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Hermeslashes Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors Custom Eyelash Packaging with high quality your own Private Label Lashes Case. Tell us your idea, Our perfessional designers will custom Eyelash Packaging for you to help you achieve your dreams.

How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Step 1. Choose the Lashes Packaging shape and paper material Color you want. We have so many choice for your choose from, such as Square boxes, Round shape, Diamonds, Stars or hearts and so on.

Check here to get the eyelashes packaging shape and paper material suggestion blog….

Step 2. Logo requirement on the customized lashes boxes.

Do you need to print your own logo on the Eyelashes Box? If you have a logo, please send it to us. We recommend your logo printing crafts according to your logo pattern to make it more perfect on the eyelash box.

If you don’t have your own eyelash logo yet, don’t worry. Our designers will design your own logo for you.

Free Logo Design for Eyelash Packaging For your reference

Please click here to learn more about What is an impressive LOGO of Lashes Packaging?

Step 3. Information & position requirement on the custom eyelashes boxes

The information of your eyelashes line include the Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and website and other social medias you want on boxes, just feel free to tell us.
Which side place and what information and data in which color on where position, that must be clear.

At Last, we will calculate the exactly price for you.

You only need to tell us what you think, the designer will confirm the stereoscopic effect to you after the order is confirmed. (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

What Kind Of Lash Cases are Good?

1: Simplicity is noble, Simplicity is eternal and never out of style. A good lash case always look simple. Never so many printings and designes on it.

2:The Quality of the lash boxes is an eternal theme. The lash boxes must be fine workmanship, Especially for cardboard boxes ,The edges and corners of the lash cases looks beautiful. Details is show the companys’ attitude to products.

3: Logo of your lash case is stand out. No other contents bother customers.

Hereby we recommend you some good packaging.

NEW !!! Newest Eyelashes Packaging

Custom Round Eyelash Case Box

Custom Square Lashes Packaging

Why Is Custom Eyelash Packaging design important?

Custom Eyelashes Packaging is a factor that will affect customers’ decision. Packing is People’s first empression of the products ,It conveys the enterprises’ aesthetics, ideas, and attitudes toward the 3d Mink Lashes.

Eyelash Boxes is the beginning of the customers understanding you In the era of information explosion. people’s choices often follow the first feeling, If your Mink Lashes Cases is unique, stand out from competitors and resonates with consumers, Congratulations dear, you have taken the first step to success.

Check here<< — lash woods packaging

A nice Eyelash Box packaging is a silent spokesperson, it will directly promote your brand, Do you know dear, Now Silence is more powerful than words……

So it’s very important to Custom Eyelashes Packaging Private Label that belongs to you. It shows your noble temperament, your identity.

🍁Love. Do you want to get more catalogs list about delicate Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes? Welcome to contact us (whatsapp008617669625211 ; Email:

What can attractive Custom Eyelash Packaging bring to you?

No.1 A good Eyelash Packaging Box will attract customers’ attention, bring you more fan traffic, and stimulate customers’ desire to purchase, thus great promoting Eyelashes product sales!

No.2 A good Eyelash Box can improve the quality of the Lashes product and improve the lashes grade. The Eyelash Packaging is exquisitely crafted and the pattern is exquisite. It can reflect the uniqueness of the Mink Lashes and make it easy for customers to put it down.

No.3 A nice Lash Case can better reflect the Mink Lashes Vendor‘s sincerity and bring warmth to the customer. Even a valuable gift, the simplicity of the package will reduce its value. Because we are serving you with our heart, we hope that your cooperate with us is the beginning of change…

No.4 A good Lashes Packaging Box can play a very good role in promoting and adverting. Not only the logo brand info on the eyelshes packaging, the company info should be appropriately added in the right place, which can have a good publicity effect on your company. The distinctive eyelash box is more likely to make a deep impression and attract people’s attention.

No.5 Brand recognition. When customers are spending, they will have a rough or vague impression on their minds. If your eyelashes packaging is outstanding, customers will think of your brand in the first place, and then have a sense of intimacy and trust, there is a great chance to buy your eyelashes.

💕 Girls, If you want to start a successful eyelash business, just choose us!

💰 You want to get more profit, just choose us!

🌎 Let we expend the lashes market!!!




🎁 Part of the Stylish Eyelash Packaging created by HERMESLASHES Mink Eyelashes Wholesale for your reference

Custom Drawer Eyelash Box And Diamond Lashes Packaging

Custom Lashes Set / Lashes Book


Question 1. I need to see a sample before I can decide to order 100 boxes.

Dear honey, it is no problem to do samples first.

But I think it is no need to take samples because the one sample cost is about usd50.00 included shipping cost usd25.00, Total 75.00. I checked that the sample would take at least 10days to get it. Thus waste you much time and cost.  What do you think?

Usually customers ask a prototype for confirmation after order confirmed . The quality you never worry about it. Because we must ask high quality lash cases to help the mink lashes selling.

How to decided, Up to you dear, we will do as your request.

For more info, And learn more about us Pls check our website.

Question 2. If you can customize one for me and show me it as a example I will order 100 bulk orders.

Dear, that is ok to customize one, How to do it ? Do you have any ideas? We have some box designs for your references.

If your idea is ok, Pls feel free to contact us . We will help you finish your dreams.

Question 3. How much do you charge for lashes sample?

Dear ,How many do you want ? Which style you are prefer to ?

Different styles the price is different. Pls check my website to select what you want.and tell me freely.

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