Natural Mink Eyelashes — Hermeslashes

Natural Mink Eyelashes— Hermeslashes

At Hermeslashes, there are two styles of natural eyelashes: A-series Light Natural mink lashes. and 3D Mink natural lashes.

A series of Natural eyelashes

A series of Natural eyelashes is the Thinnest eyelash style. The length is 11mm-16mm. Our designers have designed a lot of styles for the A series Natural mink eyelashes, with curling curvature, which is ideal for light makeup or work. In fact, the shorter the eyelashes, the more the proficiency of manual workers is tested. Whether it’s a style or a curl of the Mink eyelashes, every process is very careful and skilled. Our workers are experienced and skilled artists, so the problem is solved perfectly. If you want your Mink eyelashes to be very natural and light, you can choose this one.

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3D series of 3D Natural eyelashes

The 3D series of Natural eyelashes are more solid and more flexible than Light natural lashes. The length is also 11mm-16mm eyelashes.The 3D Mink Eyelashes is a classic model introduced by our company and is very popular in countries such as the United States, Europe and the Middle East. 3D eyelashes have a rich layering and a strong sense of design. When worn, the effect is more flexible and adds brilliance to the eyes.

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Which styles Natural Mink Eyelashes do you like?

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