Hot selling Faux mink lash sets packing wholesale

These faux lash sets are designed according to the popular individualized eyelashes styles in the market. The styles of full strip faux mink lashes are more than individualized eyelashes, Which making it easier for consumers to choose the right faux eyelashes.

All the faux mink lashes are made from high quality material soft as cashmere.

The sample packing is mached for Individual eyelashes lovers, eyelash wholesalers in the market to check samples.

New eyelash Wholesalers abroad or eyelash starters who have just started their business do not know which faux mink eyelashes are the best-selling styles.

In order to save their time, help them making quick decision to occupy market in the first time. We will match the best-selling eyelash styles here to make it easier for pruchasers choose it easily.

So it is crucial to have an experienced Wholesale Eyelash Supplier at this time.

The most popular style Lash Sets in 2022

Dubai Faux Mink Eyelash Packaging set.

The price is usd32.00 (Total 30pcs)

Total 30pcs,

The special feature of the Dubai eyelash set packing, medium volume, show confident, wispy styles. this kind of faux eyelashes are suitable for various eyes, it is versatile and for every day wearing.

The eyelash packing set name:Dubai
Material:Nano fiber, top split
Volume:Medium Volume
The length:14-15mm versatile
The material:faux mink cashmere lashes
How to organize:white pack. Clear tray packing.
Custom curl:Russion D, or B, C
wholesale lash sample set factory

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Mega faux mink cashmere lashes lash Sets packing .

The price is usd35.00(Total 30PCS)

DFS05: 5PCS /DFS06: 5PCS
DFS08: 5PCS /DFS15: 5PCS
Total 30pcs,

Mega volume cashmere lashes have the effect of enlarging the eyes, and clients with deep eyes, or heavy makeup are especially suitable for mega volume lashes.
Thick hair, as thick as a harvest of wheat. show bold, confident.

The eyelash packing set name:Mega
Material:Nano fiber, top split
Volume:Thick Volume
The length:14-15mm versatile
The material:faux mink cashmere lashes
How to organize:One white pack. Clear tray packing.
Custom curl:Russion D, or B, C
wholesale faux mink lashes vendors

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artmes natural faux mink lash sets

The price is usd30.00(Total 30PCS)

DFS22: 5PCS / DFS24: 5PCS,
DFS26: 5PCS / DFS27: 5PCS

Light volume faux mink lashes look really very natural, thin, breathable and light. Every one should have one set in hand. all the natural faux mink lashes are suitable for every day earing, suitable for wearing them on any occations. suitable for glasses wearers.

The eyelash packing set name:Artmes
Material:Nano fiber soft as cashmers
Volume:Light, super natural
Length:13-14mm, stuibale for glasses wearers.
Quantity one pack: 30pcs, white box packing, clear tray.
Custom Curl:Russion D, or B, C
wholesale faux mink cashmere lashes vegan

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Wispy Faux Mink Lashes cashmere full strip lashes

The Price is usd30.00.(Total 30PCS)


This fixed lash packing set is wispy styles, one by one wispy cluster lashes which look sexy, Hollywood.

These styles are diffifult to realize for individual eyelashes extension.

The eyelash packing set name:Wipsy
Material:Nano fiber soft as cashmers
Volume:wispy , natural volume
Quantity one pack:30pcs, white box packing, clear tray.
Custom Curl:Russion D, or B, C
vegan faux mink lashes cashmere lashes wholesale

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cat eye faux mink cashmere lashes set packing.

Price:usd35.00(Total 30PCS)


This fixed lash set packing is for cat eye looking consumers. the length of lash styles is increasing from innerside to the outerside. perfectly creating cat eye looking eyes!

The eyelash packing set name:Cat Eye
Material:Nano fiber soft as cashmers
Volume: natural volume
Quantity one pack:30pcs, white box packing, clear tray.
Custom Curl:Russion D, or B, C
cheap faux mink cashmere lashes sample pack.

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Velours Vegan Cashmere lashes Sample Lash Packing

Price:usd30.00 (Total 30PCS)


The lash packing set look like velours,hot selling in Australia. Absolutely Vegan.

The eyelash packing set name:Velours
Material:Nano fiber soft as cashmers
Volume:natural volume
Quantity one pack:30pcs, white box packing, clear tray.
Custom Curl:Russion D, or B, C

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As one of the leading Lashes Factory, Onlycanas Eyelash Vendor have rich experience to help you start your eyelashes business step by step.

Select the most popular faux mink eyelash style combinations on the market, including medium volume cashmere lashes , fluffy mega volume faux mink lashes , Natural volume faux mink lashes , wispy faux mink lashes set, cat eye faux mink lashes , light volume faux mink lashes, etc.

It is offered to you at the most competitive price to help you start your eyelash business.

If you want to start your lashes business now, please contact us by WhatsApp now.

The styles are as follows:

Customized Curl Degree Service

The lashes set is made from the lightest and thinnest nano fiber – Cashmere Lashes.

It is much lighter and softer than real mink lashes.If you are a vegan man, so this your first choice in stead of the plastic one.

The effect of full strip Cashmere lashes is even better than individual cashmere lashe.

Russion D volume.

The vegan faux mink cashmere lashes are designed and developed by our company to promote the new material cashmere, each false lashes are the best-selling styles!

The price is cheap, whether you are an eyelash collector or an false eyelash distributor, I believe this false eyelashes will bring you a different experience!

medium volume cashmere lashes naked packing wholesale
mega volume faux mink lashes packing wholesale
Natural volume faux mink lashes naked packing wholesale
wispy faux mink lashes set wholesale
cat eye faux mink lashes set factory
light volume faux mink lashes set naked packing wholesale

Even it is fixed eyelash packing, you can custom the curl as you like!

If you want to check the what looks if the cashmere eyelashes wearing?

Click here>>>Model show of cashmere lashes.

Fixed matched eyelash sample packing set, the styles can not be changed, but the curl you can customized.

pls refer to the following curl showing. you can ask what you like

wholesale cheap faux mink lashes wholesale factory

If you want to match the eyelash set as what you like, you can refer to the individual cashmere lash styles. Click here>>>catalog of cashmere lashes

The advantages of choosing an Lash Sets

1. Contains the most popular eyelash styles.

Onlycanas Eyelash suppliers understand the fashion trends in the market according to the current order demand and shipment volume. So we combine the most popular eyelash styles into eyelash kits.

2. Low purchase cost.

The purchase cost of eyelash kits is more advantageous than a single pair of eyelashes.

Faux Mink Eyelash Set Cover Box choose concise but not simple eyelash packaging box, which can greatly save your shipping cost. And Onlycanas Lashes also provides custom logo services: custom logo transfer stickers, or normal paper stickers on eyelash packaging boxes to make your eyelash brand more eye-catching.

3. Fast delivery.

For hot-selling eyelash styles, we have sufficient stock to make sure ship lashes fast.

We have strong confidence in our products and their qualities, so we have prepared a large inventory of all the best-selling eyelashes in the market.

So, this can ensure that our eyelashes can be delivered rapidly at any time after customers place an order so that customers can enjoy high-quality service.

If you want start your own Lashes Business, and want to choose a good wholesale Lash Vendors, never miss Onlycanas Lashes.

What is the price of postage?

The point is shipping with in 12 hours or same day after confirmed order ! !!  Help you occupy the market in the fastest time!

The shipping price is as follow, you can refer to it can choose the express company suitable for you .

How Much Of The Shipping Cost?

Usd25-Usd30.00 Shipping Cost Below 0.5kgs. By Dhl. Fedex , Aramax.

Shipping comparison below initial weight 0.5kgs.

Express companyShipping costDelivery due
Economy parcelusd23.0010-15days
Worldwide express via dwusd37.006-10days
Ups saverusd44.009-12days
faux mink eyelashes wholesale

Where to buy Bulk Faux Eyelashes Collection?

Step 1. Select the favorite False Eyelash Collection styles, like collection No.1. Contact Kelsey and tell her your choice.

Step2. Pay the corresponding total price to paypal ( )

Step3. Leaving consignee info such as shipping address and phone No. etc. on paypal.

Step4. Inform Kelsey (whatsapp: + 86 176 6962 5211 & email : ) about your order details to avoid any delay for delivery. Our packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out used the express company we confirmed.

Step5. A tracking order will keep you posted once finished. Pls, keep an eye on it. Never ask the express company to put the goods outside to avoid missing.

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