Tatti Tell You What Is The Popular Eye Lashes?

tatti’s favourite natural full strip eyelashes wholesale

Famous blogger Tatti give us suggestions of popular natrual full strip lashes.

Yes, we agree her, and natural eyelashes are never out of style.

as it is going to say: Natural is the best, nature is just like that, silent…..

Light Volume Full Strip Hot Selling Private Label 3D Real Mink Natural Eyelashes Wholesale
tati light volume eyelashes

Natural eyelashes will make people invisible but feel so beautiful! I think this is the ultimate state of makeup. Natural beauty….

We are  always producing natural eyelashes for those who pursue natural high grade customer design belongs to their eyelashes

light volume full strip eyelashes hot selling

Based on the eyelash styles recommended by the famous blogger Tatti,

The ethereal, light lash style is universally welcomed by everyone. Effortless, no trimming.

New Design Eyelashes With Custom Packaging Wholesale Eyelash Long Thick Lash 3D Mink Lashes
light volume natural eyelashes wholesale
Mink Faux Korean 10 In 1 Luxury Silk Eyelash Vegan Hair Lashes
light volume wispy lashes supplier
Vendor Lashes 3D Bulk Private Label Short Natural Eyelashes Wholesale
light volume fluffy crisscross lash factory

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half lashes 3d faux mink lashes wholesale

Just as lilly lashes, half lashes that will give you butterfly’ eyes, yes!

Just put the half lashes on the end of the eye, and instantly create a butterfly version of the eye shape!

the lash band of half lashes is short . so it is more easier to wear it. no any feeling.

after you wearing half lashes, you will know physically what is “natural”

Lashes 3D Half Faux Mink Vendor Bulk Natural Eyelashes Wholesale

We launched half eyelashes, thin and soft, which have been widely welcomed by lilly lashes and Middle East customers.

Mink 100% Handmade Real Eyelash Wholesale Lashes Perfect Lash Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
Half lashes vendors wholesale

Click here>>>>for more styles of half lashes

Special eyelash sample set

For half lashes, We launched a eyelash set packing 6 different natural lashes with an eyelash glue just for you to check the quality . usd50.00/set free shipping.

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Lashes Eyelash Sample Set 3D Mink Custom Packaging Box Own Logo Brand Vendors Eyelashes Wholesale
natural volume faux mink lashes factory

light volume cashmere faux mink lashes wholesale

If you want to see samples, our company has launched a special set cashmere eyelash set with clear tray packing. free shipping just for you to check the quality first.

the eyelash set including 6 popular styles, 5pcs/style, Total 30pcs.

high quality just for you with high grade.

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Light Volume Cashmere Faux Mink Lashes Vegan Private Label Natural Eyelashes Wholesale
light volume natural cash mere faux mink lashes set wholesale

Dear buyers, eyelash styles are constantly changing according to makeup trends! We always keep up with fashion and create more business opportunities for you! !

Never miss the valuable lash business opportunities!!

Every year we will launch new eyelash products. In order to let more customers see our new lash product design and test the eye lash product quality, we will launch a series of suits to give customers more discounts! Follow me, don’t miss business opportunities!


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