The Delivery Date Of Mink False Eyelashes

The Delivery Date Of Mink False Eyelashes

The lead time is one of the reference standards for picking a Good lashes supplier. As a False eyelash factory, it has a unique advantage in the control of stable supply and delivery.

Recently, in order to facilitate customer purchases, we have also launched the Ready To Ship (RTS) series Mink eyelashes to withdraw funds as soon as possible, and deliver the goods within 12 hours after payment.

READY TO SHIP Mink Eyelashes Show

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In addition to the RTS series, our other styles are delivered  5-7 days of delivery within 200 pairs Mink lashes, and 10 days of delivery 200 pairs of Eyelashes or more. Custom eyelash boxes are shipped within 10-13 days. In fact, the actual production time is about one day, but our orders come from all over the world, and we need to arrange production according to the order. Therefore, in order to guarantee the inventory, please arrange the order in advance~


We have also met customers who seem to be in a hurry, even asking for the next day after payment. If the volume is large and it is not an RTS product, the probability of shipment the next day is very small.

First of all, our orders are arranged in the order of payment. Workers need to produce according to the order. We respect each customer and try to avoid the phenomenon of intermediate insertion.

On the other hand, Mink eyelashes are handmade products, which means that workers need to do eyelashes with group by group by hand. Its summer now, although our workers are very skilled, but if they are over-urged, they will be very anxious to speed up production, which may affect the quality of eyelashes. We are refusing to provide low quality eyelashes, which is not conducive to customer development.

Therefore, please arrange the Eyelashes order according to your inventory in advance, I will be online 24 hours a day, and immediately arrange the production after receiving the payment, so that it will not delay the delivery date, nor will it affect the quality.

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