My Feeling Of False Eyelashes — Hermeslashes Talk

My Feeling Of False Eyelashes — Hermeslashes Talk

We all know that different regions, different religions, and different cultures have different views and acceptances of False eyelashes. Before entering the Eyelash industry, I was not used to wearing False mink eyelashes. Due to regional and cultural influences, my previous acceptance of False mink lashes was 10mm-16mm mink lashes. But after entering the Mink eyelash industry, I have a lot of new experiences and feelings, and I will share with you today.

When I first entered the Mink eyelash industry, I tried all length and thickness of eyelashes with the idea of deep understanding of Mink eyelashes. The first to try is the A series, Light natural styles lashes, which is very thin and natural, very close to the Real eyelashes. I like it,cause its very similar to my lashes, but there are no many special feelings in my thought.

Next I tried the 3D 16mm eyelashes, which is the same length as the A series Mink lashes, but it is more flexible and makes the eyes more abundant. The 3 style is also The most popular eyelash style on the market, with a layered feel and more eye-catching. I also like this very much because it makes my eyes more stereoscopic and smart.

Since my eyes are short and my face is flat, I think 20mm eyelashes will make me look strange at first. But when I put it on and opened my eyes, I was shocked. It turned out that my eyes were so charming, the full mink and the unique design made my eyes look bigger and more beautiful. The 20mm mink eyelashes made me more confident. I realzed that I should more confident, I am very beautiful.

Then I tried 25mm eyelashes , and 25mm is one of our company’s star models. When I put it on, I understood why it was so hot. It’s really amazing. Although my eyes are shallow and my face is flat, it does magnify my eyes a lot and is very sexy. Not to mention the Europeans and Americans with deep eyes and big eyes, it is really beautiful !!

After this attempt, I received a lot of inspiration. Sometimes, you don’t try, you never know how beautiful you will be.

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