides that cardboard eyelash boxes is easy to realize different kinds of box styles.

That is to say, it is more cost-effective if you want to change the box shape than others.

you can custom eyelash packing into any polygon eyelash boxes.

Go right to the point!——Why choose our Eyelash Box Factory?





Different eyelash packaging box and prices

If you want to custom eyelash packaging , contact us freely!

Believe that you will definitely get a good box and win in the market!


WhatsApp: +8617669625211

Do you want to know how to custom eyelash boxes based on budget? pls pay attention to our webiste. We will update you next……..

Acrylic eyelash box

$1 – $3

Cardboard eyelash box

$1.5 – $5

Paper jam eyelash box

$0.5 – $1.5

What Mink Lash Styles Show Cardi B’s Glamour Look?

How to custom eyelashes that can highlight the temperament?

Internet celebrities are people who are at the forefront of Make-up Beauty. They will always lead the fashion, and of course also lead the sales of fashion and beauty products. ONLYCANAS Eyelash factory follows these influencers all the time, researching what kind of mink lashes they wear, and ready to launch newer and trendier lash styles based on the fashions they lead.

Learn CARDI B and be a successful and confident woman!

The actor is the focal point of the stage, and the eyes are the focal point of the entire magnetic field created by the actor. If a pair of good mink eyelashes just match her aura, it will give her more freedom on stage!

Every successful person has experienced hardships, cardi B is no exception,

Today, she is like a butterfly that has broken its cocoon. In addition to pursuing inner peace and delicacy, she also shows boldness, self-confidence,

Any of her work, like his experience, is explosive. Full of perseverance, positive attitude to life, break free, desperate break free!

Halloween Fur Eyelash Natural Real Eyelashes 3D Mink Elelashes Vendor
Cardi B Best Eyelashes Manufacturer
Lash Russian Volume Strips Hair Eyelashes Custom Eyelash Design 3D Mink Lashes Vendor
Custom 3d mink eyelashes wholesale

The unique 3d mink eyelashes we designed for her also all show this personality. The crisscross in the middle shows her calm attitude towards life, and the exaggerated cluster of CLUSTER eyelashes shows CARDI B boldly and confidently.

Lashes Whole Sale Wholesale Eyelash 3D Mink Elelashes Vendor
Cardi B sexy lashes wholesale
Eyelashes Professional Fluffy 16Mm Wholesale Eyelash Vendor 3D Mink Lashes
Hollywood Custom 18mm mink lashes vendors

The colorful inner world, the colorful eye shadows, the different lengths, and the clusters of Hollywood 3D09 3d Mink Lashes make the makeup look more three-dimensional without being overwhelming.

New Styles Fluffy Eyelashes Wholesale Eyelash 3D Mink Elelashes Vendor
Cardi B fluffy Mink Lashes supplier
Eyelashes Thick Lash New Product Cotton Band 3D Mink Lashes Manufacturer
butterfly custom fluffy mink lashes factory

There is still the dream of a girl in my heart, and the eyes are bright and kind, showing agility and liveliness in the blink of an eye. DM29 18-20mm mink lashes design, inspired by butterflies, attract butterflies in the blink of an eye!!

Lashes Wholesale Lasehes Effect Best Quality 3D Mink Elelashes Vendor
Cardi b working eyelashes vendors
Wholesale Quality Eyelash 100% Lash Luxury New Product Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes
cat eye looking eyelashes wholesale

Sexy and confident working makeup, the tail is lengthened and thickened, that is, the end of the eye is elongated, and it has the feeling of forming a cat eye. Do you want to see more eyes like this?

if you want the glamour eyelashes, come on! we can do for you !

Learn more about 3d real mink lashes!

Warm welcome to send your inquiry in below info:

Contact Person: Kelsey


Whatsapp: +86 176 6962 5211

Lashes Individual Private Label Lash Supplies Colorful Eyelash Box Wholesale

Wholesale Lightweight Private Label Holographic Eyelash Bags Packaging

As a responsible professional 3D Mink Lashes supplier in China. We integrate production, R&D, Logo design, and custom private labels eyelash packaging as a whole industry. We help thousands of customers build their own lashes brand, and get good market and earn the money.

Wholesale Lightweight Private Label Holographic Eyelash Bags Packaging

The size of this box: 9.2cm*5cm
Weight: 0.17kg/ 10pieces

  • Smooth corners, rounded corner design, reduce the risk of touching, and visually beautiful
  • Pull-out design, easy and flexible to use, saving time
  • The box body is translucent, you can see the objects in the box, and it is more convenient to use
  • Simple decoration, simple can also be different, you can print private labels and logos on the white tray

How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!



Check here<<< – Plant Fiber Lashes styles

Custom mini black acrylic eyelash cases in bulk with private label logo

Custom black acrylic eyelash cases in bulk empty private label eyelashes package

Lashes box is an eyelash packaging tool that packs your 3D Mink Lashes like a container, protecting your stip lash from damage. | acrylic eyelash cases in bulk

At the same time, an amazing Custom Eyelash Packaging can benefit your eyelash sales.

  • The Size acrylic lashes case : 9.2cm*5cm
  • Weight: 0.17kg/10pcs
  • Smooth rounded corners design, reduce the risk of touching, and visually beautiful
  • Pull-out lashes boxes design, easy and flexible to use, saving time
  • The best lashes packaging body is translucent, you can see the fluffy eyelashes style in the box clearly. It is more convenient to use
  • Simple eye lash case decoration. Simple can also be different, you can print private label logo on the white eyelash tray

How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!



Check here<<< – Plant Fiber Lashes styles

How much does it cost to start a eyelash business?

If you search on Google: How much does it cost to Wholesale Mink Eyelashes? I guess you must want to start your Mink Business now.

If you just want to use False Eyelashes, whether it’s $5 Pharmacy False Eyelashes or $30 Luxury Handmade Siberian Mink Eyelashes. You won’t care about the Wholesale Lash Price. You can buy it. You will not become poor just because you bought a pair of eyelashes, nor will you suddenly become rich because of a pair of eyelashes.

However, if you now want to know “how much does it cost to Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?” then you may become rich.

how do i create my own lash brand

1 How much does it cost to start my Mink Fur Business?

In the past, it was impossible to do an Eyelash Business without a lot of money. Because the Mink Fur Supplier only sells a large number of orders. Thank you HERMES LASHES VENDOR for the industrial upgrade, now if you ask:

“If I have $200, can I start my lash business?”

“If I have $100, can I start my eyelash business?”
” Yes !”

As long as you want to start your eyelash business, no matter how much budget you have, you can try to start your eyelash line now.

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2. How should I determine the cost of my eyelash business?

It depends on your budget and market planning.

For example, if you buy mink eyelashes worth US$2.8, your price will be US$6 per pair. Then you can earn $3.2 for each pair of eyelashes. If you sell 200 pairs of mink eyelashes a week, you can make $640 a week.

If you buy Mink eyelashes wholesale for $6, then you can sell them for $26 per pair. For every pair of eyelashes sold, you can earn $20. You only need to sell 32 pairs of false eyelashes, and you can make as much money as cheap false eyelashes at the same time.

The price of false eyelashes you can sell depends on how you plan to sell them. According to our experience, online sales are better. If you want to know how to sell false eyelashes online, you can refer to our “How to start my mink eyelashes business online?”.

It also depends on whether you pay more attention to your customers

If your mink eyelashes are currently priced at $20 per pair. And you buy each pair of eyelashes at a cost of $4 per pair. So, when you change to $6 per pair, your brand and customer experience will be greatly improved.

We know that inferior products can ruin a company, and similarly, high-quality products can bring vitality and new vitality to a company.

The manufacturing cost of mink eyelashes at a wholesale price of $6 may be three times that of mink eyelashes at a wholesale price of $4.

Only by eliminating short-term benefits can long-term benefits be obtained. Using mink eyelashes, costing an extra $2 each, will make your business easier. How would you choose?

3. Why are there different mink eyelash costs?

According to different styles, mink eyelashes have different prices. Some eyelash style designs are worth US$300, and some eyelash style designs are worth US$30,000.

There are different prices for mink eyelashes of different quality. You can refer to our “How Are Mink Eyelashes Produced?” page to learn how mink eyelashes are produced. Depending on the material and workmanship, the wholesale price of eyelashes will vary greatly.

Each worker can only produce 10 pairs of luxurious 3D mink eyelashes, and the cheaper false eyelashes are not even handmade.

The wholesale price of most 3D mink eyelashes ranges from US$2.8 to US$8 per pair.

The wholesale price of high-end handmade luxury series of fake mink eyelashes is 6-8 US dollars.

Semi-handmade mink eyelashes, the wholesale price is 2.8 US dollars-4 US dollars.

If you want to buy fake eyelashes under US$2 in wholesale, you can choose to buy vegan fake eyelashes ( Fake Mink Eyelashes or other materials Lashes ), because if it is lower than this price, you have to beware of fraud traps.

If you go fishing, you will pay a delicious bait first. The low-price trap may give you some satisfactory products from the beginning, and provide you with cheap products when you place a large order. Hermes Lashes recommends that you pay attention to the wholesale price of mink eyelashes.


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How Can Get Short Half Lash wholesale?

Handmade Short Half Lash Makeup Lashes Mini Natural Crisscross Messy Thick Soft Fake Eyelashes Stage Lashes

What are half lashes?

Half-lash lashes, as the name suggests, are half of the eyelashes, usually referring to the end of the eye. Half eyelashes are a half-length mini-length eyelashes, the difference is that the bandage of half eyelashes is half of normal eyelashes. Half eyelashes look small and exquisite, but to make a pair of half eyelashes, eyelash craftsmen need to be more careful and attentive, because the smaller and smaller things require more investment.

Half eyelashes are the perfect way to introduce false eyelashes into your cosmetic bag, or the perfect way to add relaxing charm to your makeup. These eyelashes are worn on the outer corners of your eyes and add a subtle effect compared to the entire eyelashes. These eyelashes are suitable for all eye shapes, are easy to apply, and can add some speciality to your makeup.

This is where half lashes come into play. They look more natural but also play up your eyes without the obvious false lash look.

half lashes strips
half lashes uk
half magnetic lashes

half lashes magnetic
half lashes natural
  • Band Length: 1.9 cm
  • Length: 6mm-13mm
  • Material: High-Quality Synthetic Fiber 
  • Reusable up to 60 times. 

Definitely worth a try if you are someone new to lashes, or you prefer that cat-eye look! And that Vegan Lush Lash…

best half lashes
half volume lashes
half corner lashes

You deserve it all, princess. Enhance your lash looks with this effortlessly gorgeous half lash style created for a natural appearance.

how to apply half lashes

half lashes vs full lashes

half cut lashes

Crafted with high quality synthetic materials, this half lash is nothing less than absolute lash royalty! Feel like a princess day in and day out with the natural, fluffy style that blends perfectly with your authentic lash. Each lash was created from new, innovative technology made to mimic the look and feel of a mink lash while being 100% vegan!

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