25mm Long Mink Eyelash — Bring You Different Charm

25mm Long Mink Eyelash — Hermeslashes Bring You Different Charm

25MM long mink eyelash is our company’s star 3D mink eyelashes.

In October 2018, our marketing department and design department visited the market through multiple inspection markets. In the market, we first introduced 25mm long eyelashes, which broke through the length of the previous 20mm mink eyelashes and became the most popular in the market. One of The most popular eyelashes.

Importantly, we have introduced two 25mm style eyelashes: Single layer eyelashes and Double layer eyelashes. The breakthrough in the number of layers is also a surprise gift for our design team. The Double-layer 25mm lashDB series is our Queen mink lashes, which is not only curled but also dense, showing the charm of eye makeup.

25mm mink lashes
Model for 25mm eyelashes

So, where is the charm of 25mm eyelashes?

First of all, the most intuitive feeling is the Eyelash length, the length of 25mm mink lashes makes it easier to design the eyelash curvature, it can look more curled. The length of 25mm mink eyelashes can also better reflect the style details of eyelashes. For example, the popular crossover style on the market, Cat-eye style lashes, Knife-shaped style eyelashes, etc. can be more vividly reflected on 25mm eyelashes.

Secondly, the 25mm lashes applied makeup is increased, and the 25mm eyelashes are more long and curled. For very fashionable girls, 25mm mink lashes will be the best choice. The curled thick eyelashes and the exquisite makeup are more charming and attractive. It is a good choice for many Makeup lovers who like to paint some Artistic makeup. It can make the face more three-dimensional and highlight the eyes.

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25mm long eyelashes are a gift we bring to everyone, a breakthrough in the market, and further pursuit of beauty. Hermeslashes. Adhere to high quality and adhere to the original design.

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