Blessing Of The Mink Eyelash Box

Blessing Of The Mink Eyelash Box

Do you really understand the Mink eyelash box?

In daily life, we always make decorations to make things or the environment more beautiful.
Just like the decoration on the door of the company, like the Marilyn Monroe on the background wall,like the green plants on the desk, they all decorate the company’s environment.

( The above view is from ONLY CANAS headquarters )

For the Beautiful mink eyelashes, the most direct decoration is the Mink eyelash box. In Hermeslashes, the style of the Perfect eyelash box is constantly innovating. Now, the latest Meaningful Eyelashes sample box is available, no MOQ, and it is more favorable to buy with Mink eyelashes~

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Veiw more styles sample eyelashes packaging box

Today I will focus on introducing two Sample eyelashes boxes.

The first Mink eyelash box: Wheat Ears

Silver eyelash box
Wheat Ears eyelash box

Like its name, it is inspired by the ears of wheat in the fields. In fact, before this, many luxury brands (Lile Chanel) also used wheat ears as an inspiration to create a lot of gorgeous jewelry.

The silver design neutralizes the lines of the wheat, making the inside Mink lashes look sparkling. Under its background, the 3D mink eyelashes are more delicate and full. Wheat ears are the product of the maturity of the grain and a symbol of richness. In China, wheat ears are even more significant. It is reflected in the national emblem of China and the badge of the public security police etc.

It not only represents a plant or crop, it also represents the natural laws and joy of harvest in all things in the world. More important is peace. Like our expectations, peace, richness, and happiness

The second Mink eyelash box: Golden Peony

Gold eyelashes box
Golden Peony eyelashes box

For the first time, this Eyelash box adopts the most advanced printing process. The Eyelash box color is the royal yellow of Chinese classics, and the national flower— peony flower is printed, hence the name of the golden peony.

China’s famous Forbidden City has unique glazed tiles and door nails. Their colors are golden yellow. In ancient China, this is the golden color that can only be used by the royal family. It symbolizes honor, grandeur, right and uniqueness. Peony is China’s national flower, symbolizing wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity.

The design of this eyelash box is the inspiration. We hope that everyone who struggles for the dream can finally achieve their dreams.

In fact, behind each Eyelash design has its unique meaning and blessing, which is the meaning of Original design mink eyelashes. We are not just Selling eyelashes or Special eyelash boxes, we are also conveying our thoughts and dreams like the world.

Come to Hermeslashes, we can also design your Own style eyelashes and Private lable eyelash box for you.

PS: If you have a Good eyelash box suggestion, please feel free to contact me. If it is meaningful and well designed, we will go into production. Once your design have adopted it, you will be given a free gift box.

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