A Letter To The Makeup Artist- Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Vendor

A Letter To The Makeup Artist- Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes Vendor

Hello Dear Makeup artist. I am Jasmine from Hermeslashes. Nice to meet you.

This is an impetuous and a eager for success society. You are an artist,you can use your strokes with rendering to make a products. the experience of repeated attempts to exercise and your dedication to make-up is your brush, every exquisite makeup face is Your proud work.

We are also artists, our careful design and cancareful production The best eyelashes can be proven. Our repeated attempts experience and our passion for eyelashes are our tools. Every eyelash is our proud art.

So you see, we are the same. It is precisely because of this that we respect all the craftsmen, all who are obsessed and love their career. On this basis, we are willing to do our best to help you grow.

I talked to many makeup artists, both in life and at the show. I am very touched by their understanding and pursuit of beauty. So, after soliciting the opinions of many makeup artists and the investigation of the market, we launched convenient products for the makeup artist customers.

  • Eyelashes Book

When you make makeup for the customer, the customer will have some ideas. Different customers and different makeup styles need different Mink lashes.Whenever you need to pick some Mink eyelashes, you don’t need to put many many pairs of eyelashes out to choose and take them back, because you have the Eyelash book.

Mink Eyelashes Book 

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When you use the Eyelash book, you can put all kinds of Different styles eyelashes on the same one Beautiful eyelash book. The length, the thick, the contrast of the style is clear and convenient. And, we provide Customize eyelash book, you can choose the square, color, material and so on, and you can write your company name, your name, company introduction etc.

  • Eyelash set

In addition, many makeup artists will also sell the eyelashes to customers by the way. Many times their customers want different styles to try, so we launched the Eyelash set.

Mink Eyelashes Set 

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We offer a lot of matching Eyelash suits. Of course, if you want to root out the customer’s needs, you can do it free match. Also can do custom size,color, material, and write the details you want.


Hermeslashes,  aim to make elegant works of art, not bulk goods. Each of our Mink eyelashes has a soul, just like your makeup. So dear makeup artist, just choose Hermeslashes and look forward to growing together with you.

How to place an order?

Send me the model you like! Shipped within one week!




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