False Eyelashes Private Label Lashes3d Wholesale Full Strip Eye lash Vendors

ONLYCANAS lashes Factory Best full strip Eyelashes vendors wholesale

Qingdao Cannes Cosmetics Co., Ltd(ODM: ONLYCANAS EYELASHES FACTORY) is the most professional false eyelashes wholesale vendors .

We are very good at producing  3d Mink Eyelash in different lengths, different curl.  

Wholesale 25mm mink eyelashes,

Bottom eyelashes, color eyelashes and other party themed full strip false eyelashes and ect,

For Vegetarian, we also produce wholesale Vegan faux mink eyelashes,Such as Degradable Hemp plant fibre Eyelash Wholesaler, Cashmere faux mink eyelashes producer ,3d silk eyelashes and ect

For salons, We produce the good eyelash extensions, such as easy fan eyelashes, individual eyelashes, cluster eyelashes and ect.

custom eyelashes are always available.

Let’s take a look at a video first to get to know ONLYCANAS fase eyelash wholesale Vendors , ONLYCANAS Lashes Manufacturer

ONLYCANAS factory false eyelashes wholesale vendors was established in 2008, It is located in the false eyelash production centre Pingdu China, Up to now Our full strip lashes have been exported to over 200 countries such as USA, Canada , Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Hungary, France, England and ect, that is to say Almost Every country has our false eyelashes.

3D Eyelashes Wholesale Custom Logo Mink Best Eyelash Manufacturer
full strip false eyelashes factory wholesale

The advantage of onlycanas False Eyelashes Manufacturer

*With over 14 years’ development, We have became one of the largest factory false eyelashes wholesale vendors

ONLYCANAS false eyelash are well known abroad as its soft flexible band, Fashion styles,durable using and easy wearing.

*We have thousands of eyelash styles, covering almost every different cultural consumer groups, natural false eyelashes, mega volume false eyelashes, russion d false eyelashes, wisply false eyelashes, fluffy false eyelashes, messy velvet lashes, crisscross false eyelashes, wet looking eyelashes, cat eye looking lashes, butterfly looking false eyelashes, bold looking false eyelashes and ect.

*ONLYCANAS factory false eyelash wholesale vendors has our own trained workers. all procedures of lash production are finished by our own workers which can assure the bulk wholesale false eyelash are same as samples. That is very important for large quantity orders

Because many customers pay more for models to advertise the false eyelash samples styles. If they got the very different styles for bulk products. They will bear big lost,

*Uniform trained workers for every eyelash procedure can assure the quality , that is why big lash wholesalers like to cooperate with us.

lashes3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

In 2012,We launched the wholesale 3D Mink Lashes series for the first time, which broke the world’s traditional definition of old-fashioned False Eyelashes. This bold and creative design concept has made Qingdao Cannes Cosmetic Co.,Ltd became the world’s leading manufacturer of lashes3d Mink eyelashes factory wholesale vendors.

Natural Private Label 3D Handmade Loose Lash Fans Mink Eyelashes Vendor
3d mink lashes wholesale vendors USA

ONLYCANAS manufacturer false eyeLashes wholesale Vendors are reputed by The customers, Because Our products 3D Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink Lashes are of excellent quality ,fast delivery, and considerate after-sales service.

Our Representitve products 3D Mink Lashes are well known abroad as its fluffy looking, insprational, long last curve.

Mink 3D Lashes Wholesale Siberian Lash Extent Best Eyelash Manufacturer
wholesale Fluffy mink lashes vendor

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20mm fluffy full strip 3d Mink lash wholesale vendors

18-20mm lashes3d wholesale are also suitable for women with deep eyes and make them look more confident!

in addition, The popularity of the media has also boosted the demand for longer lashes3d wholesale, everyone wants to show beautier to others. under the light, if you want to highlight your eyes, you have to make your full strip false eyelashes 3- 4mm longer than usual, so 18-20mm false eyelashes came into being, and received warm welcome from the media people.

ONLYCANAS Factory false eyelashes Wholesale vendors relies on customers, insists on customer-centered, creates value for customers through innovative tactile Mink Eyelashes.

We strives for employees who rely on hard work, so that contributors can get reasonable returns; Businesses and partners establish the beliefs and goals of cooperation and win-win.

Lashes Suppliers Custom Package High Quality 3D Mink Eyelashes
mega volume russion d mink lashes wholesale vendors

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ONLYCANAS 25MM Mink lashes vendors wholesale USA

In order to Keep the special feature of ONLYCANAS False Eyelashes We Have All false eye lashes finished in our own factory!

For many years, we adhere to producing our lashes3d by 100% handmade, In this way, it effectively avoids the similarity of false eye lashes and Improve the competitiveness of Our lashes3d wholesale.

Mink 3D Free Sample Eyelashes Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors
100% handmade full strip eye lash wholesale

ONLYCANAS factory false eyelashes wholesale vendors have helped thousands of black people establish their own lash3d distributor business.

Such as 25mm mink false eyelashes wholesale are designed for black people and warm welcomed by them.

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Our wholesale Siberian Mink Lashes are cruelty free. Every mink hair is taken by combing the minks during the hair falling season.

every mink Hair is selected carefully with top peaked to make the false eyelashes looks more natural .

The Mink Hair is treated with high technology and pasteurized. Our Mink Eyelashes have passed SGS verification. You can rest assured to use it.

3D Mink High Quality Eyelashes Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors
eye lashes with logo false eyelash wholesale vendors

Party Themed 28mm 5D Thick Mink Lashes Wholesale Supplies

Every year during festivals, the demand for such exaggerated full strip eye lashes begins to increase. Colored eyelashes and super long lashes3d will make your eyes show their individuality, focus and lead the fashion.

3D Mink Lash Custom Luxury Big Eyelashes Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors
Long Cluster full strip Eyelash factory wholesale

Click here>>>>To get the party themed false eyelash catalog

Wholesale short natural eyelashes vendors uSA

ONLYCANAS vendors Short natural full strip false eyelashes are designed for the people every day wearing or people with glasses.

10-13mm. Super natural , excellent quality, just like your inborn lashes when wearing! it is necessary for every people. so the market is huge!

Mink 3D Manufacturer Short Lash With Private Label Good Quality Lashes
super natural fluffy mink lashes wholesale supplier

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The concept of false Lashes Design Team

“ Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. ” That is our never changed concept of design, management and customer service – Said By Mr Oscar Gao

The Lashes3d Wholesale vendor design team leaded by Mr Oscar Gao is independent, Brave and unrestrained individual character.

Our design team not only pay attention to client’s demand , but also follow fashionable trend closely, accurately grasp the change of people aesthetic, bold innovation ,accordingly provide consumers suitable full strip false Eye lash design and lead vogue. 

Onlycanas design team starts from the nature, from the pursuit of beauty of human nature, each Mink Natural Eyelash contains a story, reflecting the different beauty…Wear each of our mink eyelashes private label can let you live out your true self, live out yourself!

We are committed to bringing the perfect and radiant 3D Mink Eyelashes to everyone, making you instantly beautiful.

Lashes 3D Mink Wholesale vendors are committed to being the most reliable 3d false eyelashes wholesale vendor to every False Lashes business partner, provide you with a stable and Hign-end 3d Mink Eyelashes Private supply chain to help you stronger your business with no worries!

3D Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale

Some people may think real mink lashes are expensive, some vegetarian don’t like animal fur but want the mink effect full strip lashes.

We also constantly innovate in raw materials of false lashes, so as to meet the needs of both people and nature, follow the rules of nature, and protect the earth.

Different material , the outcome of full strip lashes is different, and the cost is also different too, 3d faux mink lashes produced by ONLYCANAS is cheap, affordable, good quality, 95% similar as real mink lashes. 100% similar as eyelash extensions.

so you can order lashes according to the effect and budget to make decision.

The difficulties you may encounter during lash business, we think of in advance and find appropriate solutions for you in advance.

Wholesale 3D Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes vendors

1:Hemp plant fibre eyelashes wholesale are degradable , eco-friendly to invironment. once launch out, it is received warm welcome in Australia, Canada.

Click here>>>>to get the hemp plant fibre eyelashes catalog

Vegan Hair Eyelashes wholesale vendors

Vegan hair wholesale full strip eyelashes made from bionic fibre, Vegan Hair Eyelashes designed for the vegetarian. and for the people who like natural looking! the most similar eyelashes as 3d real mink lashes.

Mink Faux Korea Lash Lasheswholesale Vendor Wholesale Eyelashes Private Label Vegan Hair Lashes
vegan hair natural lashes wholesale vendors

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3D Cashere full strip false eyelashes wholesale vendors

Our wholesale cashmere faux mink lashes are created same as the outcome of eyelash extensions,

The full strip eyelashes are not limited by their own eyelashes, and full strip cashmere faux mink lashes can be changed into a variety of styles. The split top hairs at the top reduces the weight of the full strip cashmere eyelashes.

Lashes 3D Faux Usa Cheap Vegan Mink Cashmere Eyelashes Wholesale
wholesale cashmere lashes supplier china

Click here>>>>to get the cashmere faux mink lashes catalog

wholesale 3D silk eyelashes wholesale supplier

ONLYCANAS 3D Faux mink lashes silk are made with best Korea PBT fiber,Strict Quality control one by one before delivery;

Has passed ISO9001 Certification and BV/SMETA/SA8000 certification,ERP System ensure our accurate delivery time;More new False eyelash products are developed each month;

Our wholesale full strip false eyelashes Production capacity are 3 million pairs each month;

Best Eyelash Vendors High Quality Silk Eyelashes Wholesale
cheap affordable 3d silk eyelashes wholesale vendors


This style is very hot in 2022, it can be a trend, so it has large market and high profit. If you can catch it, then you will be more successful.

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Color Eyelashes wholesale vendors

Color full strip eye lashes wholesale vendors are designed for those customer groups who pursue individual culture and like to show their individuality and make themselves look different!

Cute color added on the full strip lashes, which make your eyes outstanding on the stage!

Click here>>>> to get the color lashes catalog

Different types of lash band full strip lashes manufacturer

Different customers, they have different request for lash band, some like cotton band, some like magnetic band, some are prefer to clear band, some want half band.

Your have requirement, our team will try every effort to study it and meet your request and make you satisfied. any difficulties can be overcomed by ONLYCANAS false eyelash wholesale vendors

Magnetic eyelashes wholesale vendors

The magnet full strip lashes3d wholesale are for some customers who are allergic to glue or worry that false eyelashes will fall off after long time wearing,

Magnetic band wholesale full strip eyelashes can double strengthen the fit between the eyelashes and the skin. no worry the magentic false eyelashes can fall off any more.

Click here>>>>to get the magnetic eyelashes catalog

Clear band eyelashes factory wholesale vendors

Clear Band false Eyelashes wholesale are for customer who want the false eyelash band as thin as possible,

The 3D Mink Eyelashes clear band is a classic model introduced by our company and is very popular in countries such as the United States, Europe and the Middle East. bandless 3D Eyelashes Strips have a rich layering and a strong sense of design.

Our clear band lashes are soft , flexible and adds brilliance to the eyes.

Lashes Custom Made Cheap Wholesale Mink Invisible U Curl Clear Band Eyealshes
Wholesale clear invisible bandless strip false lashes wholesale vendors

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Wholesale hot selling half lashes vendors usa

half lashes wholesale vendors are designed for the people who want to creat butterfly looking!cat eye looking.

half lashes can make your eyes look steadfast.

Eyelashes Cheap New Product Wholesale Hot Selling Half Lashes
Private label half lashes vendors wholesale

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DIY Segment eyelash conor wholesale vendors

Eyelashes Conor wholesale are for the people who want to diy eyelashes any where,

eyelash conor can be stick on your eyes by 4 segments which can keep on your eyelid for one week, you don’t wear and remove eyelashes every day.

Wholesale 3D Effect Glue Bonded Band Cluster Individual Lashes Eyelash Extension Diy Kit Volume Lashes Diy Eyelash Extensions
eyelash color diy eyelashes segement lash wholesale vendors

Click here>>>>to get the segment eyelash conor

Wholesale Eyelash extensions vendors

easy fan eyelashes wholesale are designed for salon, save time for makeup eyelash artist when grafting eyelashes.

Lashes Cheap Faux Own Brand Easy Fan Eyelashes Wholesale

individual eyelashes wholesale are for Some customer groups who have good shape of their own eyelashes, they just need to lengthen their eyelashes and looks fluffy and volume, individual eyelashes is suitable for them.

Eyelash Manufacturer Private Label Usa Individual Eyelashes Wholesale

cluster eyelashes long stem pre made eyelashes is more easy than easy fan lashes. For those eyelash stylists who are not very skilled in using easy fans eyelashes, this pre made eyelashes is a good choice.

Eyelashes Cluster Long Stem Pre Made Eyelash Wholesale Supplier

Private Label Eyelash Adhesive Wholesale

Eyelash Glue

Private Label Eyelash Adhesive Eyelashes Glue 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

Magnetic Eyelashes glue liner

High Qualiti Lash Eyelash Korea False Lashes Eyelashes Glue Vendor

Eyelash Glue Pen

Best Eyelash Vendors Magnetic Eyelashes Glue Liner 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

eyelash extension glue

Eyelashes Suppliers Eyelash Extension Glue 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

wholesale Eyelash accessories Private Label

eyelash tweezers

Lash Applicator Tool Corner Band Real Mink Eyelash Tweezers Wholesale

Lash Wands

Bags For Perm Tool Mink 3D Fluffy Eyelashes Wholesale Eyelash Brush

Wholesale False Eye Lash Chains Factory

Lash chain wholesale is very versatile and can be cut into any band of conor eyelashes, such as full strip lashes, 3\4 band lashes, half lashes, eyelash cornor. Very practical! Low shipping costs, simple packaging!

Full Strip Eyelash Vendors Usa 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale
eyelash chain wholesale vendors

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Fresh Affordable Eyelash Sample Packs wholesale

Now ONLYCANAS Factory false eyelash wholesale vendors not only keep up with the eyelash trends,But also managing to decrease the lashes3d wholesale cost to Help eye lashes distributors improving the competitiveness of false eyelashes product .

cashmere faux mink eyelashes is one of the newly developed full strip eyelash products with low price and good eyelash effect. It is as natural as eyelash extension made in salon, cashmere faux mink lashes is not limited by the shape of your own eyelashes, the styles can be changeable.

in order to let more customers check the faux mink lashes cashere physically, we have launched fresh afordable eyelash set white box packaging just for you to check the goods with lowest price!

Click here>>>>to get the fresh affordable eyelashes sample packs

Private label Giveaways Eyelash gift set for bulk order wholesale

In order to thank the new and old customers for their support, Our company has made the best-selling full strip eyelash products into sets packaging with beautiful lash packaging box. When your order quantity reaches the required amount, we will give you free eyelash gift set!
We make false eyelash products with heart and protect customers with love!

Click here >>>>to get the catalog of giveaways eyelash gift set for bulk order

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Boxes Private Label

Do you want to do the private Label eyelash Packaging?

ONLYCANAS Mink Eyelashes Suppliers Wholesale have our own Eyelash Boxes Custom design team. They have an insight into the concept of our Mink Eyelash and design different packaging collocation,

Good Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale is considered to be innovative, concise, beautiful and useful. Best Lashes packaging is honest, is enduring not outdated. Good eyeLashes Packaging is not waste any resources of environmental protection. Good Lashes Packaging design is simple, pure. Less is more.

Lash Packaging Boxes Created by Hermes Lashes eyelash package lash vendors never like others. They looks simple, durability and impressive, unforgetable.

Mink Lashes Box Package False Strip Eyelashes Custom Magnet Eyelash Packaging
custom logo false eyelashes packaging box wholesale

Our designers always do subtraction on the custom eyelash packaging box , using different concepts and techniques to highlight the Mink Eyelashes and logos. Do you have a good idea on the Custom lash boxes? Click here to find out more.

Do you have no any idea about how to do the false eyelash packaging box?no worry!
Tell us about your difficulties and our design team will be always available serve for you!

Lashes Custom Packaging False Acrylic Eyelash Box Wholesale
Private label clear round eyelash case wholesale

Click here>>>>To get the catalog of acrylic eyelash case packaging wholesale

How to customize eyelash boxes with your own logo ?

When elegant eyelash packaging private label are produced and placed on the eyelashes tray, custom a Beautiful lash box is especially important. It is like people’s clothes, with high quality inner strength and beautiful outer packaging.

We are your best Lash Packaging Boxes Lashes Vendors and also provide best solutions for your Custom Lash Boxes private label. In order to make the Mink Eyelash products to impress the customers and market.

Customize Boxes With Your Own Logo False Eyelash Wholesale Suppliers
Vendor Handmade 5d 3d Mink Hair Lashes private label

If you don’t have any idea about how to customise the lash box packaging boxes private label please click here>>>>read this blog carefully,
After confirm the false eyelash packaging boxes, our designer will do the prototype of lash packaging boxes for reference.
If you have a basic actual plan for the eyelash box private label, then directly tell the staff who serve you, and they will make the prototype for you to confirm.

Lahes Packaging Wholesale Eyelashes Mink Your Logo Custom Eyelash Box
Custom Magnetic Eyelash boxes wholesale factory

Click here>>>>To custom magnetic eyelash boxes wholesale

private label eyelash packaging box design philosophy

We have always insist on customing most attractive Lashes Packaging Box . We believe that simplicity is eternal, and It is a classic to express ideas in simple language. The packaging design can highlight the company LOGO.

Custom Packaging box private label Design Team from ONLYCANAS false eyelash wholesale Vendors group continue to finding the most suitable design elements and styles from the product their own point. From the performance of the pattern to the presentation of the text, every step is taken seriously by us, and every place is repeatedly considered.

Let’s design the Eyelash Packaging private label to be distinguished from the same type of products in the market, Let your private label Lashes Packaging  “speaking” to everyone.

If your budget is limited and the price of the false eyelashes you choose is not high, then this private label paper eyelash packaging box is very suitable, the price is low, and with some special processes, such as bronzing, uv, etc., will also make the false eyelash box look high-end.

Cases Private Label Strip Lashes Samples Eyelash Card Carton Packaging
cheap paper eyelash packaging boxes wholesale

Click here>>>>To custom paper eyelash boxes in bulk

Empty eyelash packaging box in stock private label

If you think that it will take long time to custom private label eyelash packaging boxes, or if you think custom lash boxes are out of your budget, don’t worry, we’ve prepared some of the best-selling lash packaging box types available for you. You can choose the eyelash box you like, just print your own logo on, we have our own machine. It only takes 1-2 days to finish printing the logo.

Custom Eyelash Packing Boxes Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label
lashes private label packaging wholesale factory

Private Label Eyelash packaging box with your own logo

Private label custom logo eyelash packaging boxes wholesale

Not Only We can provide you fashionable 3D Mink Eyelashes wholesale, but also provide market strategy suggestions.

Custom New Style private label Lash Packaging design is no problem!

We have our own printing equipment, you only sent us the Eyelashes Boxes LOGO you want, we will print immediately to help you quickly open the sales channel.

Eyelashes Boxes Logo Eyelash Extensions Suppliers  Lashes Wholesale Private Label

Click here>>>>how to custom eyelash packaging boxes?

We incorporate customer’s feedback into our product range. More than 1000 styles stylish 3d Mink Lash created by us, and this unrivaled service has won a number of loyal clients in over 30 countries and districts such as United States, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Czech, France, Finland, Lithuania, Australia, Japan, etc. cannes false Eyelashes Wholesale vendors is expanding its footprint across the world to become a global brand.

Our Lashes3d Wholesale development team will continue to track the human life level, continue to study the changes in people’s thoughts, continue to learn the trend of beauty, and continue to provide you with more fashionable Full Strip Eyelashes !

Why choose ONLYCANAS eyelash wholesale vendors as your supplier?

1: High quality false eyelash wholesale vendors.

Why is high quality eyelash products important?

False eyelash quality is important ,because it affects the success of the company and helps establish its reputation in customer markets. When companies can create high-quality eyelash products that continue to meet customer demands, it can lead to fewer lash production costs, higher investment returns and increases in revenue,

Super quality lashes Not only can help new customers open market in soon time but also help old customers consolidate the strip false eyelash market. every customers who cooperate with us grow healthy and more and more proberous

We have our strict quality control department, each procedure of making false eyelashes must check the strip false eyelashes before next procedure starting.

Eyelashes High Quality Natural Lashes Handmade Fur Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors
best full strip eyelashes wholesale vendors

2: Keep creating new false eyelash styles by the trends of cosmetics.

New trending false eyelashes products can bring more business opportunities for consumers, so we are delicated to studying new cosmetic trends and the Different eye shapes, Keep updating false eyelash products, and ensure customer false eyelash product sales.

Creat New False Eyelash Styles High Quality Real Hair Lashes Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors
full strip false eyelashes 3d vendor wholesale

Eyes are the window of the soul, it always reflects your wisdom, thought, a clever mink eyelash is to let the eyes icing on the cake. We pursue the ultimate beauty, not compromise. Hermeslashes Mink Lash Strip Vendor must strive to be the best in every respect.

Different full strip false eyelash styles can make your eyes different looking!

Handmade 100% Real Mink Eyelash Full Strips Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
best natural full strip false eyelashes wholesale

3: Competitive Price offered by direct false eyelashes wholesale vendors

We keep studying new technology to reduce the cost of false eyelashes, 3d faux mink lashes made from hemp plant fibre, cashmere, silk, we have improve the craft, successfully decrease the cost but even with better quality than before. which improve the competitiveness of our full strip false eyelash,

4:Quick delivery within 24hours.

For small quantity, we have goods shipped out within 24hours.

Eyelash Best Vendors Full Strip False Custom Package 3D Mink Lashes
ready to ship full strip eyelashes vendors

5:Custom services by false eyelash wholesale vendors are always available serve for you!

ONLYCANAS Eyelash factory has our own design team leaded by Mr Oscar who pursue the ultimate, perfection. we keep studying the culture and different eyes shape and design various false eyelashes styles to meet different demand. If you want to customize your own lashes by lash map, lash mapping can help you communicate with our deisgner and create your unique eyelash line!

L shape full strip false eyelashes wholesale
Cat eye full strip false eye lashes vendors
Wispy full strip false lashes3d factory
flying 3d mink lashes full strip wholesale vendors

6:Good feedback from supplier

Lillylashes usa, artmes lashes australia, huda, shy, rmoosh, chelsea, and etc.

Whether you are a false eyelash distributor or a makeup shop owner or want to start an Eyelash business, please feel free to contact us. Hermes Lashes mink eyelash vendors wholesale in USA respect every person who has a dream and have an idea, and willing to spare no effort to help you.

We always believe qualified products will win market in the end, especially for cosmetics. That is why we stick to high quality Wholesale Mink Lashes for 12 years. Because only qualified people can make good products. Only people who have thoughts like good products. What do you think ?

How to start eyelash business?

For Individual Purchases & New Beginner – 3D Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale Mixed Mink Lashes To Start

Many customers want to work in the 3D Eyelash business but don’t know how to start. Here’re the mixed 3d Mink Eyelashes wholesale packs that Hermes Lashes Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor recommend to you, pls take your time enjoy it….

The mixed 3D and 5D Wholesale Mink Lashes styles are also prepared for market youngers who have budget, but since you want to do great Private Label 3D Mink Lashes business, Don’t let budget limit your development.

Diy Silk False Eyelashes 16Rows Faux Mink Individual Lashes Vegan Eyelash Wholesale
Best False Lashes 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale 6d Lashes factory

Click here>>>>to learn the popular styles to start false eyelash business

Click out to check how to Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Lash Packaging , Private Label Lash Case , Custom Lashes Package Boxes Wholesale …

win win business from onlycanas false eyelash wholesale vendors

No matter or design concept or the cooperation concept, we always adhere the rules that beauty is truth , truth is beauty!

For the rules we will keep in mind : Your success is our success, your difficuty is also our difficuty, ONLYCANAS false eyelashes wholesale vendors keep innovating in eyelash industry, and bring business opportunities with our cooperators. ONLYCANAS are able to become your strong backing and work together with you to help you to make your company more and more prosprous!

How happy they are! every customer come to our office,they will fall in love with ONLYCANAS lashes when wearing.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, the core part of the whole makeup. A perfect Makeup eye should look clean and bright. At this time, the Lashes are indispensable. The soft and fluffy texture full strip Eyelashes makes the eyes look more refined.

Makeup Eye Eyelash Supplier Super Fluffy 8D Mink Eyelashes Vendors Wholesale
Wholesale 5d 100% Mink Eyelashes boost

The advantage ONLYCANAS false eyelash wholesale vendors factory

No. 1 Leading the Mink Eyelashes market trend, find value business opportunity.

Cannes false eyelashes wholesale vendors respond quickly to the market, innovation. We think great ideas for customers, to provide customers with effective market strategies based on changes in the global eyelash market. Fast and stable Mink Lashes wholesale supply, a strong team to provide unlimited business opportunities for partners to open up their False Eyelashes market.

Custom Magnetic Lash Boxes Extra Long 3D Style Eyelashes Velvet Paper Eyelash Case
private label eyelash packaging box wholesale

No. 2 Provide beautiful 25mm mink lashes wholesale for end consumers and promote healthy and stable development of the industrial chain.

The eyelash styles designed by ONLYCANAS Lashes 3D Mink Lashes Vendors are popular with customers. According to the improvement of people’s pursuit of quality of life, the 3D False Eyelash style can be changed at any time to reflect individual personality – Brave, Fashionable, Avant-garde and Open. To meet the changing makeup requirements of ladies in different occasions.

With Luxury Silk Faux Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Custom Packaging Lashes Private Label
Private Label eyelash vendor boxes wholesale

cannes false eyelashes wholesale vendors advocates openness, cooperation and mutual benefit, and cooperates with customers and partners to innovate and expand industrial value to form a healthy and stable supply chain system. One-stop service such as False Eyelashes, 3D Mink Lashes, Faux Eyelashes, Silk Lashes, Lashes Packaging with Private Label , Eyelashes Tools, Lash Applicator, Mink Lash Glue and so on…

No.3 Provide a stage for the strugglers .

Lash Mink Box Faux Privat Label Custom Magnet Eyelash Packaging
do your own brand lashes packaging wholesale

Cannes cosmetic false eyelashes wholesale vendors adhere to the “struggling-oriented”, evaluates employees and selects leaders with responsibility contribution, and provides employees with a platform for global development and dialogue with the world, so that a large number of young people have the opportunity to take the heavy responsibility.

The rapid growth has also enabled the thousands of workers to reap reasonable rewards and memorable life experiences through personal efforts.

Packaging for bulk false eyelashes wholesale vendors

Lashes Individual Wholesale Best Selling Mink Eyelashes Factory
best full strip lashes wholesale vendors usa

Workers are very careful when Packing wholesale mink lashes, because it is a work of art that condenses the efforts of all departments of the company. From design to production, and is strictly controlled, and Eyelashes Packaging is no exception.

How To Start Your Lashes Business?

1.Do market research and choose the lash styles you prefer to .

2. you can refer to our hot selling lash catalog to get which kind of eyelashes are popular?

Lashes With Lash Case Hand Made 3D Five Pairs Of Eyelash Set Boxes
eyelash gift set packing with your own logo wholesale

3.Choose a suitable eyelash packaging boxes with your own logo. customize your own label Lashes Packaging. or choose lash packaging in stock with your logo printed on.

4. Then find a quality Mink false eyelash Wholesale vendors with stable quality and stable supply. Choose a small number of different styles of Mink Eyelashes.

Mink Lash Square False Lashes Vendor Custom Magnet Eyelash Packaging
customize lashes and packing wholesale

5. Adjust the private label False Eyelashes product based on sales and customer preference feedback, and provide the latest Popular lashes3d wholesale styles to customers on a regular basis. Gradually increase the scale.

Finally, it is not recommended that you enter the market with low-priced, low-quality products. Especially for new false Eyelashes stores,

luxury mink lashes stores, you should pay more attention to quality and credibility than price. You will get the same quality as you paid.

Packaging Manufacture Lash Case Custom Popular Pink Pull-Out Eyelash Box
lashes box private label eyelashes wholesale vendors

No customers will buy low-quality products again, it will make them look cheap and bad. Especially women. What they are pursuing is to make themselves look more refined and beautiful. For them, they are more willing to spend a few more dollars to make themselves more elegant instead of spending a few dollars to make themselves look low grade.

Custom Magnetic Lash Boxes Russia Volume Lashes Dropsand Eyelashes Case Wholesale
lash custom case boxes private label

Our Mink false eyelash Wholesale vendors is completely unified management, quality and quantity, guarantee timeliness, and aim at the needs of customers, and continuously improve. Our marketing department and design department regularly launch original innovative 3D Mink Lashes And Lashes Accessories products according to various market conditions to explore the secrets of beauty together.


Question 1. How do you collect eyelash materials? Cruelty free?

A:Our eyelash raw materials are taken from tail of 1-2 years younger healthy Siberian Mink. Workers gently comb mink tail. The natural falls of mink hairs are chosen by us , then workers will pick up the mink hairs with the great peaks and collect them one by one with out any cruelty. We always believe in the harmony between nature and humanity, and the pursuit of truth.

Luxury Packaging Custom New Lash Products Acrylic Eyelash Box Wholesale
lashes individual packaging wholesale

Question 2. Do you accept sample orders? I want to order a few samples before going to the wholesale. I need to test the quality of the product first to see if my customers will buy it.

A:Yes, We accept sample orders, MOQ 30 pairs, For bulk orde, the quantity is more, the price would be better.

Eyelash For Makeup 3D Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale Magnetic Lash Set
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Question 3. “Faux” looks so real, will it be marketed as a mink eyelashes?

A:Different products have different market positioning. Each product has its own market, market need to correct guiding. real mink lashes looks fluffy, faux mink looks soft. we don’t suggest to do in this way. Mislead the consumers not good.

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Question 4. Can I make the sample for free?

Dear, samples can not be free. but they can be returned if you bulk order reach 1000pcs.

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