20mm mink eyelahses– Hermeslashes Talk

20mm mink eyelahses— Hermeslashes Talk

The 20mm eyelash is a style that is between the natural 16mm eyelashes and the 25mm long eyelashes. It is more expressive than the natural eyelash and more restrained and elegant than the 25mm mink lash.
20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes are our company’s star eyelashes and the best selling eyelashes.

So, where is the charm of 20mm mink eyelashes?

First of all, each person’s eye socket depth and eyelid shape are different, so the definition of “natural” and “Long eyelashes” is different. People with shallow orbits and flat faces wear 20mm eyelashes with Long mink eyelashes. The eye socket is deep, and the person with a three-dimensional face will wear a 20mm eyelash effect.

Secondly, in fact, our aesthetics are influenced by various factors. Many girls want to try Long eyelashes, but there are some concerns in the heart. If you don’t want to be too exaggerated, you can choose 20mm mink eyelashes. 20mm eyelashes can give you longer lashes without exaggerating effects.

Choose Hermeslashes, chose The best lashes.

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