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Qingdao cannes cosmetics Company Ltd (ODM: ONLYCANAS) is one of the best Lash Vendor in the world,we offer over 600,0000 pairs of false strip lashes to the worldwide every year,ONLYCANAS Eyelash Factory is now on the top of lash vendors list. | Half Lashes

We sell wholesale lashes to beauty professionals, makeup artists, salons, high street shops and more. If you need to buy branded lashes in bulk then we’re the most professional eyelash supplier you need to speak to. 

half eyelashes are very easy to wearing, just put on the end of eyelids, to make your eyes butterfly looking.

no trim, no weight. it can be used for above 25times.

Corner lashes can enlongate your eyes very well. Famous blogger Tati, lilly lashes, are all expanding half lashes line! never miss the market.

ONLYCANAS Half Eyelashes wholesale two pairs only charge one pairs ! it is cheap and practical !

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how to diy the full strip eyelashes into half lashes?

Half eyelashes are very popular due to their Natural appearance and wearing comfort.

Half eyelashes makes it easy to transition from day to night, bringing you life like and add the a touch of glamour to your eyes. Cutting Eyelashes in half and applying then on the outer corner of your eyes will give a natural cat eye look. This also makes for easier application

100% Handmade Real Eyelash Fur 3D Eyelashes Half Lashes Wholesale
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Super natural eyelashes suitable for every one, even for people who wearing glasses.

The length is 10-13mm, every day wearing. so the market is very big.

all the natural eyelashes can be cut into corner eyelashes ,3/4 band lashes. any types band of false lashes you want

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Hot selling half lashes wholesale vendors

Choose any super natural full strip lashes and ask our workers to precut half lashes.

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Half lashes are designed for the short eyes , cat eye looking. ONLYCANAS Eyelashes are of much clearer and lighter roots, blends very well with your natural eyelashes.

Easy to apply! long time sticking.

3d faux mink corner lashes hot selling in middle east, all the following styles can be shipped out within 24 hours after order confirmed.

Custom Corner Lashes Vendors

Do you want to design your own eyelashes yourself? DIY Lashes makeup look for yourself

Customize it your way: apply all four segments for a full strip lash look, or use one or two segments to accent the outer corners of the eye.  Giving you complete control of the volume you want!

ONLYCANAS half eyelashes, two pairs but only one pair price! That is really amazing!

You can custom half eyelashes according to your eyes shape. For cat eye looking, half eyelashes are very suitable!We here show some models for your reference.

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Half Eyelashes more ways to use

Looking for high quality Half eyelashes?

Knot free eyelashes, Make your eyes more comfortable, If you like, you can diy eyelashes anytime, anywhere.

You can custom half Eyelashes for faux mink , cashmere, and ect.


Half eyelashes is a versatile eyelash,It can be combined with other volume lashes to make different styles. You can do your own double stack eyelashes. if your makeup is changed, you can return the half eyelashes into the original eyelash again.

Lashes Mink Quality Natural Customize Half Eyelashes Vendor
Wholesale Fluffy New Mink Butterfly lashes Factory

half eyelash tutorials

ONLYCANAS eyelashes factory are very good at eyelashes designing, the designer herself is also an eyelash lover, They are always pay attention to every details of eyelashes to make it the most comfort, the lash styles are of the most fashionable.

Besides that we can teach you how to use the eyelashes in different ways. Diy your own lashes to save much cost. So we are always ahead of the market and discover business opportunities for our partners in the first time.
Different from copy, Copy is always slow, so in this Internet age, time is more precious than anything else. If you seize the opportunity, you will get business opportunities.
Follow us, you will be get more surprise!

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