Is The Quantity Of Purchases More And The Eyelashes Price Is Lower?

Is The Quantity Of Purchases More And The Eyelashes Price Is Lower?

Recently, a customer asked me if she buy 200 pairs and the price would be half cheaper than 100 pairs Mink eyelashes.

When we buy things, it is usually the more the quantity of purchases, the more favorable the price. Just like a Custom-made eyelash box, if you only customize 1 box, the price will be very expensive, because the cost of booting is very high and there will be a model fee. But if you buy 100 pieces Eyelashes boxes, the price will be much cheaper. If the quantity is 1000 pieces, the price will be cheaper, and even more than half of the price of 100 pieces.

So, the more the eyelashes are, the lower the price is?

In general, the more eyelashes purchased, the Eyelashes price we give will be slightly lower, but this is not because our cost has decreased, but we give some profits to you, reward you, let you have more capital to promote, and strive for more customers. We are willing to work with people who work hard, and we will provide more convenient and better services to those who work hard. Get the market together.


We all know that Mink eyelashes are handmade products, which must be made by the workers group by group mink and take time. The working hours of our workers are fixed. Although they are very skilled, the amount of production per day is fixed. If they are required to produce a lot at the same time, they will be anxious and may affect the quality of eyelashes.

Therefore, when the order quantity is large, they will reasonably extend the working hours in order to deliver the goods as soon as possible, and we will increase their wages accordingly, which will increase the production cost.

We hope to be your most reliable Eyelashes supplier, become your growth and become your best partner, so many times we will give you some profits. But we never deliberately sell high prices, our products are the best, they deliberately make the most profit for you.


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