How To Clean Mink Eyelashes

How To Clean Mink Eyelashes

The wear times of Mink eyelash is also one of the reference standards for Mink eyelash purchase. Many customers have also asked me this question. Our 3D Mink eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times. After each wear, you should Clean mink eyelashes, then put back on the Eyelash tray and carefully stored.

So, how do you clean your Mink eyelashes?

  • First, use a make-up remover to remove the makeup remover/cleansing oil/water onto the eyelids and gently wipe it off. Gently remove the False mink eyelashes.
  • Then prepare some water/remove remover/ Cleansing Oil to clean the cosmetic residue on the false eyelashes.
  • And Then gently remove the residual Eyelashes glue from the Eyelashes band with tweezers or by hand.
  • Then rinse the cleaned eyelashes in clean water.
  • In the final step, gently blow the eyelashes with a hairdryer and put them back on the eyelash holder for storage.

Please click here to watch the cleaning video~ –How to clean your mink eyelashes video–

From the perspective of a Mink eyelash manufacturer, False eyelashes are not just Beauty tools, it is the art we produce. Its design, its production is carefully researched, and then made by hand, so we also hope that every customer Wearing false eyelashes can save it, let it accompany you to experience some different makeup and Experience~

Hermeslashes Talk — Stick To The Best Eyelashes

Hermeslashes Talk — Stick To The Best Eyelashes

Some shopkeepers who have just entered the Mink eyelash business will feel that the store did not achieve the desired results in the very beginning, so they have some hesitation in the heart to continue to do The best eyelashes.

When I was learning English, I felt confused when I didn’t make much progress. My teacher told me that it is not that learning English makes you look cool, but insisting on learning English makes you cool. The old Chinese saying: “Frozen three feet is not a cold day.” Stick to it, you will become a better self.

In fact, Mink eyelashes are also. In the early stage of the Eyelash industry, only Artificial false eyelashes, most of their Eyelashes materials are chemical fiber, like all industries, the Eyelash market will have a bottleneck period, many Eyelashes companies have chosen to give up. But Hermeslashes introduced Silk eyelashes, which are only one-fifth the diameter of False eyelashes on the market. They are more fluffy and soft, and are also very popular with customers.

10 years ago, the development trend of the eyelash market was flat. Many companies began to worry and doubt their choice. The founder of hermeslashes visited the market and first introduced the Mink eyelashes, which quickly became popular in the market and continues to this day.

Hermeslashes has been in existence for 11 years, and after numerous market fluctuations, we have introduced 20mm mink eyelashes, 25mm mink eyelashes, Double layer mink eyelashes, 28mm super long mink eyelashes and so on. Every change makes us more mature and perfect. In the meantime, it also witnessed the abandonment and failure of countless eyelash suppliers.

What made Hermeslashes go to today and get better and better? Is it just luck or technology?
— These are just representations. The real reason is not to forget the initial insistence.

Starting the Mink eyelashes business is just the beginning of your dreams, and the latter process is more worthy of enjoyment and thinking. Persevere in doing more to reflect your value, and often adhere to the heart, people who overcome problems are also more likely to succeed.

I would like to dedicate this article to all those who have dreams but have doubts in their hearts. Hermeslashes, we are willing to be your booster and be your strongest backing!

Blessing Of The Mink Eyelash Box

Blessing Of The Mink Eyelash Box

Do you really understand the Mink eyelash box?

In daily life, we always make decorations to make things or the environment more beautiful.
Just like the decoration on the door of the company, like the Marilyn Monroe on the background wall,like the green plants on the desk, they all decorate the company’s environment.

( The above view is from ONLY CANAS headquarters )

For the Beautiful mink eyelashes, the most direct decoration is the Mink eyelash box. In Hermeslashes, the style of the Perfect eyelash box is constantly innovating. Now, the latest Meaningful Eyelashes sample box is available, no MOQ, and it is more favorable to buy with Mink eyelashes~

–Click here to view more–

Veiw more styles sample eyelashes packaging box

Today I will focus on introducing two Sample eyelashes boxes.

The first Mink eyelash box: Wheat Ears

Silver eyelash box
Wheat Ears eyelash box

Like its name, it is inspired by the ears of wheat in the fields. In fact, before this, many luxury brands (Lile Chanel) also used wheat ears as an inspiration to create a lot of gorgeous jewelry.

The silver design neutralizes the lines of the wheat, making the inside Mink lashes look sparkling. Under its background, the 3D mink eyelashes are more delicate and full. Wheat ears are the product of the maturity of the grain and a symbol of richness. In China, wheat ears are even more significant. It is reflected in the national emblem of China and the badge of the public security police etc.

It not only represents a plant or crop, it also represents the natural laws and joy of harvest in all things in the world. More important is peace. Like our expectations, peace, richness, and happiness

The second Mink eyelash box: Golden Peony

Gold eyelashes box
Golden Peony eyelashes box

For the first time, this Eyelash box adopts the most advanced printing process. The Eyelash box color is the royal yellow of Chinese classics, and the national flower— peony flower is printed, hence the name of the golden peony.

China’s famous Forbidden City has unique glazed tiles and door nails. Their colors are golden yellow. In ancient China, this is the golden color that can only be used by the royal family. It symbolizes honor, grandeur, right and uniqueness. Peony is China’s national flower, symbolizing wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity.

The design of this eyelash box is the inspiration. We hope that everyone who struggles for the dream can finally achieve their dreams.

In fact, behind each Eyelash design has its unique meaning and blessing, which is the meaning of Original design mink eyelashes. We are not just Selling eyelashes or Special eyelash boxes, we are also conveying our thoughts and dreams like the world.

Come to Hermeslashes, we can also design your Own style eyelashes and Private lable eyelash box for you.

PS: If you have a Good eyelash box suggestion, please feel free to contact me. If it is meaningful and well designed, we will go into production. Once your design have adopted it, you will be given a free gift box.

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    Pursuit Of Perfect Eyelash Details — Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

    Pursuit Of Perfect Eyelash Details — Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

    Recently, the release of Toy Story 4 has evoked memories of many people. When we are immersed in the storyline, do you notice the details in the scene except for the ups and downs? Have you seen the scenes in Disney animation seriously?

    The folds on the clothes, the texture, the texture of the leather on the belt, and the color of the metal are clearly seen. This is also the consistent style of Disney, the pursuit of the details to the extreme. This is an ingenuity and a belief in the pursuit of perfection.

    We all know that the Top fake eyelash is 100% handmade lash, both designers and producers are artisans. So whenever I see others trying to break through the self in order to pursue more perfect details, my heart is very touched.

    First of all, the Mink eyelashes designer.

    Not all designers can design eyelashes.Design mink eyelashes need more time to precipitate. They devote themselves to learning the characteristics of each type of eye, choosing different lengths of Eyelashes raw materials according to each different eye – bristles. Then draw them one by one on the drawing board, make large cross style/ small cross style etc to increasing the characteristics of the Mink lashes.

    It is not enough to design on paper. Eyelash designers need to go through the actual operation and produce the Designed mink eyelashes. They will continue to improve and test repeatedly during the production process many times, then they can design an eyelash.

    Actually this cost is very large, so many Mink eyelash suppliers in the market do not have designers, only to steal our pictures to produce, but in fact, they can not be copied.

    Then, the Mink eyelashes produced.

    Many Mink eyelash supplier workers are unmanaged and even produce at home because they do not have strict quality requirements. Our Mink eyelashes workers have undergone two rigorous interviews, and then 3 months of professional training, through the training of workers can be officially employed.

    We have a total of more than 250 workers specializing in the production of High end mink eyelashes now , and a special inspection department is responsible for checking out the unqualified eyelashes, even if it is only a little small. This is the embodiment of our pursuit of perfection and the guarantee of product quality.

    High end mink eyelashes production

    Not all animations can be called Disney animations. Not all Mink eyelashes can be called Hermeslashes High-end mink eyelashes. Pursuing the details and perfection is our belief.

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      Beauty Mink Eyelashes Talk–Will Time Take Your Beauty?

      Beauty Mink Eyelashes Talk–Will Time Take Your Beauty?

      Recently, there has been a hot topic: the earliest batch of 90s will soon be 30 years old and begin to enter middle age.

      User Hanna: “I can’t believe it! I was in 1990. I just got married last year. I am actually 30 years old!”
      User Monica: “I was in 1992, I still have no boyfriend! I even think that I am a child, I can’t believe that I am almost 30 years old.”

      Most women are afraid of aging, but this is an inevitable process. So many times we feel anxious and fearful.

      However, every stage of life is wonderful.

      When a girl are very young, they prefer new things that are exciting, like heavy makeup, like Long mink eyelashes, Thick 3D mink eyelashes. And when girls start to work, get married and have children, they become more elegant in life. They choose 16mm natural eyelashes, 20mm elegant eyelashes, 25mm long eyelashes, etc. depending on the occasion. When they step into old age, they will still draw delicate makeup and wear Beautiful mink eyelashes.

      So, when you can’t change this thing, just enjoy it. Every age you will have a different harvest. But you have to remember that no matter whether you are 20years old or 40 years old or 60 years old , you should not give up on yourself. You are still delicate and soulful.

      When you are on the road, there will still be boys like you whistling, you can tell him “Hey, boy, I am your grandmother!”

      Hermeslashes, for you to provide Different mink eyelashes for each age, but all the same beauty. Just like you, no matter what stage, you are always beautiful.


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        Meaningful Mink Lashes–Difficulties Help You Grow

        Meaningful Mink Lashes–Difficulties Help You Grow

        In China, there is an old story called “Carps Jumping over the Dragon Gate”.

        The general meaning of the story is: There are many carps living in the ancient Yellow River in China. There is also a very mysterious place called “Dragon Gate”. It is a very tall door. The belief of each carp is to jump over the Dragon Gate, Carp, who successfully jump rapids and leap over waterfalls, change into fish-dragons. So even though they fell down and wounded again and again, they continued to try again and again.Until jumping over.

        This is a story I feel deeply, especially when I experience setbacks again and again. At that time, a gleaming gantry will appear in my mind, and a voice encourages me, I can do it. !

        Because the live fish will go upstream, only the dead fish will follow the tide.

        The same is true of Hermeslashes in the past 11 years. No industry or company is completely smooth, and the Mink Eyelash industry is also. But every setback makes us stronger. Every time we solve problems, it make us stronger. Every market change makes us more convinced of our choices – to make High-end mink eyelashes, to make Highest quality mink eyelashes, to make Original design mink eyelashes, to do Customized mink eyelashes.

        We can do it, you can too! At least we will be your strongest backing! Walk with you.

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          Is plastic surgery necessary?– Hermeslashes Dramatic Eyelashes

          Is plastic surgery necessary? — Hermeslashes Dramatic Eyelashes

          Many people are not confident. They feel that their faces are not perfect, their eyes are not big enough, their noses are not beautiful enough, their mouths are not sexy enough… So they chose a facelift.
          It is undeniable that many girls have become more beautiful through minor surgical adjustments. However, there are also many girls whose faces have become uniform and even stiff. This is a risky operation.

          It’s normal for every girl to want to be more beautiful. But what is beautiful?
          Is it beautiful that others think?
          Or do you want to pursue the same beauty as others?
          Does that really make sense?

          — Of course not!

          Is the face of the popular lover sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe and the popular star Lady Gaga Golden proportion? Of course not, they all have their own characteristics, and with their own temperament, then they become more perfect.

          I have written a blog before: what kind of style is the star model. We have introduced Natural 16mm eyelashes, Exquisite 20mm eyelashes, Long 25mm eyelashes, Super long 28mm eyelashes, Double layer eyelashes, Thick mink eyelashes and hundreds of other styles.

          why? — In order for you to find the one that belongs to you. Instead of being forced to accept the aesthetics of others.Or copy others beauty.

          You don’t have to hurt yourself to make yourself “beautiful”, you are beautiful enough. Just like Hermeslashes,We are not blindly pursuing Hot Mink eyelashes, but The best mink eyelashes that belong to you.

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            Lost And Found—- Is This Your Eyelash Coupons?

            Hermeslashes – Lost And Found- Is This Your Eyelash Coupons?

            Mink Eyelash Coupons

            2019.8.1 is the 11th anniversary of Hermeslashes, thanks to all customers for your support! I hope that we will grow together in the future!

            False Eyelash Coupons

            In the Mink eyelash industry for 11 years, Hermeslashes has been focusing on making High quality eyelashes, Original design eyelashes. From the 16mm natural lashes to enter the market, we continue to innovate, develop New styles lashes, and pursue more perfect craftsmanship.

            Later, according to the aesthetic changes of the market and customers, we launched 20mm Mink Eyelashes. Once we entered the market, we were highly recognized. We are very happy to meet the needs of our customers.

            And then, the Eyelash market entered a bottleneck period, and like other industries, it will encounter many problems. During that time many Eyelash companies closed down, but we never gave up. In the efforts and cooperation of our marketing department, design department, business department and other departments, we designed the Long eyelashes of 25mm mink lashes for the market. We were the first Eyelashes factory to try 25mm mink eyelashes at that time. Of course, we succeeded, the 25mm eyelashes activated the market again, and the whole market became active again.

            We follow the footsteps of fashion, but the definition of fashion is in everyone’s heart. Constantly innovating and never giving up. This is the pursuit of hermeslashes.

            In order to give back to new and old customers, we will launch a lot of coupons during the period from 7.11 to 8.30, and there will be different promotions at each stage.

            7.11-7.25 —-100 pairs of Mink eyelashes are free of postage! !

            Free Postage Eyelash Coupons

            If you purchase 100 pairs of eyelashes during this time, you will not need to pay the courier fee!

            7.26-8.9—- Buy 15 pairs of Mink eyelashes to send a pair of New Summer styles eyelashes.

            Free Eyelash Coupons

            If you buy 15 pairs Mink false lashes of eyelashes during this period, we will give you a pair of new summer eyelashes! You can accumulate, it can be received up to 5 pairs Lashes!

            New Summer Eyelashes

            –For more New Summer Eyelashes Click here–

            Also! ! During all events, we will send an extra Eyelash curler or Eyelashes brush for each of the top five in the order of ordering! Everyday!!!

            Please note: For all the above offers, please pay attention to our website and forward this blog to Facebook, or send an image to instrgram~

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              Realize Self-worth Stick to Your Heart-The Best Quality Eyelashes

              Realize Self-worth Stick to Your Heart-The Best Quality Eyelashes

              Recently, a Disney live-action movie has entered the public eye and caused a lot of sensation. That is the Chinese Disney Princess – Mulan.

              I mentioned the viewpoint of the Disney Princess in my previous blog–Be Your Own Queen--, and the story of Mulan is exactly in line with my point of view. She is not a famous princess, but she is poor from a small family; and she does not have any super powers beyond the ordinary girl, can’t talk to animals, can’t magic; she doesn’t have the parents of the nobility, and she doesn’t have the chance to meet the prince. Her family wants her to marry a good family and tell her how she can be a recognized wife: Quiet, Composed, Graceful, Disciplined

              However, in the era of war, in order not to let her elderly father fight from the army, but also to achieve self, volunteered to replace his father into the army, with his own efforts, to protect the country and the country, successfully returned. She also did Quiet, Composed, Graceful, Disciplined. But not as a wife on the stove, but as a show on the battlefield.

              The most touching sentence of Hua Mulan is: “It is my duty to fight.” This is her persistence and her belief.

              For Hermeslashes, we have always been responsible for the struggle for self. Behind every pair of small Mink eyelashes is the insistence of hermeslashes. Adhere to high-end eyelashes, adhere to the best Eyelashes raw materials, and insist on Original design Eyelashes. Our marketing department observes market information for you every day. And our designer team test the Lashes details every day for the Best styles eyelashes. Our labors are carefully crafting Handmade eyelashes every day, and our business department solve the problem for you at any time. These are our insistence, in order to achieve self-worth, but also to be responsible for you.

              The Best Quality Eyelashes

              –Click here to see more Lashes styles

              Focusing on the highest quality, the best design of the Mink eyelashes is our choice, we will also fight for it in the end, do not forget the initial heart !

              The best quality mink eyelashes

              How to place an order?

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                A Letter To The Makeup Artist- Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Vendor

                A Letter To The Makeup Artist- Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Vendor

                Hello Dear Makeup artist. I am Jasmine from Hermeslashes. Nice to meet you.

                This is an impetuous and a eager for success society. You are an artist,you can use your strokes with rendering to make a products. the experience of repeated attempts to exercise and your dedication to make-up is your brush, every exquisite makeup face is Your proud work.

                We are also artists, our careful design and cancareful production The best eyelashes can be proven. Our repeated attempts experience and our passion for eyelashes are our tools. Every eyelash is our proud art.

                So you see, we are the same. It is precisely because of this that we respect all the craftsmen, all who are obsessed and love their career. On this basis, we are willing to do our best to help you grow.

                I talked to many makeup artists, both in life and at the show. I am very touched by their understanding and pursuit of beauty. So, after soliciting the opinions of many makeup artists and the investigation of the market, we launched convenient products for the makeup artist customers.

                • Eyelashes Book

                When you make makeup for the customer, the customer will have some ideas. Different customers and different makeup styles need different Mink lashes.Whenever you need to pick some Mink eyelashes, you don’t need to put many many pairs of eyelashes out to choose and take them back, because you have the Eyelash book.

                Mink Eyelashes Book 

                –Click here to see more–


                When you use the Eyelash book, you can put all kinds of Different styles eyelashes on the same one Beautiful eyelash book. The length, the thick, the contrast of the style is clear and convenient. And, we provide Customize eyelash book, you can choose the square, color, material and so on, and you can write your company name, your name, company introduction etc.

                • Eyelash set

                In addition, many makeup artists will also sell the eyelashes to customers by the way. Many times their customers want different styles to try, so we launched the Eyelash set.

                Mink Eyelashes Set 

                –Click here to see more–

                We offer a lot of matching Eyelash suits. Of course, if you want to root out the customer’s needs, you can do it free match. Also can do custom size,color, material, and write the details you want.


                Hermeslashes,  aim to make elegant works of art, not bulk goods. Each of our Mink eyelashes has a soul, just like your makeup. So dear makeup artist, just choose Hermeslashes and look forward to growing together with you.

                How to place an order?

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