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What is the difference between full strip lashes vs eyelash extensions?

what is full strip eyelashes?

Full strip lashes is sticked on the eyelid on upside of your own eyelash.

you can remove or wear strip eye lashes for numerous times till they are no longer good.

The producer can use different material such as nano fibre, hemp plant fibre, real mink, silk and ect to make full strip eyelashes.

Many people also call Full strip eyelashes as false eyelash, falsies, glue on eyelashes or stick-on lashes,

what is the advantage of full strip eye lash?

  • You won’t have to visit a salon to wear strip lashes,You can wear full strip eyelashes by yourself at home.
  • People can choose any style of strip eyelash according to your preference. Without being limited by the shape of your own eyelashes.

Multi purpose of full strip eyelashes

Besides Glue the full strip eyelash on the line when a rush.

Full strip eyelashes can be cut into any lashes as what you want.

  • You can cut them into half lashes for butterfly eyes.
  • Cut them into segments to patch the eyelashes.
  • Use the 4-5 small segments stick underneath the eyeline lasting for week.

so falsies are hot welcomed by customers.

ONLYCANAS design the popular Full strip eye lashes according to the fashion styles of eyelash extensions,

So many different types for you to choose from,

Here we recommend you special cashmere full strip lashes,you can custom them into any lengths, volume or material.

Custom Curly Cashmere full strip eyelashes wholesale factory

Cashmere full strip eyelashes are used the same material of eyelash extensions, it is the most similar as salon grafting eyelashes.

volume 5d cashmere full strip lashes wholesale vendor

what is eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions is a way that you will have to go to salon to stick individual eyelashes on your own lashes one by one, you no need to remove or wear false eyelashes everyday. but it has many problems.

wholesale eyelash extensions

what is the problem for eyelash extensions?

It will ruin your inborn lashes if you do eyelash extensions for long time.

If your inborn eyelashes is very soft, It will be difficult to support the sticked individual eyelash,

The growth direction of your inborn natural lashes will limit the shape of the implanted lashes.

so the it is difficult to make various styles for eyelash extensions,

even you make a fashion style at present, It can be changed with the growing of your own lashes.

If you always grafting eyelash extensions, let your inborn lashes have a rest!

So we suggest you alternative use eyelash extension and full strip lashes to protect your inborn lashes.

Choose full strip lashes is very very necessary! Come on ! dear, all styles of full strip lashes are available here!

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