Be Your Own Queen-Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Be Your Own Queen-Hermeslashes Mink Eyelashes

Today is July 4th, the Independence Day of the United States. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. The Declaration of Independence clearly stated that all human beings are equal and have the natural right to pursue happiness and freedom.

Whenever I think that “everyone is equal in life and has the right to pursue happiness and freedom”, my heart is very touched. This is the progress of the entire human civilization. Especially for women.

Many times when customers choose Mink lashes, they have different choices about beauty, but it is happy to know that they are all choosing for themselves, not based on the aesthetics of their husband or boyfriend, or based on to please others

Why do I think so?  You must have seen Disney’s fairy tale world, which is the princess dream of all girls. In the fairy tale of Disney, many plots are princesses who are held by evil forces. The prince saves the princess. The princess is very moved and married to the prince. Like Snow White, Cinderella and so on.


But now!

You don’t have to be a princess. You can be your own queen, be the master of yourself, fight against evil forces, and choose happiness freely. And you don’t have to think about which prince you will be married to, you can consider how you can become a queen.

Women who are independent and free to choose are the most beautiful, just like our pursuit, to be the most beautiful. Don’t have to be for anyone, just to please yourself.

So what should the Queen’s style eyelashes look like? –They are long, curled, thick, fashionable. After wearing, your temperament is more confident, more independent and more refined.

Queen Styles 25MM Single Layer / Double Layer Mink Eyelashes

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Long curled eyelashes can magnify your eyes, and the Thicker style eyelashes makes your eyes more attractive, and the Unique design eyelashes makes your eyes look more charming.

Come to Hermeslashes, choose the Queen’s styles eyelashes, be an independent woman, and be your own queen.




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