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What are magnetic eyelashes?

The Magnetic Lashes are attached with magnets on the eyelash band, and used together with the magnetic eyeliner liquid, using the suction force of the magnet and the Magnetic Glue Liner to firmly attach the eyelashes to the eyes.

The Great Innovation Of Lashes Band! Magnetic ?!

What is the Difference between Traditional eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes?

Traditional eyelashes is that eyelashes and eyelash glue, you put eyelash glue on the lash band and after semi-drying of the glue, that is the time the stickness is strong. And then stick on your eye lids.

Unlike traditional falsies, magnetic lashes do not require glue for application. Instead, you line your lid with a magnetic liner, which has a similar look and feel to liquid eyeliner and attracts the magnets that line the band of each lash.

Depending on the brand you’ve chosen, magnetic liners can also be waterproof, windproof, and/or smudge-proof. They’ll always ensure a secure hold of your falsies, and sometimes, they’ll provide a high-pigmented eyeliner look, too.

You can change the matereial from real mink lashes? cashmere lashes? plant fiber lashes and material you like with megnetic lash band.

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In as easy as 1-2-Click, our 3D Magnetic Lashes deliver the “Hermes Lashes Effect” with no drama, no fuss and zero mess! Each lash features 12 perfectly spaced micro-magnets for maximum customization and a lightweight feel- guaranteeing all day comfort! Crafted from the most-luxurious vegan, each lash can be reused up to 50 wears.

How Does Magnetic Lashes Work?

3D Faux Syntheticmagnetic 5 Magnets Feather Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes Vendor
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1: Use the magnetic glue liner, If your magnetic glue is liquid, shaking the glue befor use.

2-Draw liner on your top eyelid.

3- Use Tweezers to pick up the Magnetic lashes from the eyelash tray.

4:Apply The Magnetic eyelashes on your liners directly.

Total it will take 10 seconds and keep long time stickness!

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What is the advantage of onlycanas magnetic eyelashes?

1:Onlycanas magnetic eyelash with 12 mini magnets on the lash band, which blend well with lash band, Not easy to fall off.

2: The magnets Produced by Onlycanas eyelashe factory is very thin as cicadas’s wings with strong magnetic force. no feeling when you wearing, Very comfortable!

3: We use the 100% soft cotton band to put on magnetic which can be sticked very strong with magnets.

4: Onlycanas eyelash vendor have changed the magentic from rectangule to round conor, which is not only safe but increase the good feeling when you wearing.

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1: Is the magnet sticking firmly? won’t it fall?

Our magnets is as thin as a cicada’s wing, but with a strong magnetic force, it is tightly attached to the eyeliner, and if it is well protected, it will not fall off.

2: Can the number of magnets be customized?

The number of magnets can be customized, for example, you want to customize 5 magnets, 8 magnets, etc. Our 12 magnets blend well with the eyelashes and eyeliner,The most comfortable after testing.

3: Can magnet eyelashes be used on transparent eyeliner?

absolutely okay. But it is recommended that you choose cotton thread band, so that the magnet has a better adsorption force with the eyelashes.

4: Can we use the other material to make magnetic lashes? For example, made of mink hair, bionic fiber, imitation mink hair, etc.?

It is absolutely possible, you can choose the raw materials you want according to your preferences.

5: If you want to customize, what is the MOQ?

Custom MOQ is 30 pairs. This is the most cost-effective option. Get the most lashes with the least shipping costs.

6: How many days does custom lashes take to complete?

Usually It will take 3-4 days to complete. The accurate time will depend on how busy the factory is. It is recommended that you plan ahead.

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