What Is The Star Eyelash?

What is the Star Eyelash?

Today, my client asked me what kind of style is a star model.

I asked her:”which star do you want to be closer to?”
She said: “I don’t know, maybe Taylor, maybe Madonna, or maybe Adele.”
I asked : ” I can really give you the same eyelash style as they are, but are you sure that you will have the same effect after wearing it?”


Up to now, we have produced more than 1000 types of Mink Eyelashes. In addition to the styles in the catalog, we also offer Custom eyelashes, which are only for you.

Why? — Because compared to selling you star styles or hot styles, we hope to help you find The best style eyelash for you.


There are many definitions of beauty in this society. All the big nets, beauty bloggers recommend a variety of products almost every day, it seems that they are flawless and suitable for everyone.

Is that really the case? — Of course not. No one can replace you to choose goods to become more beautiful . No one can understand yourself better than you.

You have to look for the style that really belongs to you so that you can match your overall style and make you more beautiful.

So, what kind of style is the star model?
– The eyelashes that suit your gas field are star models!

No one can copy the beauty of others, and there is no need to copy the beauty of others. Blind obedience to the trend is meaningless, and you should be a unique self.

I have a lot of colleagues from different countries, they have different colors of skin, different color hair, different size eyes, different characteristics of the face. We often get together to wear a variety of different eyelashes, and I am very aware of this truth from the process.

The following is the wearing effect of my two colleagues:


The first one is my colleague Chloe, from Russia, she is wearing 3D mink eyelashes 13-16mm, this eyelash is particularly natural on her face, but also makes her more beautiful.The second one is my colleague Grace, who is from Tanzania. She wears 3D mink eyelashes 25mm long eyelashes, which makes her look more charming.

We can see that they are all perfect right? But when they change it, the effect is not good. It is like wearing the wrong clothes of others, and it is not a style with themselves.

So you see, even if someone else wears Beautiful eyelashes, it may not be suitable for you, and your suitable eyelashes may not be suitable for others.
You don’t have to worry about finding the Star eyelashes, and you don’t have to blindly copy the beauty of others, you have to choose the one that suits you. As long as it suits you, even if you walk on the road, it shines like a star on the red carpet.


Hermeslashes, customize your own Eyelashes and make the most shining star.


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