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Free Eyelash Gift Set Wholesale Vendors – free sample eyelashes

In order to thank new False Eyelash customers for their support and love, our company has launched Eyelash Gift Set Packaging, including Beautiful Eyelash storage boxes and free sample eyelashes.

The eyelashes gift set are novel in style, and the small cute eyelash gift sets are designed and matched only for you. In addition to letting you see the samples, we also want you to bring ONLYCANAS eyelashes to experience the quality of our eyelash products.

The False eyelashes Made in Qingdao Canas Cosmetics Co., Ltd. strictly select raw materials, high temperature sterilization, and every worker is meticulously cultivated, just for you who pursue perfection!

Here are a few Eyelash gift sets. When you reach a certain price, you can choose one set freely!
Thye Eyelash Gift set are beautiful, the eyelash box is suitable! I believe you will love it! WhatsApp

Free Vegan Hair Eyelash gift set packaging

Eyelash Book Packaging Lash Lift Wholesale False 3D Silk Lashes Eyelashes Gift Set

We are about to launch 6 sets of eyelash gift set with butterfly packaging, each eyelash gift set has its own name, the main material is bionic fiber, this False eyelash is the originator of mink eyelashes, each one is a classic style,

If you purchase eyelash samples up to usd250.00 (any lashes mixed styles you like)

You will get one eyelash gift set free eyelashes, free eyelash packaging , free delivery.

The length:15-16mm versatile
Eyelash gift set including6styles and 1 eyelash glue pen
curl:B C D J can be customized
Material:Bionic fiber, vegan
Styles Classic styles
3D Silk False With Custom Box Strip Lashes Samples Eyelashes Gift Set Eyelashes Vendor
Milan Eyelash Gift Set Eyelash Vendors
False Eyelash Faux Mink Wholesale Eyelashes Gift Set Eyelashes Vendor
Cannes Eyelash Gift Set Free Vendors
Lash Packag Faux Mink Eyelash Eyelashes Gift Set Eyelashes Vendor
Free Ela Eyelash Gift Set Factory

Click each picture to see the actual False eyelashes shooting in kind. all lash styles are of high quality and classic, very nice! This is the eyelash gift set special for you!

3D Faux Mink Cashere lashes gift set packing free

5 Pairs False Top Quality Lashes Eyelashes Gift Set Eyelashes Vendor

This Eyelash gift set launched is made of the softest nanomaterials, The hairs is soft as cashmere ,
The full strip cashmere eyelashes have the same effect as individual eyelashes, softer and fluffy, with hair tips splitted, the same volume, and half the weight. It’s amazing! !

If you purchase eyelash samples up to usd200.00,

you will get the eyelashes gift set with the 5 pairs eyelash packaging. the color of eyelash packaging will be sent randomly.

The material :nanofiber, cashmere lashes
The length:15-16mm versatile
Eyelash gift set including:5styles. toal 5pcs
Eyelash stylesClassic
CurlCustom BCDJ curl
Natural Vegan False Manufacturers Top Quality Lashes Cashmere Eyelashes Vendor
Lashes Best Vegan 3D Faux Wholesale Bulk Cashmere Eyelashes Vendor
3D Faux Mink Cashmere Lashes Gift Set
Best Quality 100% Hand Made 3D Silk Your Logo Lashes Cashmere Eyelashes Vendor
New 3D Faux Mink Cashmere False Lashes Gift Set
Lashes 10 Pack Volume Individual Silk Custom Eyelashes Gift Set  Vendor

Packaging Magnetic Eyelashes Boxes For Lashes 6 Pairs Of Premium Eyelash Cases

Lash Book Fake Eyelash Bulk Plant Fiber Custom Eyelashes Gift Set  Vendor