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Color Lashes is coming! Now is the age of colorful eyelashes! Black get an update with color black!

Say good bye to the average boring eyes any more! the special feature of colored eyelashes for defined eyes. sensual tint eyelashes for mysterious looking!

3D Colorful Faux Mink Eyelash Vendors Silk Fake Color False Eyelashes Wholesale

Rainbow Eyelashes Mixed Coloured False eyelashes wholesale vendors

Colored eyelashes are designed for those who dare to break the routine and want to show their personality. They are widely used in various scenes, such as film and television, photo studios, festivals, and custom various eyelashes are matched according to popularity of makeup.

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Faux Mink Cluster Vegan Strip Lashes Rainbow Coloured Mixed Color Eyelashes

Eyeshadow can be colored, eyeliner can be colored, so who says False Eyelashes can’t be ?
Beautiful eye makeup can bring an attractive feeling to the eyes. Wear 3D Mink Lashes can increase the vivid soul between eyebrow and eye which makes eye more abstruse and gorgeous. 

The most common 3D Eyelashes Wholesale on the market are black color. But in fact, it can be seen from this year’s fashionable eye makeup that brightly Colorful Mink Lashes are more popular.

Vegan Faux Eyelashes Thick Band Wholesale Price 3D Silk Strip Color Lashes Organize Model Show
Custom Color full strip eyelashes wholesale vendors

Strip Lashes With Color, ranging from red, pink, blue and green, not only make eye makeup look better, but also make your eyes more attractive.

Custom 3D Coloured Lashes Wholesale

Onlycanas eyelashes factory are a creative eyelash manufacturers , through 15years’ development, we have became the best eyelashes supplier ! We design and develop the unique eyelashes for the people with different culture and different asthetic.

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Colored Tip Lashes Customization Color Eyelashes Vendor
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Eyelash Women Eye Customization Colored Eyelashes Vendor
Mink Lash Strip Lash Extensions Private Label Color Eyelashes Wholesale
Mink Lash Strip Lash Extensions Private Label Color Eyelashes Wholesale

ONLYCANAS put every effort to serve and develop the eyelash styles to help our cooperators.

Girls who are shy but want a challenge, can try this Lashes With Color Strips, if you want to custom eyelashes with only a conor of color, we also can put a cluster color eyelashes as what you want, such as you can put a purple eyelash cornor, green eyelash cornor, red eyelash cornor, white eyelash cornor and any color you want.

Bright red Colored Mink Eyelash Strips and red lip makeup present a strong visual style. How can a girl with personality miss this red makeup look?

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Custom Ombre Coloured Eyelashes Wholesale Vendors

Colored Lash Strips such as blue, purple, lake green, etc., make the eyes appear charming.

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You can also custom ombre colored lashes only on the top of the hairs. like the following. Any lashes you want to make, We can help you !

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Onlycanas eyelashes factory have our own trained workers. every worker is an artist, they make the beautiful eyelashes from the heart, the quality of ONLYCANAS eyelash products is steady, quick delivery due.

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Brown

Lashes Red New Unicorn Colorful Strip Customization Color Eyelashes
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Colored Ends Mink Full Strip Lashes False Customization Color Eyelashes
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Lashes Colorful Dark Brown Eye In Bulk Customization Color Eyelashes Vendor
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3D Eyelashes with intense, highly saturated color have the magical effect of widening the eyes, giving them a bright and seductive radiance, with a total of 7 colors to choose from.

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how to use the pure color eyelashes?

Some people are surprised the intense color eyelashes , so crazy! However this kind of color eyelashes are hot welcomed by customers.
This kind of color eyelashes can be used for two purposes,

one is for special occasions, parties, films, to attract eyeballs,it is highly saturated , magical effect. which can absolutely bring good attention and traffic to media people!!!!
The other purpose to make a new colorful eyelashes with another black eyelashes.

We can cut the colored eyelashes into Cluster tint eyelashes. Such as the following .

Lashes Eye 3D Gradient Extensions Lash 0.07 Mix Color Eyelashes Wholesale
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Lashes 5D Eye For Sale Ombre Mink Volume Strip Color Eyelashes Wholesale
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You can Place the color segment eyelashes on different place of the other black 3d eyelashes, such as you put the colorful eyelash conor on the top of the black lashes or on the bottom of eyelashes or on the right side or on the left side of eyelashes, you will get a new pair of fashion eyelashes. This is awesome! you can diy eyelashes at home at anywhere. such Received a lot of welcome from customers.Pls refer to the following.

Lash High Qualiti Lashes Kiss White Colour Color Eyelashes Manufacturer
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Eyeliner Faux Mink Lash Colored Pen Vendor 50 Lashes Color Eyelashes Manufacturer
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Russian Colored Lashes Two Tone Eyelash Color Eyelashes Manufacturer
Produce DIY tint lashes

You can DIY any volume lashes as what you want, Put the segment color lashes at the Different places, you will get another new looking 3d eyelashes!

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What is eye shadow lashes?

Eye Shadow lashes is designed with colorful eye shadow on , it looks like you have eye shadow on , no eye shadow any more!

You can also resemble the color eyelash conor with the 3d black eyelashes with different lengths. the bottom is any black eyelashes and put another color eyelashes on the top. this colored eyelashes looks like shadow from a distance. Like the following pictures?

If you dont like the new DIY color lashes any more, you can return to the original black 3d lashes.

That is really amazing!! the following is the volume color lashes we made for your reference.

How to custom full strip Lashes With Color?

1: Can I customize the color? 

Yes, the colors displayed on the website are popular colors. If you want to be more personalized, you can tell us the color you want and customize what you like.

2: What is the MOQ if custom color? 

The MOQ for special colors is 1000 pairs. If you have a limited budget,It is suggested to use popular colors for different color combinations.

3: What is the MOQ for samples? 

30 pairs, 30 pairs are the most cost-effective for same postage , you can get the most samples.

4: How long does the sample take? 

Existing samples can be shipped upon payment. Customized samples are shipped in 3-5 days.

5: Shipping Comparison below 0.5kgs

Express companyShipping costDelivery due
Economy parcelusd23.0010-15days
Worldwide express via dwusd37.006-10days
Ups saverusd44.009-12days

Custom Your own color eyelashes or diy color lashes from now!!

Cannes Lash Vendor provides customized services, where you can customize your favorite eyelash color.

Step 1. Choose any lash style and length you like from the Cannes Lashes website.

Step 2. Contact Kelsey ( email: , Whatsapp: +86 176 6962 5211), who can help you custom serve. Tell her which Eyelashes Color you want to customize and where to place the colored lash strips to the Eyelash.

Step 3. Cannes Lashes have professional stylists to design lashes according to your needs, and then workers trained for many years will customize hand made colored lashes for you.

What’s the MOQ for custom Colored Mink Eyelashes?

Usually our customers choose 30pairs for start to save the time and shipping cost. Because the shipping cost is same if the weight with in 30pairs (0.5kg). It is most cost-effective quantity for you.

ONLYCANAS eyelash factory is the best Eyelashes manufacturer, we are the first inventor of 3d mink eyelashes, 25mm mink lashes, 3d silk eyelashes,

Our cooperators and our factory worked hard together in the previous time , We changed the asthetic of eyelashes successfully, We change the false eyelashes from simple curve to 3D looking with different layers, fluffy!

We have our designer team, our own trained worker, we are always discovering every market segment of false eyelashes, design and produce the eyelashes matching the fashion makeup in the first time. and Create more business opportunities for customers.

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