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What is Vegan Hair Eyelashes?

Using Advanced Technology, The New Materials Are Combined With The Morphological structure Of Real Hair And Made Into Bionic Fibers. It is not animal hair or human hair. It is vegan, so called Vegan hair Lashes.

Because the lashes with hairy peaks and 3D sayers. So when people wearing vegan hair Eyelashes, it will be as cute as doll eyes looking in the blink of eyes.

Vegan hair eyelashes are designed for the wholesale customers who are strict vegetarians. They want the eyelashes beautiful, natural not so plastic. The vegan hair eyelashes are special for them.

Top Selling Styles of vegan Faux Mink eyelashes!

The special feature of Velour Natural Hair Strip Lashes

The name of products:Full Strip False Eyelashes
Material:vegan hair
Curvature:CC curl OR B, C ,D , J Curl customized
Volume:3d thin volume>5d medium volume>6d thick volume
Band:soft, thin, flexible, natural curve,100% cotton band
Effect: Mink Effect
Usage:apply lashes on the upper eyelid
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What is the Propety of vegan hair Eyelashes?

  • Superior techniques bionic fibers of vegan lashes resemble natural hair morphological structure. They have same special appearance and propety. 
  • There are Obvious 3D effect, 98% similar with 3D real mink lashes 
  • They have Feather soft feeling and soft band.
Silk Lash Set Handmade Eye Fiber Cheap Vegan Hair Lashes
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Silk High Quality Thick Eyelashes Natural Fake Worldbeuaty Korea Pbt Fibers Vegan Hair Lashes
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Vegan Lashes are of the most natural eyelashes, crisscross and wispy. It is suited to Every day wearing.

Custom vegan lash styles are ok! Private Lable are always available!

Vegan hair eyelashes vs 3D Mink Lashes

The top of vegan hair eyelashes is super thin, the peak looks velvet. so vegan hair eyelashes looks very natural and the styles is obvious.

The 3d mink eyelashes looks fluffy, each hair have its own curl and direction. more lifelike looking.

see below comparison

Eyelashes Vegan Hair Vs 3D Mink Eyelash Strips Wholesale
vegan hair eyelashes vs 3d mink eyelashes


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