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The Eyelash Tools include Lash Glue , Lash Applicator , Eyelash Brush are our products that is launched with the customer’s request. The customer recognizes our Mink Eyelashes and does not want to spend more time searching for Lashes Accessories. Let us test and help them find the good Lash Accessories. Customer needs are our mission!

Lashes Glue Vendor

After many tests, Cannes Lashes Glue Vendor found that the ingredients of this Lash Extension Glue are green and healthy, the Eye Lash Glue has no odor, has strong and long time Glue viscosity. Consumers can use it with confidence.

5ml Mink Lashes Glue

Korean Own Label Fast Drying Eye Lash Glue Wholesale
White fast drying lash glue

Logo New Design Longer False Eyelashes Lash Glue Wholesale
Black lash glue wholesale

High Qualiti Make My Own Long Eyelashes Lash Glue Wholesale
Clear strip lash glue
Own Brand Light Weight Lashes With Private Label Lash Glue Wholesale
Custom lash glue with private label

10ml Mink Lashes Glue

Strong Extens Lashes With Diamonds Lash Glue Wholesale
White adhesive lash glue
Private Label Eyelash Lashes Free Shipping Lash Glue Wholesale
segment lash glue
Waterproof False Eyelash Labels For Lashes Lash Glue Wholesale
Clear lash glue for sensitive eyes
Latex Free Adhesive How To Make False Eyelashes Lash Glue Wholesale
Black individual lash glue

Eyeliner Glue Pen | Eyeliner Lash Glue

Lash Magic Adhesive Pencil Handmad Natur Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale
Magic Liquid Handmad Strip Lash Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale
Adhesive Lash Flat Ellipse Lashes Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale
Private Label Fake Eyelash Bulk Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale
Adhesive Makeup Tools Eyelash Strip Lashes Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale
Eyeliner Manufacturer Lashes In Bulk Magnetic Eye Liner Wholesale

The following is the MSDS of our Lashes Glue. Pls refer to…

Do a test to show the viscosity of our Eyelash Glue

How to Custom Lash Glue Logo?

Make Luxury Lashes Logo Stickers

If the amount you want is not very large, we recommend you can choose this transparent paste and hot stamping Lashes Glue logo stickers. This looks like a higher grade, please refer to the video:

Be sure to pay attention when doing Lash Glue LOGO, transparent Lash Strip Glue and White Lash Glue logo color can be deeper, black Eye Lash Glue LOGO color must be shallow to ensure that the logo can be highlighted.

If you need a large amount of Private Label Lash Glue, you can print directly on the glue bottle. This is the best, but it requires a large amount of order, customer could considers it according to your actual situation.

Lash Accessories : false lash tweezers | Lash Applicator


A good Mink eyelash should be paired with the best Eyelash tweezers.

What kind of Lash Tweezers are Good?

First of all, the Eyelash tweezers must be safe. From the material point of view, Lash tweezers must use the most environmentally friendly materials, safe and pollution-free, no odor. Hermeslashes Mink lashes Applicator use the most environmentally friendly materials and are no harm to the body.

Secondly, from the design principle, the 3D Eyelash Tweezers must not have the hidden danger of injury. Some Lashes Applicator have sharp heads that are easy to poke into their hands or eyes. Do not use them when Wearing lashes. Hermeslashes’ 3D Eyelash Applicator are streamlined and perfectly designed.

Custom printed logo or label on Lash Tweezers

Custom Tools Privat Label Makeup Tool Eyelash Tweezers Wholesale

In addition, Cannes Lashes Wholesale Factory provides a Custom eyelash tweezers logo service, you can print your company name, website, model, contact information, etc. on the Lashes tweezers, and make a Special eyelash tweezers~

Choose Cannes Lashes and choose the best Eyelash supplier!

Lash Accessories : Eyelash Brush



Lash Cleaning Disposable Eye Logo Brush Lashes Wholesale
Eyelash Applicator With Logo Eye Lash Products Brush Lashes Wholesale

Lash Accessories : Lashes Curls

Twezers And Eyelash Kit Eye Lashes Storage High Quality Lash Curler Wholesale
Stainless Steel Dramatic Free Sample Products High Quality Lash Curler Wholesale

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Mink Lash Accessories Wholesale Vendors Shipping Method?

Usually we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only usd25.00 below 0.5kgs.  It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

Otherwise TNT, FEDEX, UPS, AMAX, etc many many express in China for your choose from, just meet your request.

3d Mink Lash AccessoriesVendors Payment Terms:

Payment can be made by paypal admin@qdcannes.com 

You can also choose other payment methods, such as Western Union, TT, Western Union or Alibaba Credit Insurance Order.

Just please feel free to contact me and let me help you more.

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