Hermeslashes Fake Mink Lashes Quality Test

Hermeslashes Fake Mink Lashes Quality Test

A good Fake Mink Lashes quality is definitely the best. So what is the good standard? Today, I will test the eyelashes of HERMESLASHES in several ways.

First of all, Good false eyelashes and Eyelashes minks do not fall off.

The Mink eyelashes glue used on Hermeslashes’ Mink eyelash stalks is the most advanced glue, which can completely ensure that the mink is firmly fixed on the eyelashes without damaging the mink.

Secondly, the quality of the Mink eyelashes (softness, firmness).

Eyelash band is the part that directly affects the customer’s feeling of wearing eyelashes. Our Mink eyelash stems are made of the highest quality cotton thread, with a sophisticated craftsmanship, making the Mink lashes band soft and strong and not easily deformed. Even if a lot of glue remains on the Mink eyelashes band after wearing, it will not break due to cleaning during the cleaning process.

Some customers will ask, can the Mink eyelashes of Hermeslashes be exposed to water?

of course can. Our Mink eyelashes can be used more than 25-30 times. After each wear, they can be cleaned with water/delivery/cleansing oil, then dried and stored without affecting the Quality of the eyelashes.

Below is a video of Testing the quality of eyelashes:

Hermeslashes, specializing in the production of the Highest quality mink eyelashes, Latest design mink lashes.

How to place an order?

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