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Segment Lashes (often referred to as Cluster Lashes or Lash Clusters) have gained popularity for various reasons.

Ease of Application: Compared to individual lash extensions, which require a lash technician to attach a single extension to each natural lash, segment lashes can be applied faster since they come in clusters.

Flexibility: They allow for customizable volume. Users can choose to apply just a few for a natural look or more for a dramatic effect.

Cost-Effective: Generally, applying cluster lashes can be less expensive than getting a full set of individual lash extensions. This affordability can make them more accessible to a broader audience.

Variety: Segment lashes come in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls, offering users a wide range of options to achieve their desired look.

Variety: Segment lashes come in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls, offering users a wide range of options to achieve their desired look.

What’s the Wholesale Price of Segment Cluster Lashes?

      The wholesale price of cluster lashes varies based on several factors, similar to their retail pricing. However, wholesale prices are generally lower because they’re intended for bulk purchases, usually by retailers, professionals, or business entities. Here are some factors that can influence the wholesale price:

      1. Order Quantity: Larger orders often fetch a lower unit price. This is the basis of wholesale — buying in bulk to get a discount.
      2. Quality and Material: Higher-end materials like genuine mink will be more expensive than synthetic lashes.
      3. Brand: Established brands with a reputation in the market might command higher prices.
      4. Customization: If the lashes are being customized for a particular brand (private labeling), it can affect the price.
      5. Shipping and Handling: Especially for international orders, shipping can be a significant factor in the total cost.
      6. Relationship with Supplier: Regular customers or those who have a good relationship with suppliers might get better deals.
      7. Region or Location: The cost of production in the country of manufacture and the purchasing power of the buying country can affect prices. China’s Pingdu City is the main producer of eyelashes in the world, and most of the eyelash sellers purchase from this region. The eyelashes are also the cheapest.

      Where to buy Quality Cluster Lashes?

      As of last update in July 2023, in general terms, for synthetic cluster lashes, wholesale prices might range from $1 to $10 per set, depending on the factors mentioned. Genuine mink or other premium materials might be on the higher end of that range or exceed it.

      However, these prices can vary, and the real-time market scenario, current demand, and supply chain factors can influence them. For the most accurate and current wholesale prices, you would need to reach out directly to manufacturers or distributors or check B2B platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, or similar websites where many manufacturers list their products for bulk buyers.

      As Onlycans Lashes who has been in the beauty industry for more than 12 years, I have seen the rise in popularity of Cluster Lashes firsthand.

      ONLYCANS Lashes is a reputable Segment Cluster Lashes Supplier that has been around for over a decade. They offer a wide range of Lashes Cluster, including classic, volume, and hybrid lashes. Their products are made of high-quality materials and are perfect for both beginners and professionals.

      One of the things I love about Onlycanas Lashes is their exceptional customer service. They are always responsive and helpful, and they go above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied. They also offer free Cluster Lashes sample on sample order, which is a great bonus. You can check all of the Segment Eyelash samples you love, they will ship to you to check the material and quality first, you can make bulk orders after the sample order.

      Buying in bulk or larger quantities can often result in a lower cost per tray. If you want to get the exact cheap wholesale price, you can add our WhatsApp.

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