Is Hemp plant fibre eyelashes Popular?

Why we develop Hemp plant fibre eyelashes?

1:With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, It is everyone’s responsibility to Reduce the environmental pollution and carbon emissions to protect the earth.

2: Most of the Customers who wholesale eyelashes from us are the followers of Greenpeace,they ask us to develop environmentally friendly, degradable plant fibre eyelashes to replace animal hair or non-degradable plastic eyelashes .

3:We have started the project since 2018, looking for a kind of plant fibers for making eyelashes, In order to make the plant fibre suitable for eyelashes, the following problems must be solved. Reduce the diameter of plant fibre at the same time Increase the elasticity and flexibility of plant fibre, also make the plant fibre heat-resistant and cover the green color when dying.

We cooperated with postdoctoral who returned from the United States Mr Sun to develop degradable materials together,Here is our R&D Team.

After countless testing , we found the hemp plant fibre is suitable for eyelashes.

The special feature of plant fibre eyelashes

1: The hemp plant fiber have natural curve just right soft. which can assure the final effect of eyelashes. After countless tests, and try many different kinds of plant fibre, Hemp, bamboo, wood, vegetables….. and other plant fibres, we found that ONLY hemp plant fiber is suitable for eyelashes,

2:The hemp plant fibers are resistant to high temperature,

The plant fibres are three times stronger than cotton and 7 times stronger than wool. Which can assure the curve never be unshaped after heating and extend the usage life of strip eyelashes effectively.

3:Hemp Plant fiber is absolutely healthy. The cells of Hemp are highly similar to the cells of the human body, which are beneficial to the body and anti-fatigue,Flax can inhibit bacteria,Radiation protection

5: The glue can integrate the plant fibre eyelashes very well,

and the more times you use the eyelashes , the stronger of the lash band

One year of hard work, at the end of 2020, we developed biodegradable eyelashes to replace the existing plastic eyelashes !

The curve of Hemp plant fibre eyelashes can last for ever untill the eyelashes fall apart. it can be used countless times.

The biodegradable materials have been fully promoted! widely used in various fields.

Here is the report on degradation of soft materials.

Strip Biadegradable hemp plant fibre eyelashes will be a new trending, never miss the opportunity!

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