25mm Mink Eyelashes And Culture — Hermes Talk

25mm Mink Eyelashes And Culture — Hermeslashes Talk

This year’s release of the American Avengers’ Avengers 4 has evoked memories of many people. This should be the last Avengers series.

The film is a little different from the past. In the movie, women’s character ability has increased and played a vital role in the war. It is no longer a driving force, but a main force of battle, like: Captain Captain, Black Widow, Nebula, etc. Wait. Their role in the film has also greatly increased. The main force of the battle is no longer just the Iron Man, the Hulk, the Dr. Singer and other men.

In fact, whether it is a movie or a TV series or music, they are the carriers of the entire social culture. The intensification and emphasis of the female characters in the film also reflects the situation in the whole society. The status of women is improving. They are no longer washing and cooking with children. They can also wear armor and fight side by side with men.

On the basis of culture, all social trends will drive the direction of various industries, just like eyelashes. When women’s status is low and their thoughts are conservative, 16mm natural eyelashes are The most popular eyelashes. Later, with the improvement of women’s social status, 20mm mink eyelashes began to appear. Until now, women’s contribution to society has increased, and the status of women has undergone tremendous changes. The whole society has become more open-minded and more willing to try new things. 25mm mink eyelashes have entered the market and gained high recognition. degree. This is not limited to the characteristics of a certain industry, beauty, makeup, clothing industry are.

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Mink Eyelashes are the carrier of culture, and the trend of eyelashes also reflects cultural changes. Whether it’s 16mm mink eyelashes or 25mm long eyelashes, we want every woman to wear it is independent and beautiful, not who stipulates you or who you want to please.

Choose hermeslashes and choose independent you.

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