Realize Self-worth Stick to Your Heart-The Best Quality Eyelashes

Realize Self-worth Stick to Your Heart-The Best Quality Eyelashes

Recently, a Disney live-action movie has entered the public eye and caused a lot of sensation. That is the Chinese Disney Princess – Mulan.

I mentioned the viewpoint of the Disney Princess in my previous blog–Be Your Own Queen--, and the story of Mulan is exactly in line with my point of view. She is not a famous princess, but she is poor from a small family; and she does not have any super powers beyond the ordinary girl, can’t talk to animals, can’t magic; she doesn’t have the parents of the nobility, and she doesn’t have the chance to meet the prince. Her family wants her to marry a good family and tell her how she can be a recognized wife: Quiet, Composed, Graceful, Disciplined

However, in the era of war, in order not to let her elderly father fight from the army, but also to achieve self, volunteered to replace his father into the army, with his own efforts, to protect the country and the country, successfully returned. She also did Quiet, Composed, Graceful, Disciplined. But not as a wife on the stove, but as a show on the battlefield.

The most touching sentence of Hua Mulan is: “It is my duty to fight.” This is her persistence and her belief.

For Hermeslashes, we have always been responsible for the struggle for self. Behind every pair of small Mink eyelashes is the insistence of hermeslashes. Adhere to high-end eyelashes, adhere to the best Eyelashes raw materials, and insist on Original design Eyelashes. Our marketing department observes market information for you every day. And our designer team test the Lashes details every day for the Best styles eyelashes. Our labors are carefully crafting Handmade eyelashes every day, and our business department solve the problem for you at any time. These are our insistence, in order to achieve self-worth, but also to be responsible for you.

The Best Quality Eyelashes

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Focusing on the highest quality, the best design of the Mink eyelashes is our choice, we will also fight for it in the end, do not forget the initial heart !

The best quality mink eyelashes

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