ONLYCANAS LASHES Natural 16mm Mink Lashes 3D Real Mink Eyelash Fluffy Round Eye Soft Superfine Cotton Band Lashes

【Natural & Luxurious】Each of ONLYCANAS LASHES Natural 16mm MINK LASHES has been carefully designed and tested by our design team and then hand-crafted by skilled and professional workers, pure handcrafted from 100% real mink fur, Onlycanas lashes mimic the natural lash pattern, offering a fluttery, soft, and luxurious finish.

【3D Multi-layered Design】 Multiple layers give a fuller, more voluminous look, adding depth and dimension to your eyes.

【Durable & Reusable】With proper care, these lashes can be worn multiple times, offering you great value for money. Our lashes can be reused more than 25 times with proper care.

【Lightweight & Comfortable】 You’ll barely feel them! Our lashes are designed for comfort, ensuring minimal irritation and a natural feel throughout the day or night. you can’t even feel its weight when you wear it. 

【Easy to Apply】 Each set comes with a flexible cotton band that seamlessly fits your lash line, making application a breeze even for beginners. Flexible thin cotton bands are durable and super soft for your skin, bring you a weightless, painless, effortless lash makeup experience. 

【Cruelty-Free】We pride ourselves on offering lashes sourced in a cruelty-free manner. Enjoy beauty without compromise. Onlycanas LASHES is made of 100% premium siberian mink fur which is natural shedding from young mink, it is totally cruelty free and 100% handmade.

【Luxury & Versatile Styles】We carefully select the most popular eyelash styles for you. Eyelash suppliers understand the fashion trends in the market based on current order demand and shipments, and combine the most popular eyelash styles into eyelash sets. The package includes 3 distinct styles ranging from natural and subtle to bold and dramatic, suitable for various occasions.

【Care Tips】

  1. Avoid getting your mink lashes wet.
  2. Store them in the original packaging to retain shape.
  3. Clean gently after each use to remove any makeup or adhesive residue.

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If you want to change your eyelash suppliers, Onlycanas Lashes will be your first choice, we will provide you with high quality luxury eyelashes at low wholesale prices and provide you with a good budget to ensure a win-win partnership situation.

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