Where to buy high quality Half Eyelash?

What is half lashes?

Half Lashes are exactly what they sound like. These false eyelashes are only half the size of regular strip eyelashes.

You can apply them to the outer corners of your eyes. Half lashes add volume and enhance the look of natural lashes. Some people also call it Corner Lashes.

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What the material of half eyelashes?

Most half lashes are luxury lashes which are made from 100% Siberian real mink hair.

Howerver if you would like to order faux mink half lashes, we can also custom them for you. Such as Plant Fiber Lashes, Silk Lashes, Vegan Hair Lashes.

We can do any style, any material for you. All luxury eyelashes are designed and produced by our own R&D team.

Why are half Eyelashes better?

The half eyelash allows you to adjust your lash to fit your personal taste whether you are going for a more natural beauty or a dramatic glamour.

Placing a wispy half lashes on your outer corner can give the eye a subtle lift and add a flirtatious flutter to the lash, leaving everyone in awe and wanting more.

Where to buy Quality Half Lashes?

If you want to wholesale half eyelashes with favorable price and high quality, you should choose an eyelash supplier from China.

Only the Chinese eyelash factory can make high-quality luxury eyelashes, which is the birthplace of the strip lashes. Own rich production experience.

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They supply more than 70% of the global market output, and most well-known eyelash brands purchase luxury 3d mink eyelashes from China.

As a leader in eyelash factories, Onlycanas Lashes provides you quality eyelashes at competitive wholesale prices.

All eyelashes are in stock. No minimum quantity limit. You can order according to your budget.

ONLYCANAS Lashes as helped more than 100,000,000 customers start their eyelash business.

More and more eyelash shops and stores are willing to order eyelashes from Onlycanas Lashes to promote eyelash business.

How much is Corner lashes?

Usually the price is as same as the natural one, but the materials will save a lot than the natural lashes or long dramatic lashes. So the price will be a little lower than the natural one or long dramatic one.

If you want to get a exact wholesale price, please contact our WhatsApp freely, we will send our half eyelashes catalog to you, and will give you an exact wholesale price.

As an eyelash manufacturer, we can offer you the best price for eyelashes. Besides, the more the cheaper.

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Are half lashes easier to apply?

Yes, Corner lash or half eyelashes are only half length of regluar lashes which are perfect for those who love to wear falsies or just love a good bit of volume on their eyes.

They are much shorter and lighter than the natural lashes and dramatic lashes, so that you can put on little lashes adhesive on the surface of the band. Align with the outer corner of the eyelashes and stick them on.

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This is used more so to enhance their natural eyelashes and for some it is much easier to apply.

This type of lash is subtle yet gives the look many desire.

This is why more and more girls and ladies would love the choose the half eyelashes as their first choice.

And if you want to make a professional cat eye, you can test the short lashes.

Beside, Corner lashes fit every eye shape so you don’t need to cut your lashes ever again.

If you want to add some new lashes styles and promote your lashes business, you can add our WhatsApp, we will send our short lashes catalog to you ASAP.

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