Pursuit Of Perfect Eyelash Details — Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Pursuit Of Perfect Eyelash Details — Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Recently, the release of Toy Story 4 has evoked memories of many people. When we are immersed in the storyline, do you notice the details in the scene except for the ups and downs? Have you seen the scenes in Disney animation seriously?

The folds on the clothes, the texture, the texture of the leather on the belt, and the color of the metal are clearly seen. This is also the consistent style of Disney, the pursuit of the details to the extreme. This is an ingenuity and a belief in the pursuit of perfection.

We all know that the Top fake eyelash is 100% handmade lash, both designers and producers are artisans. So whenever I see others trying to break through the self in order to pursue more perfect details, my heart is very touched.

First of all, the Mink eyelashes designer.

Not all designers can design eyelashes.Design mink eyelashes need more time to precipitate. They devote themselves to learning the characteristics of each type of eye, choosing different lengths of Eyelashes raw materials according to each different eye – bristles. Then draw them one by one on the drawing board, make large cross style/ small cross style etc to increasing the characteristics of the Mink lashes.

It is not enough to design on paper. Eyelash designers need to go through the actual operation and produce the Designed mink eyelashes. They will continue to improve and test repeatedly during the production process many times, then they can design an eyelash.

Actually this cost is very large, so many Mink eyelash suppliers in the market do not have designers, only to steal our pictures to produce, but in fact, they can not be copied.

Then, the Mink eyelashes produced.

Many Mink eyelash supplier workers are unmanaged and even produce at home because they do not have strict quality requirements. Our Mink eyelashes workers have undergone two rigorous interviews, and then 3 months of professional training, through the training of workers can be officially employed.

We have a total of more than 250 workers specializing in the production of High end mink eyelashes now , and a special inspection department is responsible for checking out the unqualified eyelashes, even if it is only a little small. This is the embodiment of our pursuit of perfection and the guarantee of product quality.

High end mink eyelashes production

Not all animations can be called Disney animations. Not all Mink eyelashes can be called Hermeslashes High-end mink eyelashes. Pursuing the details and perfection is our belief.

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