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Can I wear false eyelash if i wear glasses? Short Lashes

What kind of Eyelash should I get with glasses?

How do you wear false eyelashes with glasses?

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10-13MM Classic Mink Eyelashes a much shorter length perfect everyday wear, Handmade, easy to apply, great for Eyeglass Wearers, also named Glasses Eyelashes.  It is suit for any soft glam and no-makeup look, the daily use.

Just because you wear glasses to correct your vision does not mean you can’t have the long, Fluffy Lashes you see on others.

You can definitely still get a great, amazing looking eye with False Eyelashes, simply by selecting a pair that isn’t too long, or that features a dramatic upward curl which will prevent them from hitting your glasses.

10 13MM Classic Mink Lashes are much shorter than other series false eyelashes, they are the most natural 3D Mink Lashes we have. No matter what your event, your eyewear, or the style you’re trying to create, Classic Short False Lashes are a great option.

Cannes Lashes’s 10-13 MM classic short natural lashes is soft and wispy. Our lashes use super thin and light Cotton Band , which means once you put on a pair , you’ll probably forget they’re there.

Many customers want natural and fluffy eyelash styles. So The designer from Cannes Lashes Top Short Mink Lash Vendor has designed more than 50 styles 3D Mink Lashes Short Natural Style but fluffy eyelash styles for this demand.

3D Natural 10mm 12mm Glasses Short Eyelashes

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What kind of lashes should I get with glasses?

  1. Not too long.
    • Only long lashes make your eyes more attractive? The answer is absolutely no. They’re only going to drive you crazy and obstruct your line of vision when they scrape up and down against your lenses. 10-12mm length of 3d Short Stem Lashes is the best choice. It is usually shorter than a pair of regular 3d Mink Eyelashes, yet no less dramatic. This makes them the perfect solution for Glasses-wearers, because they shouldn’t touch the ends of their frames.
  2. Curly, fluffy.
    • A tight, upward curl will not only help open your eyes more, they’ll prevent the lash fibers from hitting your glasses, allowing you to wear lash sets that are slightly longer than you’d be able to wear if the lash fibers were not curled.
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You don’t have to settle for your baby lashes just because you’re wearing glassies. Every girl has the right to be beautiful. Wearing right false lashes if you wear glasses is a totally viable option.

13 MM 3D Natural Lashes Mink Short Size

13 MM Short Lashes Strip are the more natural false eyelash styles recently introduced by Cannes Mink Eyelashes Vendor than 15-16mm 3D Mink Lashes. Very suitable for everyday makeup.

Short Natural Eyelashes are more generous and decent, suitable for any occasion. Not too eye-catching, but it can make your eyes look more attractive.

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Best 3D Short Mink Eyelash Raw Material

Best Mink eyelashes require strict procedures, and good 3D Short Mink Eyelashes should be made with the best materials first.

In order to ensure the naturalness of the 3D Mink Eyelash, we study that each hair of the human own eyelashes is thin. Only the tail mink hair within two years old meets the requirements. We found that the human lashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. Among the younger mink’s naturally shed hair, pick the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one as the raw material.

However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct Pure Mink Eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula for the characteristics of mink hair to cut, disinfect, dye, remove scales and other processes for these selected high-quality mink hairs, in preparation for the subsequent 3d Lashes shaping.

Some tips before order:

1. What is your MOQ?

No moq

2. What are the materials used for your eyelashes?


3. What is the price range for each pair of eyelash?

Please contact us for specific lash price based on specific style and the quantity.

4.what kind of packing?

Our own packaging,we cacept 3D Mink eyelashes With Custom Packaging And Privat Logo

5. Do you take customized eye-lashes orders based on designs?

Yes, we can produce your unique eyelashes based on designs by our skilled workers.

6.What time is the delivery?

Within 24 Hours after payment.

7.What kind of payment?

PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Alibaba

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