How To Clean Mink Eyelashes

How To Clean Mink Eyelashes

The wear times of Mink eyelash is also one of the reference standards for Mink eyelash purchase. Many customers have also asked me this question. Our 3D Mink eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times. After each wear, you should Clean mink eyelashes, then put back on the Eyelash tray and carefully stored.

So, how do you clean your Mink eyelashes?

  • First, use a make-up remover to remove the makeup remover/cleansing oil/water onto the eyelids and gently wipe it off. Gently remove the False mink eyelashes.
  • Then prepare some water/remove remover/ Cleansing Oil to clean the cosmetic residue on the false eyelashes.
  • And Then gently remove the residual Eyelashes glue from the Eyelashes band with tweezers or by hand.
  • Then rinse the cleaned eyelashes in clean water.
  • In the final step, gently blow the eyelashes with a hairdryer and put them back on the eyelash holder for storage.

Please click here to watch the cleaning video~ –How to clean your mink eyelashes video–

From the perspective of a Mink eyelash manufacturer, False eyelashes are not just Beauty tools, it is the art we produce. Its design, its production is carefully researched, and then made by hand, so we also hope that every customer Wearing false eyelashes can save it, let it accompany you to experience some different makeup and Experience~

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